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Common Fixed Point Theorem in INTUITIONISTIC Fuzzy Metric Spaces

Author(s): Reza Saadati | S.M. Vaezpour | J. Vahidi
Common fixed point theorem for hybrid pairs of r-weakly commuting mappings

Author(s): R. K. Saini | Sanjeev Kumar | Peer Mohammad
Approximate Best Proximity Pairs in Metric Space

Author(s): S. A. M. Mohsenalhosseini | H. Mazaheri | M. A. Dehghan

Author(s): Mitrofan M. Choban | Laurentiu I. Calmutchi
Common Fixed Point Theorems for Four Mappings on Cone Metric Type Space

Author(s): Aleksandar S. Cvetković | Marija P. Stanić | Sladjana Dimitrijević | Suzana Simić
Improved Evidence Theoretic kNN Classifier based on Theory of Evidence

Author(s): P.Umar Sathic Ali | C.Jothi Ventakeswaran
Uniform Convergence, Mixing and Chaos

Author(s): Lidong WANG | Lingling LI | Jiu DING
Discussion of Exemplary Metrics for Multi-Robot Systems for Formation Navigation

Author(s): Frank E. Schneider | Dennis Wildermuth | and Andreas Kraeussling
Recursions of Symmetry Orbits and Reduction without Reduction

Author(s): Andrei A. Malykh | Mikhail B. Sheftel
Potential of high-resolution detection and retrieval of precipitation fields from X-band spaceborne synthetic aperture radar over land

Author(s): F. S. Marzano | S. Mori | M. Chini | L. Pulvirenti | N. Pierdicca | M. Montopoli | J. A. Weinman
Function valued metric spaces

Author(s): Madjid Mirzavaziri
Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization for Regression Testing

Author(s): Dr. Arvinder Kaur | Divya Bhatt

Author(s): Christian Ronse | Mohamed Tajine
Characterizations of metric projections in Banach spaces and applications

Author(s): Jean-Paul Penot | Robert Ratsimahalo
Metric domains, holomorphic mappings and nonlinear semigroups

Author(s): Simeon Reich | David Shoikhet
New “Graphiton” Model: a Computational Discrete Space, Self-Encoded as a Trivalent Graph

Author(s): Raymond Aschheim | Smain Femmam | M. Faouzi Zerarka
Some Fixed Point Theorems in Fuzzy Metric Spaces

Author(s): Zaheer K. Ansari | Rajesh Shrivastava | Gunjan Ansari | Manish Sharma
On Dislocated Fuzzy Topologies and Fixed Points

Author(s): Reny George | R. A. Rashwan
Content-Based Image Unequal Error Protection Strategies for an Open Loop MIMO System

Author(s): Rodolphe Vauzelle | Tudor Palade | Jean-Pierre Cances | Rebeca Colda | Clency Perrine
A Refined Geometry of Logic

Author(s): David Miller
Breaking Pseudo-Rotational Symmetry through H_+^2 Metric Deformation in the Eckart Potential Problem

Author(s): Nehemias Leija-Martinez | David Edwin Alvarez-Castillo | Mariana Kirchbach
Asymmetric and non–positive definite distance functions Part I: Theoretical framework

Author(s): H. Sánchez–Larios | S.T. Guillén–Burguete
A Common Fixed Point Theorem for Compatible Mappings of Type (C)

Author(s): M. Rangamma | Swathi Mathur | P. Srikanth Rao
On Generalized Multivalued Random Variational-Like Inclusions

Author(s): Mohammad Kalimuddin Ahmad | Salahuddin .
Coupled fixed point results in cone metric spaces for -compatible mappings

Author(s): Aydi Hassen | Samet Bessem | Vetro Calogero
Common fixed points of R-weakly commuting maps in generalized metric spaces

Author(s): Abbas Mujahid | Khan Safeer | Nazir Talat
Common fixed point and invariant approximation in hyperbolic ordered metric spaces

Author(s): Abbas Mujahid | Khamsi Mohamed | Khan Abdul
Assad-Kirk-Type Fixed Point Theorems for a Pair of Nonself Mappings on Cone Metric Spaces

Author(s): Janković S | Kadelburg Z | Radenović S | Rhoades BE
Diametrically Contractive Multivalued Mappings

Author(s): Dhompongsa S | Yingtaweesittikul H
A Note on Asymptotic Contractions

Author(s): Arav Marina | Castillo Santos Francisco Eduardo | Reich Simeon | Zaslavski Alexander J
Leveraging domain information to restructure biological prediction

Author(s): Nan Xiaofei | Fu Gang | Zhao Zhengdong | Liu Sheng | Patel Ronak | Liu Haining | Daga Pankaj | Doerksen Robert | Dang Xin | Chen Yixin | Wilkins Dawn
Topological Vector Space-Valued Cone Metric Spaces and Fixed Point Theorems

