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Verification of the causes of glaciations and sea level changes using the records of calcite speleothems.

Author(s): Shopov Yavor Y. | Stoykova Diana | Tsankov Ludmil | Sanabria Michael | Lundberg Joyce | Georgiev Leonid | Forti Paolo | Georgieva Desislava

Journal: International Journal of Speleology
ISSN 0392-6672

Volume: 29;
Issue: 1-4;
Start page: 71;
Date: 2000;
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Keywords: glaciations | sea level | record | speleothems

The luminescence of calcite speleothems displays an exponential dependence on soil temperature unless there is a dense cover of forest over the cave to dampen it. This relationship is determined primarily by the strength of solar visible and infrared radiation. It is suggested that, as a consequence, the microzonal variations of luminescence often found in speleothems can be used as a proxy index of Solar Insolation. The luminescence solar insolation proxy record of a speleothem from Jewel Cave, South Dakota, USA, was found to display millenial and centennial cycles in the record. It exhibits a rapid increase in solar insolation at 139 ± 5.5 kyrs. This increase precedes that suggested by the Orbital theory by about 10,000 years and is due to superimposition of the most powerful cycle in solar luminosity of 11.5 kyrs, upon the curve of orbital variations. The record from a speleothem in Duhlata Cave, Bulgaria matches that of South Dakota within the limits of dating error, indicating that both of these records (which are 10,000 km apart) measure global solar insolation controls rather than local paleotemperature variations.

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