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Homology modelling and 2-picoline binding study of toluene dioxygenase from Pseudomonas putida

Author(s): Madhusudan Reddy D | Natraj Sekhar P | Harish Kumar Reddy Y | Kavi Kishor PB | Gopal Reddy
IDO-Mediated Tryptophan Degradation in the Pathogenesis of Malignant Tumor Disease

Author(s): Robert Sucher | Katharina Kurz | Guenter Weiss | Raimund Margreiter | Dietmar Fuchs | Gerald Brandacher
Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase in Human Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Author(s): Birgit Jürgens | Julia Raberger | Dietmar Fuchs | Andreas Heitger
Mesenchymal stem cells avoid allogeneic rejection

Author(s): Ryan Jennifer | Barry Frank | Murphy J Mary | Mahon Bernard
In vitro Effects of Beet Root Juice on Stimulated and Unstimulated Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

Author(s): Christiana Winkler, Barbara Wirleitner, Katharina Schroecksnadel, Christiana Winkler, Barbara Wirleitner, Katharina Schroecksnadel | Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of AIDS-Research, Innsbruck
Kynurenine Pathway Metabolites in Humans: Disease and Healthy States

Author(s): Yiquan Chen | Gilles J. Guillemin
P16-52. HIV-activated human plasmacytoid DCs induce Tregs through an indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase-dependent mechanism

Author(s): Manches O | Munn D | Fallahi A | Lifson J | Chaperot L | Plumas J | Bhardwaj N
Inhibition of allogeneic T-cell response by Kupffer cells expressing indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase

Author(s): Mao-Lin Yan, Yao-Dong Wang, Yi-Feng Tian, Zhi-De Lai, Lv-Nan Yan
Necrotic neurons enhance microglial neurotoxicity through induction of glutaminase by a MyD88-dependent pathway

Author(s): Pais Teresa | Figueiredo Catarina | Peixoto Rui | Braz Maria | Chatterjee Sukalyan
Isolation of the phe-operon from G. stearothermophilus comprising the phenol degradative meta-pathway genes and a novel transcriptional regulator

Author(s): Omokoko Bastian | Jäntges Uwe | Zimmermann Martin | Reiss Monika | Hartmeier Winfried
Tryptophan degradation in irritable bowel syndrome: evidence of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase activation in a male cohort

Author(s): Clarke Gerard | Fitzgerald Peter | Cryan John | Cassidy Eugene | Quigley Eamonn | Dinan Timothy
Characterization of oxylipins and dioxygenase genes in the asexual fungus Aspergillus niger

Author(s): Wadman Mayken | de Vries Ronald | Kalkhove Stefanie | Veldink Gerrit | Vliegenthart Johannes
Dendritic cells commit T-cells to a tolerant phenotype in tolerant lung transplant recipients

Author(s): K. Botturi | Y. Lacoeuille | P. Thomas | M. Reynaud-Gaubert | A. Magnan
The paradoxical patterns of expression of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase in colon cancer

Author(s): Gao Yan-Fang | Peng Rui-Qing | Li Jiang | Ding Ya | Zhang Xing | Wu Xiao-Jun | Pan Zhi-Zhong | Wan De-Sen | Zeng Yi-Xin | Zhang Xiao-Shi
Metabolic analysis of the soil microbe Dechloromonas aromatica str. RCB: indications of a surprisingly complex life-style and cryptic anaerobic pathways for aromatic degradation

Author(s): Salinero Kennan | Keller Keith | Feil William | Feil Helene | Trong Stephan | Di Bartolo Genevieve | Lapidus Alla
Expression of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase in nasopharyngeal carcinoma impairs the cytolytic function of peripheral blood lymphocytes

Author(s): Liu Peng | Xie Bai-Lu | Cai Shao-Hui | He Yun-Wen | Zhang Ge | Yi Yan-Mei | Du Jun
A novel mutation causing mild, atypical fumarylacetoacetase deficiency (Tyrosinemia type I): a case report

