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XVth QTLMAS: simulated dataset

Author(s): Elsen Jean-Michel | Tesseydre Simon | Filangi Olivier | Le Roy Pascale | Demeure Olivier

Journal: BMC Proceedings
ISSN 1753-6561

Volume: 6;
Issue: Suppl 2;
Start page: S1;
Date: 2012;
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Abstract Background Our aim was to simulate the data for the QTLMAS2011 workshop following a pig-type family structure under an oligogenic model, each QTL being specific. Results The population comprised 3000 individuals issued from 20 sires and 200 dams. Within each family, 10 progenies belonged to the experimental population and were assigned phenotypes and marker genotypes and 5 belonged to the selection population, only known on their marker genotypes. A total of 10,000 SNPs carried by 5 chromosomes of 1 Morgan each were simulated. Eight QTL were created (1 quadri-allelic, 2 linked in phase, 2 linked in repulsion, 1 imprinted and 2 epistatic). Random noise was added giving an heritability of 0.30. The marker density, LD and MAF were similar to real life parameters.

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