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The validity and reliability of contingencies of self-worth scale

Author(s): Bayram Çetin | Ahmet Akın | Yüksel Eroğlu

Journal: International Journal of Human Sciences
ISSN 1303-5134

Volume: 8;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 410;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Contingencies of self-worth | validity | reliability

The aim of the present study is to adapt Contingencies of Self-Worth Scale (CSWS, Crocker, Luhtanen, Cooper, & Bouvrette, 2003) which assess to seven domains on which people are likely to state their self-worth according to contingencies of self-worth model to Turkish and examine its psychometric properties. CSWS consists of 35 items constructed in a form of 7 sub-scale. The subscales are called: Other’s approval, Family Support, Appearance, Competition, Academic Competence, God’s Love, and Virtue. The sample consists of 211 (49%) were male and 224 (51%) were female. Before the validity and reliability studies, to examine the language equivalency of the scale the correlations between Turkish and English forms which were administered to 107 English teachers one-week interval were calculated. Results of language equivalency showed that the correlations between Turkish and English forms for each item ranged from .69 to .97. Exploratory factor analysis was performed to examine the factor structure of the scale according to data obtained Turkish students. EFA revealed a seven-factor solution which accounted for 63% of the variance and eigenvalue over 1.00. Fit index values of the model were RMSEA=.04, NFI=.97, CFI=.98, IFI=.99, RFI= .96, GFI=.96 and AGFI= .94. Depression-Anxiety-Stress Scale and Autonomy Subscale of Psychological Well-Being Scale was used for criterion-related validity. Correlations between subscales of CSWS and DASS were ranged from -.38 to 46. On the other hand, correlations between CSWS and Autonomous Subscale of PSWB were ranged from .-70 to .52. Cronbach Alpha for the subscales were found between .82 and .91 and the test-retest reliability coefficients were ranged from .76 to .89. Item-total correlations ranged from .30 to .46 for appearance, ranged from .32 to .44 for God’s love, ranged from .30 to .61 for competition, ranged from .30 to .43 for virtue, ranged from .31 to .36 for other’s approval, .38 to .72 for family support, and ranged from .31 to .44 for academic competency. According to these results, it can be said that Turkish version of CSWS is a valid and reliable measurement
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