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Ontology-Oriented SCJP Learning and Assessing System Design

Author(s): Lawrence Y. Deng | Yung-Hui Chen | Yi-Jen Liu | Yu-Chi Chang
Patients with coronary artery disease – maintaining planned lifestyle adaptations

Author(s): Karien Engelbrecht | Elzabé Nel | Wanda Jacobs
Online Games for the Next Generation of Workers

Author(s): Sofia Mysirlaki | Fotini Paraskeva
A Framework for Active Objects in .NET

Author(s): Dan Mircea Suciu | Alina Cut
Contracting the Facebook API

Author(s): Ben Rubinger | Tevfik Bultan
Sustainable Forest Management and Carbon in Tropical Latin America: The Case for REDD+

Author(s): Robert Nasi | Francis E. Putz | Pablo Pacheco | Sven Wunder | Salvador Anta
On the Decidability of Non Interference over Unbounded Petri Nets

Author(s): Eike Best | Philippe Darondeau | Roberto Gorrieri
Carbon footprint reductions via grid energy storage systems

Author(s): Trevor S. Hale, Kelly Weeks, Coleman Tucker
Estimates of fire emissions from an active deforestation region in the southern Amazon based on satellite data and biogeochemical modelling

Author(s): G. R. van der Werf | D. C. Morton | R. S. DeFries | L. Giglio | J. T. Randerson | G. J. Collatz | P. S. Kasibhatla
Calcification of the cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa under ambient and reduced pH

Author(s): C. Maier | J. Hegeman | M. G. Weinbauer | J.-P. Gattuso
Lagrangian analysis of low level anthropogenic plume processing across the North Atlantic

Author(s): E. Real | K. Law | H. Schlager | A. Roiger | H. Huntrieser | J. Methven | M. Cain | J. Holloway | J. A. Neuman | T. Ryerson | F. Flocke | J. de Gouw | E. Atlas | S. Donnelly | D. Parrish
Options for accounting carbon sequestration in German forests

Author(s): Krug Joachim | Koehl Michael | Riedel Thomas | Bormann Kristin | Rueter Sebastian | Elsasser Peter
Analyses of impacts of China's international trade on its water resources and uses

Author(s): Z. Y. Zhang | H. Yang | M. J. Shi | A. J. B. Zehnder | K. C. Abbaspour
Calcification of the cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa, under ambient and reduced pH

Author(s): C. Maier | J. Hegeman | M. G. Weinbauer | J.-P. Gattuso
Nitrogen retention in natural Mediterranean wetlands affected by agricultural runoff

Author(s): V. García García | R. Gómez | M. R. Vidal-Abarca | M. L. Suárez
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Satellite-based terrestrial production efficiency modeling

Author(s): McCallum Ian | Wagner Wolfgang | Schmullius Christiane | Shvidenko Anatoly | Obersteiner Michael | Fritz Steffen | Nilsson Sten
Implementation of an active aging model in Mexico for prevention and control of chronic diseases in the elderly

Author(s): Mendoza-Núñez Víctor | Martínez-Maldonado María | Correa-Muñoz Elsa
Selección de Carteras de Fondos de Inversión Socialmente Responsables mediante Programación por Metas con Tecnología Difusa

Author(s): Bilbao-Terol Amelia | Arenas-Parra M.Mar | Rodríguez-Uría M.Victoria | Cañal Fernández Verónica
Meta-Analyst: software for meta-analysis of binary, continuous and diagnostic data

Author(s): Wallace Byron | Schmid Christopher | Lau Joseph | Trikalinos Thomas
Fabrication of ceramic preforms based on Al2O3 CL 2500 powder

Author(s): L.A. Dobrzański | M. Kremzer | A. Nagel | B. Huchler
Structure and properties of ceramic preforms based on Al2O3 particles

Author(s): L.A. Dobrzański | M. Kremzer | A. Nagel
Real-Time Monitoring of Hurricane Winds using Wireless and Sensor Technology

Author(s): Carlos E. Otero | Antonio Velazquez | Ivica Kostanic | Chelakara Subramanian | Jean-Paul Pinelli | Larry Buist

Author(s): Wen-Chih Chang | Freya H. Lin
STEAMEST: A Software Tool for Estimation of Physical Properties of Water and Steam

Author(s): Muhammad Faheem | Naveed Ramzan | Shahid Naveed
Monitoring the regulation of gene expression in a growing organ using a fluid mechanics formalism

Author(s): Merret Rémy | Moulia Bruno | Hummel Irène | Cohen David | Dreyer Erwin | Bogeat-Triboulot Marie-Béatrice
Watermasses as a unifying framework for understanding the Southern Ocean carbon cycle

Author(s): D. Iudicone | I. Stendardo | O. Aumont | K. B. Rodgers | G. Madec | L. Bopp | O. Mangoni | M. Ribera d'Alcala'
Assessing bed net use and non-use after long-lasting insecticidal net distribution: a simple framework to guide programmatic strategies