Author(s): Kadelburg Zoran | Radenović Stojan | Rakočević Vladimir
Some Fixed Point Theorems of Integral Type Contraction in Cone Metric Spaces

Author(s): Khojasteh Farshid | Goodarzi Zahra | Razani Abdolrahman
A Continuation Method for Weakly Kannan Maps

Author(s): Ariza-Ruiz David | Jiménez-Melado Antonio
Generalized IFSs on Noncompact Spaces

Author(s): Mihail Alexandru | Miculescu Radu
Fixed Point in Topological Vector Space-Valued Cone Metric Spaces

Author(s): Azam Akbar | Beg Ismat | Arshad Muhammad
On Some Properties of Hyperconvex Spaces

Author(s): Borkowski Marcin | Bugajewski Dariusz | Phulara Dev
Fusion of PCA-Based and LDA-Based Similarity Measures for Face Verification

Author(s): Sadeghi MohammadT | Samiei Masoumeh | Kittler Josef
Erratum to "Some Fixed Point Theorems of Integral Type Contraction in Cone Metric Space"

Author(s): Khojasteh Farshid | Goodarzi Zahra | Razani Abdolrahman
Common Fixed Point Theorems for Four Mappings on Cone Metric Type Space

Author(s): Cvetković AleksandarS | Stanić MarijaP | Dimitrijević Sladjana | Simić Suzana
A generic result in vector optimization

Author(s): Zaslavski Alexander J
Quantifying stability in gene list ranking across microarray derived clinical biomarkers

Author(s): Schneckener Sebastian | Arden Nilou | Schuppert Andreas
Sobolev inequalities in 2-D hyperbolic space: A borderline case

Author(s): Mugelli Francesco | Talenti Giorgio
A Priori Implementation Effort Estimation for Hardware Design Based on Independent Path Analysis

Author(s): Abildgren Rasmus | Diguet Jean-Philippe | Bomel Pierre | Gogniat Guy | Koch Peter | Le Moullec Yannick
Critical Point Theorems and Ekeland Type Variational Principle with Applications

Author(s): Lin Lai-Jiu | Wang Sung-Yu | Ansari QamrulHasan
Some Fixed Point Theorem for Mapping on Complete -Metric Spaces

Author(s): Mustafa Zead | Obiedat Hamed | Awawdeh Fadi
Applications of Fixed Point Theorems in the Theory of Generalized IFS

Author(s): Mihail Alexandru | Miculescu Radu
Auditory Perceptual and Visual-Spatial Characteristics of Gaze-Evoked Tinnitus

Author(s): Jamileh Fattahi | Mansoureh Adel Ghahraman
On Darboux's Approach to R-Separability of Variables

Author(s): Antoni Sym | Adam Szereszewski
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Hsing-Chung Chen | Franz I.S. Ko | Yung-Chen Chou | Shyan-Ming Yuan | Yaw-Chung Chen | Chin-Chen Chang | Jyh-Horng Wen | Shiuh-Jeng Wang | Yuh-Ren Tsai | Keh-Ming Lu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jean-Henry Morin | Shiguo Lian | Xin Wang | David Llewellyn-Jones
Weakly contractive multivalued maps and w-distances on complete quasi-metric spaces

Author(s): Marín Josefa | Romaguera Salvador | Tirado Pedro
Voronoi distance based prospective space-time scans for point data sets: a dengue fever cluster analysis in a southeast Brazilian town

Author(s): Duczmal Luiz | Moreira Gladston | Burgarelli Denise | Takahashi Ricardo | Magalhães Flávia | Bodevan Emerson
Scale Invariant Theory of Gravitation in Einstein-Rosen Space-Time

Author(s): Bivudutta Mishra | Pradyumn Kumar Sahoo | Addepalli Ramu
Common Fixed Points of Single and Multivalued Maps in Fuzzy Metric Spaces

Author(s): Palaniappan Vijayaraju | Zahurullah Mohamed Ibrahim Sajath
Common Fixed Point Theorems in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric Spaces

Author(s): Saurabh Manro | Sanjay Kumar | Shivdeep Singh
Facility Location Problem with Different Type of Clients

Author(s): Lisheng Wang | Rongheng Li | Jingui Huang
Uniform Convergence, Mixing and Chaos

Author(s): Lidong WANG | Lingling LI | Jiu DING

Author(s): Catalin Angelo Ioan
Distances in Probability Space and the Statistical Complexity Setup

Author(s): Andres M. Kowalski | Maria Teresa Martín | Angelo Plastino | Osvaldo A. Rosso | Montserrat Casas
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