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面向地质灾害监测预警应用的无线传感网网络管理系统 The Wireless Sensor Network Management System for the Geological Disaster Monitoring and Warning Based on Nagios and Cacti Platform

Author(s): 赵洪壮 | 李卫东 | 周平根

Journal: Advances in Geosciences
ISSN 2163-3967

Volume: 02;
Issue: 04;
Start page: 199;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 无线传感器 | 地质灾害监测预警 | Nagios和Cacti | 网络管理平台 | Wireless Sensor Network | Geological Disasters | Nagios and Cacti | Network Management

无线传感器网络是伴随着微电子、无线通信和嵌入式系统等技术的快速进步而发展的一种新型网络。它能够实时监测、感知、采集和处理各种监测对象的信息,是新兴前沿科技研究热点之一。本文针对地质灾害环境监测预警需求,通过利用无线传感器及传感网技术对山体滑坡、崩塌、泥石流等地质灾害环境进行不间断的高精度数据搜集,设计并实现了一个基于Nagios和Cacti平台的无线传感网网络管理平台。通过本文开发的监测预警网络管理平台,可以有效地获得监测信息,并通过监测预警机制来减少地质灾害频发地区的人员伤亡和经济损失。Wireless Sensor Network is a new network accompanied by the rapid technological progress and develop- ment of micro-electronics, embedded systems, wireless communications. It can real-time monitoring, sensing, target acquisition and processing information, and is one of the hot-research fields. For monitoring and pre-warning geological disasters, such as landslides, collapses and mud-rock flow, we developed a network management software for wireless sensor network based on Nagios and Cacti platform, which can monitor geological changes and provide early warning information by monitoring wireless sensor node.
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