Author(s): Vanden Eng Jodi | Thwing Julie | Wolkon Adam | Kulkarni Manisha | Manya Ayub | Erskine Marcy | Hightower Allen | Slutsker Laurence
A Privacy Policy Framework for Grid and Web Services

Author(s): Sarbjeet Singh | Seema Bawa
Leerteoretiese basis van die andragogie

Author(s): C. J. A. Simpson | B. C. Lessing
Analysis of Welfare Effects of South Asia Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) on Pakistan’s Economy by Using CGE Model

Author(s): Imamuddin Khoso | Nanik Ram | Asif Ali Shah | Kamran Shafiq | Faiz. M. Shaikh
Measuring the effect of fuel treatments on forest carbon using landscape risk analysis

Author(s): A. A. Ager | M. A. Finney | A. McMahan | J. Cathcart
The maternal and early embryonic transcriptome of the milkweed bug Oncopeltus fasciatus

Author(s): Ewen-Campen Ben | Shaner Nathan | Panfilio Kristen | Suzuki Yuichiro | Roth Siegfried | Extavour Cassandra
An application of GLEAM to estimating global evaporation

Author(s): D. G. Miralles | R. A. M. De Jeu | J. H. Gash | T. R. H. Holmes | A. J. Dolman
Voice Automated Mobile Robot

Author(s): Rachna Jain | S.K Saxena
Cardiovascular disease prevention in rural Nigeria in the context of a community based health insurance scheme: QUality Improvement Cardiovascular care Kwara-I (QUICK-I)

Author(s): Hendriks Marleen | Brewster Lizzy | Wit Ferdinand | Bolarinwa Oladimeji | Odusola Aina | Redekop William | Bindraban Navin | Vollaard Albert | Alli Shade | Adenusi Peju | Agbede Kayode | Akande Tanimola | Lange Joep | Schultsz Constance
Representation of tropical deep convection in atmospheric models – Part 1: Meteorology and comparison with satellite observations

Author(s): M. R. Russo | V. Marécal | C. R. Hoyle | J. Arteta | C. Chemel | M. P. Chipperfield | O. Dessens | W. Feng | J. S. Hosking | P. J. Telford | O. Wild | X. Yang | J. A. Pyle

Author(s): Emin Oğuzhan Oğuz | Erdinç Şahin Çonkur | Murat Sari
L'officina del software di CILEA CILEA's Software Lab

Author(s): Federico Ferrario | Luigi Vargas
New Version of the AGRIS Web Portal – Overcoming the Digital Divide by Providing Rural Areas with Relevant Information

Author(s): P. Šimek | J. Vaněk | J. Jarolímek | M. Stočes | T. Vogeltanzová
The Determinants of Money Arguments between Spouses

Author(s): Sonya L. Britt | Sandra Huston | Dorothy B. Durband
A High-End Real-Time Digital Film Processing Reconfigurable Platform

Author(s): Heithecker Sven | do Carmo Lucas Amilcar | Ernst Rolf
Analyses of impacts of China's international trade on its water resources and uses

Author(s): Z. Y. Zhang | H. Yang | M. J. Shi | A. J. B. Zehnder | K. C. Abbaspour

Author(s): Mohamad K. ALLOUCHE | Jean BERGER
A Dynamic Function for Energy Return on Investment

Author(s): Michael Dale | Susan Krumdieck | Pat Bodger
Relating Financial and Energy Return on Investment

Author(s): Carey W. King | Charles A.S. Hall
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Jian Shu | Guangxue Yue | Naiping Hu

Author(s): Marriam Butt | Aihab Khan | Malik Sikandar Hayat Khiyal
Changes in organic aerosol composition with aging inferred from aerosol mass spectra

Author(s): N. L. Ng | M. R. Canagaratna | J. L. Jimenez | P. S. Chhabra | J. H. Seinfeld | D. R. Worsnop
Malnutrition among children under the age of five in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): does geographic location matter?

Author(s): Kandala Ngianga-Bakwin | Madungu Tumwaka | Emina Jacques | Nzita Kikhela | Cappuccio Francesco
From qualitative data to quantitative models: analysis of the phage shock protein stress response in Escherichia coli

Author(s): Toni Tina | Jovanovic Goran | Huvet Maxime | Buck Martin | Stumpf Michael
Quantifying the thermodynamic entropy budget of the land surface: is this useful?

Author(s): N. A. Brunsell | S. J. Schymanski | A. Kleidon
Quantifying the thermodynamic entropy budget of the land surface: is this useful?

Author(s): N. A. Brunsell | S. J. Schymanski | A. Kleidon

Water masses as a unifying framework for understanding the Southern Ocean Carbon Cycle

Author(s): D. Iudicone | K. B. Rodgers | I. Stendardo | O. Aumont | G. Madec | L. Bopp | O. Mangoni | M. Ribera d'Alcala'
A Disruption-Tolerant Model for Building a Mobile Application Using Web Service

Author(s): Maryati M. Yusof | Mansor Omar | Zarina Shukur
A Free Educational Java Framework for Graph Algorithms

Author(s): Gianluca Costa | Claudia D. Ambrosio | Silvano Martello

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