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创新教学理念改革教学过程实施创新教育——简介“五U三T创新教学法” Innovative Ideas of Teaching Reform of Teaching Process Implementation Innovation Education —“Five U Three T Innovation Teaching Methodology” Introduction

Author(s): 卢力华

Journal: Advances in Education
ISSN 2160-729X

Volume: 01;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 126;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 创新教育 | 五U三T | 创新教学法 | 谋创新 | 促发展 | Innovation Education | Five U Three T | Innovation Teaching | Seeks the Innovation | To Promote the Development

本文试图针对传统教学模式的弊端提出一种创新的教学模式——“五U三T创新教学法”。该教学模式力求把“抠文本、扣应用、求感悟、谋创新、促发展”的教育理念、内容、方法与“学生个体自主探究、学习小组合作探究、师生互动拓展探究”的教学流程和环节结合起来,实现教学理念、教学内容、教学方法与教学流程、教学环节的有机结合和高度统一。This paper tries to against the drawbacks of the traditional teaching mode is proposed innovative teaching mode—“five U three T innovation teaching method”. The teaching mode of “aims to dig text, buckle application, beg comprehension, seek innovation and promote the development of education concept, content, method and the” individual student explore independently, study group cooperative exploration, teacher-stu-dent interaction expand inquiry “teaching process and links combine, realize the teaching concepts, teaching contents, teaching methods and teaching process, the teaching link organically combined and high unification.
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