Author(s): Cassiman David | Zeevaert Renate | Holme Elisabeth | Kvittingen Eli-Anne | Jaeken Jaak
QTLs and candidate genes for desiccation and abscisic acid content in maize kernels

Author(s): Capelle Valérie | Remoué Carine | Moreau Laurence | Reyss Agnès | Mahé Aline | Massonneau Agnès | Falque Matthieu | Charcosset Alain | Thévenot Claudine | Rogowsky Peter | Coursol Sylvie | Prioul Jean-Louis
Circulating Antibodies to IDO/THO Pathway Metabolites in Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): S. Duleu | A. Mangas | F. Sevin | B. Veyret | A. Bessede | M. Geffard
Proteasomal Degradation of Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase  in CD8+ Dendritic Cells is Mediated by Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling 3 (SOCS3)

Author(s): Maria T. Pallotta | Ciriana Orabona | Claudia Volpi | Ursula Grohmann | Paolo Puccetti | Francesca Fallarino
Accelerated Tryptophan Degradation Predicts Poor Survival in Trauma and Sepsis Patients

Author(s): Martin Ploder | Andreas Spittler | Katharina Kurz | Gabriele Neurauter | Linda E. Pelinka | Erich Roth | Dietmar Fuchs
CDO1 Promoter Methylation is a Biomarker for Outcome Prediction of Anthracycline Treated, Estrogen Receptor-Positive, Lymph Node-Positive Breast Cancer Patients

Author(s): Dietrich Dimo | Krispin Manuel | Dietrich Jörn | Fassbender Anne | Lewin Jörn | Harbeck Nadia | Schmitt Manfred | Eppenberger-Castori Serenella | Vuaroqueaux Vincent | Spyratos Frédérique | Foekens John | Lesche Ralf | Martens John
The Potential Role of Cannabinoids in Modulating Serotonergic Signaling by Their Influence on Tryptophan Metabolism

Author(s): Marcel Jenny | Sebastian Schröcksnadel | Florian Überall | Dietmar Fuchs
Biodegradation of Phenanthrene by Fungi Screened from Nature

Author(s): Tony Hadibarata | Sanro Tachibana | Kazutaka Itoh
Biodegradation of Monocyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by a Newly Isolated Pseudomonas strain

Author(s): Ranya A. Amer | Mahmoud M. Nasier | Ehab R. El-Helow
Study of 'Redhaven' peach and its white-fleshed mutant suggests a key role of CCD4 carotenoid dioxygenase in carotenoid and norisoprenoid volatile metabolism

Author(s): Brandi Federica | Bar Einat | Mourgues Fabienne | Horváth Györgyi | Turcsi Erika | Giuliano Giovanni | Liverani Alessandro | Tartarini Stefano | Lewinsohn Efraim | Rosati Carlo
Targets downstream of Cdk8 in Dictyostelium development

Author(s): Greene David | Bloomfield Gareth | Skelton Jason | Ivens Alasdair | Pears Catherine
Highly Efficient Stable Expression of Indoleamine 2,3 Dioxygenase Gene in Primary Fibroblasts

Author(s): Rezakhanlou Alireza | Habibi Darya | Lai Amy | Jalili Reza | Ong Christopher | Ghahary Aziz
Berry skin development in Norton grape: Distinct patterns of transcriptional regulation and flavonoid biosynthesis

Author(s): Ali Mohammad | Howard Susanne | Chen Shangwu | Wang Yechun | Yu Oliver | Kovacs Laszlo | Qiu Wenping
Fractalkine receptor (CX3CR1) deficiency sensitizes mice to the behavioral changes induced by lipopolysaccharide

Author(s): Corona Angela | Huang Yan | O'Connor Jason | Dantzer Robert | Kelley Keith | Popovich Phillip | Godbout Jonathan
Reciprocity between abscisic acid and ethylene at the onset of berry ripening and after harvest

