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In Vivo and In Vitro Studies on Neutralizing Effects of Acorus Calamus and Withania Somnifera Root Extracts Against Echis Carinatus Venom

Author(s): S. Meenatcisundaram | M. Sindhu

Journal: Iranian Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
ISSN 1735-2657

Volume: 10;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 26;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Echis Carinatus Venoms | Acorus Calamus | Withania Somnifera | Plant Extracts | lethality | PLA2

Neutralization effects of Acorus calamus and Withania somnifera root extracts were tested against Echis carinatus venom. Both plant extracts were effectively neutralized the various pharmacological activities induced by Echis carinatus venom. About 0.14mg of Acorus calamus and 0.16mg of Withania somnifera root extracts were able to completely neutralize the lethal activity of 2LD50 of Echis carinatus venom. Various pharmacological activities like haemorrhagic, coagulant, edema and phospholipase activities were effectively neutralized by both plant extracts. The above observations confirmed that both plant extracts possess potent snake venom neutralizing compounds, which inhibit the activity Echis carinatus venoms

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