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Wilderness Therapy as a Specialized Competency

Author(s): Parker D. Houston | Joshua J. Knabb | Robert K. Welsh | Beth M. Houskamp | David Brokaw

Journal: International Journal of Psychological Studies
ISSN 1918-7211

Volume: 2;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2010;
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Wilderness Therapy (WT) is an emerging psychotherapeutic intervention for the treatment of youth and otherpopulations and is unique in that it is a competency area of psychology that differs from traditionalpsychotherapy. Because of this, clinical training received in doctoral psychology programs may not be sufficientto ensure competent practice of wilderness therapy. The goal of this article was to address the need forstandardization and the development of core competencies for WT as a specialty area. Furthermore, because WTis a specialty area, this article proposes an outline of key competencies for psychologists looking to practicewithin the field of WT. Given that the majority of programs serve adolescent populations, the competenciesoutlined in this article will be specifically targeted at this population.
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