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Vision of God from Islamic Gnosticism Point of View as Well as it’s Comparison with Some of the Famous Theological and Exegetic Views

Author(s): Nabian, P

Journal: Comparative Theology
ISSN 2008-9651

Volume: 1;
Issue: 5;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Vision | Unity of Being | Velayat | Love | Intuition | Heart.

The possibility or impossibility of vision of God is exciting and complicated question which has allocated itself various views along Islamic thought. What become obvious from Islamic Gnostics sayings and shia imam’s demonstration and statements is that they know the sensible vision and intellectual vision of God impossible.They just know allowable the heartfelt vision which is the result of purity and safeness of inner faculties and therefore the verses of Quran about the vision of God or prophet’s requesting about sighting of God have interpreted to heartfelt intuition.This paper briefly reviews some Islamic theologies ideas with respect to their Quranic demonstrations and commentators views on this issue and comparing their understandings from Quranic verses whit each other specially verse 143 of sura Araf, in addition to speak about the meaning of intuition vision and its truth, its order, how human can be achieved that position with respect to three principles: "unity of being, velayat, love" and whit the centrality of holy Quran, hadiths and imam’s statements. Therefore in this paper it will become obvious what is the meaning of intuition vision from Gnostics point of view and it’s the result of manifestation of God’s attributes which man can achieve to intuition position.
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