Author(s): Sun Liang | Zhang Mei | Ren Jie | Qi Jianxun | Zhang Guojun | Leng Ping
Association of kynurenine aminotransferase II gene C401T polymorphism with immune response in patients with meningitis

Author(s): de Souza Fladjule | Fontes Fabrícia | da Silva Thayse | Coutinho Leonam | Leib Stephen | Agnez-Lima Lucymara
The relationship between indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase activity and post-stroke cognitive impairment

Author(s): Gold Allison | Herrmann Nathan | Swardfager Walter | Black Sandra | Aviv Richard | Tennen Gayla | Kiss Alexander | Lanctôt Krista
Lens epithelial cell apoptosis and intracellular Ca2+ increase in the presence of xanthurenic acid

Author(s): Malina Halina | Richter Christoph | Frueh Beatrice | Hess Otto
rIFN-γ-mediated growth suppression of platinum-sensitive and -resistant ovarian tumor cell lines not dependent upon arginase inhibition

Author(s): Melichar Bohuslav | Hu Wei | Patenia Rebecca | Melicharová Karolina | Gallardo Stacie | Freedman Ralph
Bacterial variations on the methionine salvage pathway

Author(s): Sekowska Agnieszka | Dénervaud Valérie | Ashida Hiroki | Michoud Karine | Haas Dieter | Yokota Akiho | Danchin Antoine
Structural investigations of the ferredoxin and terminal oxygenase components of the biphenyl 2,3-dioxygenase from Sphingobium yanoikuyae B1

Author(s): Ferraro Daniel | Brown Eric | Yu Chi-Li | Parales Rebecca | Gibson David | Ramaswamy S

Author(s): Ana Sofía López González | Carlos García-Girón | Mónica Cavia Sáiz | Ana López-Muñoz | María García-González | María Jesús Coma del Corral | Pilar Muñiz Rodríguez
Novel aromatic ring-hydroxylating dioxygenase genes from coastal marine sediments of Patagonia

Author(s): Lozada Mariana | Riva Mercadal Juan | Guerrero Leandro | Di Marzio Walter | Ferrero Marcela | Dionisi Hebe
The expression and significance of indoleamine -2,3 -dioxygenase in non-small cell lung cancer cell

Author(s): Qichao XIE | Lingli WANG | Bo ZHU | Yali WANG | Jianteng GU | Zhengtang CHEN
Minocycline attenuates lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced neuroinflammation, sickness behavior, and anhedonia

Author(s): Henry Christopher | Huang Yan | Wynne Angela | Hanke Mark | Himler Justin | Bailey Michael | Sheridan John | Godbout Jonathan
Pro- and Anti-inflammatory Reactions in Brain-dead Organ Donors

Author(s): J. Kaden | G. May | C. Wesslau | M. Marzinzig | D. Abendroth
Sphingobium Chlorophenolicum Dichlorohydroquinone Dioxygenase (PcpA) Is Alkaline Resistant and Thermally Stable

Author(s): Wanpeng Sun, Ramaswami Sammynaiken, Lifeng Chen, Jason Maley, Gabriele Schatte, Yijiang Zhou, Jian Yang
Four Bacillus sp. soil isolates capable of degrading phenol, toluene, biphenyl, naphthalene and other aromatic compounds exhibit different aromatic catabolic potentials

Author(s): Đokić Lidija | Narančić Tanja | Nikodinović-Runić Jasmina | Bajkić Sanja | Vasiljević Branka
Differential Expression of the Demosponge (Suberites domuncula) Carotenoid Oxygenases in Response to Light: Protection Mechanism Against the Self-Produced Toxic Protein (Suberitine)

Author(s): Werner E. G. Müller | Xiaohong Wang | Michael Binder | Johannes von Lintig | Matthias Wiens | Heinz C. Schröder
Flavonoid Biosynthesis Genes Putatively Identified in the Aromatic Plant Polygonum minus via Expressed Sequences Tag (EST) Analysis

