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Wybrane zmienne psychologiczne u pacjentów z reumatoidalnym zapaleniem stawów i chorobą Gravesa-Basedowa

Author(s): Agnieszka Wlazło | Jacek Kleszczyński | Grażyna Dolińska-Zygmunt | Jerzy Leszek

Journal: Neuropsychiatria i Neuropsychologia
ISSN 1896-6764

Volume: 3;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 71;
Date: 2008;
Original page

Keywords: Graves-Basedow disease | rheumatoid arthritis | personality | temperament | optimism | sense of coherence

Psychological factors through their impact on assessmentof difficult life situations and model of coping with stresscan provoke pathophysiological reactions triggeringdevelopment of autoimmunological disorders. In the paperwe tried to distinguish psychological variables typical forpatients with rheumatoid arthritis and Graves-Basedowdisease. Three groups were investigated (n=90) and dividedaccording to age and sex: patients with rheumatoid arthritis,patients with Graves-Basedow disease and healthy peoplewith positive family history of autoimmunological disorders.The following tests were used: Life Orientation Test(LOT-R); Sense of Coherence Questionnaire (SOC-29);Formal Characteristics of Behaviour: TemperamentInventory (FCB-TI); Eysenck Personality Questionnaire –Revised (EPQ-R). We found statistically significantdifferences between patients and the control group due tothe following variables: optimism, meaningfulness, activity,briskness, and endurance (they were statistically lower inpatients with rheumatoid arthritis and Graves-Basedowdisease), emotional reactivity and neuroticism (statisticallyhigher in both groups of patients). Also, small differencesbetween ill and healthy people were observed due tomanageability, comprehensibility (statistically lower in bothgroups of patients) and perseveration (statistically higher inboth groups of patients). There were no differences in thesevariables between both groups and patients. The resultsseem to support the hypothesis about the role of specificpsychological factors for patients with autoimmunologicaldisorders. However, taking into consideration the multifactoraetiopathogenesis of these disorders, our results should beverified in future investigations.

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