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The Wound Healing Effects of Some Topical Antiseptic Creams in Dogs

Author(s): Simon A. Yila | D.A.Y. Adawa | A.Z. Hassan | B.M. Jahun | A.B. Ogunkoya | K.A. Ihejirika

Journal: Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances
ISSN 1680-5593

Volume: 5;
Issue: 12;
Start page: 1067;
Date: 2006;
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Keywords: Wound healing | effects | topical antiseptic creams

(Pfizer), Dettol (Reckitt and Colman), Savlon (Novartis), Drapolene (Warner Lambert) and Bacidin (Xepa-soul Pattison) were evaluated on experimentally infect wounds in Nigerian local dogs. Wounds treated with sterile physiological saline solution 0.9% (Aestus Pharmaceuticals Corp) served as controls. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effects of five broad-spectrum topical antiseptics creams on wound contraction, epithelization and reduction in wound bacterial load in dogs and also to advocate their suitability for Clinical application in Veterinary practice. Six wounds measuring 2?3 cm were created bilaterally (6 identical pairs of wounds/dog) on the dorsolateral aspect of the trunk of the dogs. A pure culture of beta-hemolytic coagulase positive Staphylococcus aureus of dog skin origin at concentration of 109 organisms mL 1 was used for the wound infection A total of seventy-two wounds were evaluated and treatment was carried out in a random fashion. All treatments were carried out 2 h after wound creation on day 0 and subsequently to day 28. The mean rate of wound contraction, epithelization and wound bacterial colony count (105 organism mL 1) of the various topical antiseptic cream treated wounds were assessed and compared statistically using the Duncan?s multiple range tests. Dettol antiseptic treated wounds, has shown a statistically significant (0.0040.01; 8.00.0, *p
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