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Vibration signatures of a biodiesel fueled CI engine and effect of engine parameters

Author(s): S. Jindal

Journal: International Journal of Energy and Environment
ISSN 2076-2895

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 151;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Vibration; CI engine; Biodiesel; Compression ratio; Injection pressure

With increasing emphasis on use of biodiesel in compression ignition engines, the long term effects are yet to be evaluated. Through many studies, the suitability of biodiesel blends upto 20% are well established and are being adopted by many organizations with recommended use of biodiesel. But in all of these studies the combustion and emission evaluations are the main characteristics which received the attention of researchers and the objectives targeted are good performance and low emissions. The long term effects are difficult to be assessed as it requires long time as well as consistent conditions of operation. A short route is suggested in this study using the vibration signatures of the engine cylinder and head vibrations. The comparison between the vibration signatures of an engine fueled with diesel and biodiesel blends under different compression ratio and injection pressures show significant changes in the vibration patterns and the difference can be used to asses the long term effects. The method is based on fundamental relationship between the engines vibration pattern and the relative characteristics of the combustion process under different operating conditions.

Tango Jona
Tangokurs Rapperswil-Jona

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