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Validated stability-indicating spectrofluorimetric methods for the determination of ebastine in pharmaceutical preparations

Author(s): Ibrahim Fawzia | El-Din Mohie | Eid Manal | Wahba Mary

Journal: Chemistry Central Journal
ISSN 1752-153X

Volume: 5;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 11;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Abstract Two sensitive, selective, economic, and validated spectrofluorimetric methods were developed for the determination of ebastine (EBS) in pharmaceutical preparations depending on reaction with its tertiary amino group. Method I involves condensation of the drug with mixed anhydrides (citric and acetic anhydrides) producing a product with intense fluorescence, which was measured at 496 nm after excitation at 388 nm. Method (IIA) describes quantitative fluorescence quenching of eosin upon addition of the studied drug where the decrease in the fluorescence intensity was directly proportional to the concentration of ebastine; the fluorescence quenching was measured at 553 nm after excitation at 457 nm. This method was extended to (Method IIB) to apply first and second derivative synchronous spectrofluorimetric method (FDSFS & SDSFS) for the simultaneous analysis of EBS in presence of its alkaline, acidic, and UV degradation products. The proposed methods were successfully applied for the determination of the studied compound in its dosage forms. The results obtained were in good agreement with those obtained by a comparison method. Both methods were utilized to investigate the kinetics of the degradation of the drug.
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