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Vodogradbeni protipoplavni ukrepi za varstvo pred škodljivim delovanjem hudourniških poplav kot sestavni del obvladovanja poplavnega tveganja = Structural measures as an integral part of flash flood risk management

Author(s): Tajan Trobec

Journal: Dela
ISSN 0354-0596

Issue: 35;
Start page: 103;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: hydrogeography | hydrology | natural disasters | flash flood | torrent | erosion | structural measures

Structural measures play an important role in flood risk management. Their usage enablesus to manage a certain part of flood risk. Their main purpose is to reduce floodhazard on flood-prone areas that have been inhabited or used for different human activities.The paper presents some of most common structural measures which serve for flashflood protection, the basic principle of operating, its advantages and disadvantages, aswell as their environmental impact.
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