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Volume Dynamics and Geographical Transformation of the Ukrainians’ External Labor Migration

Author(s): O.P. Pyatkovska

Journal: Economics of Development
ISSN 1683-1942

Volume: 58;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 24;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: zovnіshnya Trudova mіgratsіya | empіrichnі danі | streams trudovoї mіgratsії | tendentsії mіgratsії.

After having gained independence Ukraine has become an active participant of the global migration process, as well as an important object of the world labor market. Fast increase of volume and intensity of the world labor resources exchange defines the research topicality of the Ukrainians participation in this process, its role and importance.The aim of the article is to analyze the volume dynamics and geographical settlement of the Ukrainian labor migrants on the basis of the official and expert data.The research, devoted to this subject in the Ukrainian scientific literature, was carried out by E. Libanova, O. Malynovska, O. Khomra, I. Prybytkova, O.Pyshchulina and others.The research carried out by the Russian scientists such as I.V. Ivakhniuk, V.O. Iontseva, M.G. Kolosnitsyna, Zh.A. Zayonchkovska, V.I.Prevedentseva, O.V. Tiuriuranova and other is devoted to the international labor migration dynamics problem.On the basis of the carried out analysis we can state the existence of certain transformation concerning dynamics and geographical settlement of the labor migrants in the indicated countries and define the following periods: 1) till the end of the 90-s – migration to Russia, Poland, Chekh Republic; 2) the end of the 90-s – the beginning of the 2000 – partial decrease of migration to Russia andincrease ofmigration to Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal; 3) decrease of a number of migrants to Portugal and Greece, skyrocketing of the volume of migration to Russia, US, and Great Britain. Nevertheless, this analysis is not complete because it should be added with further empirical estimations concerning qualification, age, and gender of the Ukrainian labor migrants as well as the basic reasons and consequences of labor migration from Ukraine.

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