Author(s): Nur Diyana Roslan | Jastina Mat Yusop | Syarul Nataqain Baharum | Roohaida Othman | Zeti-Azura Mohamed-Hussein | Ismanizan Ismail | Normah Mohd Noor | Zamri Zainal
Phenol Biodegradation by Corynebacterium glutamicum Encapsulated in Electrospun Fibers

Author(s): J. Stefan Rokem | Charles L. Greenblatt | Eyal Zussman | Alon Nardi | Ron Avrahami
Phenol Biodegradation by Corynebacterium glutamicum Encapsulated in Electrospun Fibers

Author(s): J. Stefan Rokem | Charles L. Greenblatt | Eyal Zussman | Alon Nardi | Ron Avrahami
Upregulated expression of indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase in CHO cells induces apoptosis of competent T cells and increases proportion of Treg cells

Author(s): Sun Jingyan | Yu Jinpu | Li Hui | Yang Lili | Wei Feng | Yu Wenwen | Liu Juntian | Ren Xiubao
Effects of pro-inflammatory cytokines on expression of kynurenine pathway enzymes in human dermal fibroblasts

Author(s): Asp Linnéa | Johansson Anne-Sofie | Mann Amandeep | Owe-Larsson Björn | Urbanska Ewa | Kocki Tomasz | Kegel Magdalena | Engberg Göran | Lundkvist Gabriella | Karlsson Håkan
Upregulated Expression of Indoleamine 2, 3-Dioxygenase in Primary Breast Cancer Correlates with Increase of Infiltrated Regulatory T Cells In Situ and Lymph Node Metastasis

Author(s): Jinpu Yu | Jingyan Sun | Shizhen Emily Wang | Hui Li | Shui Cao | Yizi Cong | Juntian Liu | Xiubao Ren
Involvement of Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase in Impairing Tumor-Infiltrating CD8+ T-Cell Functions in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Author(s): Ge Zhang | Wan-Li Liu | Lin Zhang | Jun-Ye Wang | Miao-Huan Kuang | Peng Liu | Yue-Hao Lin | Shu-Qin Dai | Jun Du
The 14kDa Protein Molecule Isolated from Garlic Suppresses Indoleamine 2, 3-Dioxygenase Metabolites in Mononuclear Cells In vitro

Author(s): Shohreh Nikoo | Mahmood Bozorgmehr | Hasan Namdar Ahmadabad | Mohammad Hassan Zuhair | Seyed Mohammad Moazzeni | Zahra Pourpak | Tooba Ghazanfari
The Immunoregulatory Function of Indoleamine 2, 3 Dioxygenase and Its Application in Allotransplantation

Author(s): Reza B. Jalili | Farshad Forouzeh | Mohammad Ali Bahar | Aziz Ghahary
Suppression of humoral immune response to hepatitis B surface antigen vaccine in BALB/c mice by 1-methyl-tryptophan co-administration

Author(s): T Eleftheriadis | T Sparopoulou | G Antoniadi | V Liakopoulos | I Stefanidis | G Galaktidou
Inducible ASABF-Type Antimicrobial Peptide from the Sponge Suberites domuncula: Microbicidal and Hemolytic Activity in Vitro and Toxic Effect on Molluscs in Vivo

Author(s): Matthias Wiens | Heinz C. Schröder | Michael Korzhev | Xiao-Hong Wang | Renato Batel | Werner E. G. Müller
Tryptophan degradation in women with breast cancer: a pilot study

Author(s): Lyon Debra | Walter Jeanne | Starkweather Angela | Schubert Christine | McCain Nancy
Microarray analysis and scale-free gene networks identify candidate regulators in drought-stressed roots of loblolly pine (P. taeda L.)

Author(s): Lorenz W Walter | Alba Rob | Yu Yuan-Sheng | Bordeaux John | Simões Marta | Dean Jeffrey

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