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Utilization Prospects of Ocean Energy in Balochistan

Author(s): Raza. H. Leghari | Khanji Harijan | M. Usman Baloch

Journal: International Journal of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
ISSN 2078-0737

Volume: 2;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 292;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Renewable | Tidal energy | Potential | Coastal belt | Balochistan

Being the part of Central Asia flat terrain Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area. Its total area is approximately 3, 47,185 Square kilometer along with the long coastal belt of about 745 kilometers. The population of the province is about 8.5 million and scattered over fat remote areas. The energy consumption in the province is 4,110 Giga Watt hours which is 4.7% of the total energy consumption in the country. The electricity supply in the province is via thermal power stations situated out of the province and the south western part is being supplied by the neighboring country Iran. The use of renewable energy in the province is almost negligible; whereas the region has been gifted with the abundant renewable energy resources. The ocean covering an area of 7,700 square kilometer is full of energy that can be trapped directly by building dams or utilizing the velocity of fast moving currents. The exploitation of this predictable source of energy will not only increase the efficiency of electricity transformation but it will turn the province into an energy productive state. This would further reduce the burden of imported oil and energy. Utilizing clean energy resources in terms of ocean power would supplement other conventional energy sources and would help to control the CO2 production. The paper describes the exploration and promotion of these clean energy technologies for sustainable development. The assessment comprises the measuring range and velocity of tides in the long coastal belt and the energy harnessing devices. The waters off the coast of Sonmiani Bay possess significant tidal current velocities and the theoretical tidal power potential hidden in the area is about 254 MW. The development of the tidal power in the area could be maximized by exploring the other potential sites that would give rise the gross electricity generation in Pakistan. Energy efficiency is the socio economic indicator for a developed nation. The province has a great potential of ocean energy, which could be harnessed in the form of kinetic and potential energy. The resource potential in the area is analyzed on a fairly broad level in order to assess the suitability of the technology for exploration of tidal power. Initial findings are that there is an area which consist some creeks in the southern part of coastline may be suitable for demonstration tidal power plant. By applying physical, institutional and commercial viability constraints, the resultant energy resource proved to be viable to provide consistency and base load electricity supply. The exploitation of these indigenous energy resources could bring the province in the race of mounting economies.
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