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In vitro Cardioprotective Effect of Indian Camellia sinensis Extract Against Hydrogen Peroxide Induced Hypertrophy

Author(s): D. Dogra , S. Ahuja , S. Krishnan , S. Kohli , V. Rani*

Journal: Journal of Pharmacy Research
ISSN 0974-6943

Volume: 4;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 1877;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Oxidative stress | H2O2 | Green tea | Cardiac hypertrophy | Antioxidants

Oxidative stress in heart leads to cardiac hypertrophy, characterized by nuclear localization of GATA-4 transcription factor. The anti-hypertrophic potential of Indian variety of green tea was studied on H9c2 cardiac myocytes using H2O2 as an oxidative stress inducing agent. The safe dose for H2O2 and green tea were determined using MTT Assay. Biochemical analysis showed that there was an increase in total protein content in cells treated with H2O2, whereas cells treated with H2O2 and green tea had a decreased protein content. Immunocytochemistry analysis revealed that nuclear localisation of GATA-4 was prevented in cells exposed to 100μM H2O2 along with 143ng/μl of Green Tea. These cells retained their normal morphology unlike the cells exposed to 100μM H2O2, which became highly enlarged. This in vitro study supports the concept of Indian Green Tea being a potential anti-hypertrophic agent.
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