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大學圖書館網站使用性評估之探討 The Usability Evaluation Study of University Library Websites

Author(s): Jiann-Cherng Shieh | Chih-Feng Liu

Journal: Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
ISSN 1013-090X

Volume: 47;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 163;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: Usability testing | University library websites | Usability evaluation | Usability | System usability scale

圖書館網站是圖書館服務的延伸,因此除了網站內容能否滿足讀者需求外,網站是否易於被使用,是否易於找到資料,亦是影響圖書館網站服務品質的重要指標。本研究利用任務導向之使用性測試、觀察與深度訪談等方法獲取受試者於個案圖書館網站使用性資料,以分析了解不同學科背景使用者於使用圖書館網站之差異,發掘使用者對圖書館網站使用性之問題,改善舊有圖書館網站,並透過圖書館網站使用性之再評估,驗證大學圖書館網站進行使用性評估之成效。另本研究進一步採用系統使用性量表問卷,於使用性測試前後量測使用者對圖書館網站使用性之滿意度,藉由滿意度統計分析以驗證使用者對使用性改善滿意度之提昇。本研究結果顯示不同學科背景使用者對大學圖書館網站使用性有差異,且造成差異的主要原因與其使用圖書館網站頻率有關;另依據使用者於圖書館網站使用性問題,修改重構部分個案圖書館網站並進行後測,結果顯示使用者不僅均能順利完成任務且其平均完成時間亦減少%,同時使用者對修改後圖書館網站之系統使用性滿意度亦明顯高於修改前。本研究證實大學圖書館網站進行使用性評估確能協助提昇使用者對圖書館網站之使用效率及使用性滿意度。Library websites are the platforms that libraries extend their services to. In addition to concerning the contents of library websites, their easy understand- ing and flexible usage are the most important issues that are liable to disregard their critical effects on library web sites design. Library websites of poor us- ability will frustrate users’ aspirations for libraries services. In this research, based on user centered design, we apply various methods of system usability scale, usability testing, think aloud and interview to evaluate the usability of university library websites. We also apply system usability scale to measure the users’ satisfaction about library websites. By the results of quality and quan- tity analyzed usability data, we will disclose the diversity of usability for dis- tinct discipline users and modifiable defects of the studied library website. We take experimental testing on modified web site to verify the effectiveness of the evaluation process of usability. We have the result that users take about less 56% time to accomplish the assign tasks in average. And the system usability scale measurement of the modified web is superior to the original one.
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