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EM Wave Transport 2D and 3D Investigations

Author(s): Rajveer S Yaduvanshi | Harish Parthasarathy
An alternative 3D inversion method for magnetic anomalies with depth resolution

Author(s): A. Pignatelli | I. Nicolosi | M. Chiappini
The 3d Ising spin glass

Author(s): Nordblad Per
Magnetic field effects on electrochemical metal depositions

Author(s): Andreas Bund, Adriana Ispas and Gerd Mutschke
Primary pericardial malignant mesothelioma and response to radiation therapy

Author(s): Kelli A. Reardon | Michael A. Reardon | Christopher A. Moskaluk | William W. Grosh | Paul W. Read
Solar Surface Convection

Author(s): Nordlund Åke | Stein Robert F. | Asplund Martin
Signal encoding in magnetic particle imaging: properties of the system function

Author(s): Rahmer Jürgen | Weizenecker Jürgen | Gleich Bernhard | Borgert Jörn
Ion distribution dynamics near the Earth's bow shock: first measurements with the 2D ion energy spectrometer CORALL on the INTERBALL/Tail-probe satellite

Author(s): Yu. I. Yermolaev | A. O. Fedorov | O. L. Vaisberg | V. M. Balebanov | Yu. A. Obod | R. Jimenez | J. Fleites | L. Llera | A. N. Omelchenko
The ion experiment onboard the Interball-Aurora satellite; initial results on velocity-dispersed structures in the cleft and inside the auroral oval

Author(s): J. A. Sauvaud | H. Barthe | C. Aoustin | J. J. Thocaven | J. Rouzaud | E. Penou | D. Popescu | R. A. Kovrazhkin | K. G. Afanasiev
Thermal ion measurements on board Interball Auroral Probe by the Hyperboloid experiment

Author(s): N. Dubouloz | J.-J. Berthelier | M. Malingre | L. Girard | Y. Galperin | J. Covinhes | D. Chugunin | M. Godefroy | G. Gogly | C. Guérin | J.-M. Illiano | P. Kossa | F. Leblanc | F. Legoff | T. Mularchik | J. Paris | W. Stzepourginski | F. Vivat | L. Zinin
Radial and latitudinal dependencies of discontinuities in the solar wind between 0.3 and 19 AU and −80° and +10°

Author(s): A. Söding | F. M. Neubauer | B. T. Tsurutani | N. F. Ness | R. P. Lepping
Cluster observations of the high-latitude magnetopause and cusp: initial results from the CIS ion instruments

Author(s): J. M. Bosqued | T. D. Phan | I. Dandouras | C. P. Escoubet | H. Rème | A. Balogh | M. W. Dunlop | D. Alcaydé | E. Amata | M.-B. Bavassano-Cattaneo | R. Bruno | C. Carlson | A. M. DiLellis | L. Eliasson | V. Formisano | L. M. Kistler | B. Klecker | A. Korth | H. Kucharek | R. Lundin | M. McCarthy | J. P. McFadden | E. Möbius | G. K. Parks | J.-A. Sauvaud
The DEMO Quasisymmetric Stellarator

Author(s): Paul R. Garabedian | Geoffrey B. McFadden
Analytical method to measure three-dimensional strain patterns in the left ventricle from single slice displacement data

Author(s): Nasiraei Moghaddam Abbas | Saber Nikoo | Wen Han | Finn J Paul | Ennis Daniel | Gharib Morteza
Exploiting Laboratory and Heliophysics Plasma Synergies

Author(s): Jill Dahlburg | William Amatucci | Michael Brown | Vincent Chan | James Chen | Christopher Cothran | Damien Chua | Russell Dahlburg | George Doschek | Jan Egedal | Cary Forest | Russell Howard | Joseph Huba | Yuan-Kuen Ko | Jonathan Krall | J. Martin Laming | Robert Lin | Mark Linton | Vyacheslav Lukin | Ronald Murphy | Cara Rakowski | Dennis Socker | Allan Tylka | Angelos Vourlidas | Harry Warren | Brian Wood
3D Point Wise Tracking of the Left Ventricle over Cardiac Image Sequences Using Active Mesh and Physical Models

Author(s): S. Kermani | M.H. Moradi | H. Abrishami-Moghaddam | H. Saneei | M.J. Marashi-Shoshtari
Calibration of the simulation model of the VINCY cyclotron magnet

Author(s): Ćirković Saša | Ristić-Đurović Jasna | Vorozhtsov Alexey S. | Vorozhtsov Serguei B.
Magnetic Base Station Deceptions, a magnetovariational analysis along the Ligurian Sea coast, Italy

Author(s): M. Gambetta | E. Armadillo | C. Carmisciano | F. Caratori Tontini | E. Bozzo
A realistic inversion algorithm for magnetic anomaly data: the Mt. Amiata volcano test

Author(s): O. Faggioni | N. Beverini | F. Caratori Tontini | C. Carmisciano | I. Nicolosi
Ez-response as a monitor of a Baikal rift fault electrical resistivity: 3D modelling studies

Author(s): O. V. Pankratov | A. V. Kuvshinov | D. B. Avdeev | V. S. Shneyer | I. L. Trofimov

Author(s): A. C. Raga | J. Cantu00F3 | F. De Colle | A. Esquivel | P. Kajdic | A. Rodru00EDguez-Gonzu00E1lez | P. F. Velu00E1zquez
Effect of light rare earth doping in 123 high temperature supercoductors

Author(s): M. Mirzadeh | P. Maleki | M. Akhavan
Magnetic stimulation for non-homogeneous biological structures

Author(s): Krasteva Vessela | Papazov Sava | Daskalov Ivan
Non-rigid registration of a 3D ultrasound and a MR image data set of the female pelvic floor using a biomechanical model

Author(s): Verhey Janko | Wisser Josef | Warfield Simon | Rexilius Jan | Kikinis Ron
Nonlinear equilibrium structure of thin currents sheets: influence of electron pressure anisotropy

Author(s): L. M. Zelenyi | H. V. Malova | V. Yu. Popov | D. Delcourt | A. S. Sharma
BGK electron solitary waves: 1D and 3D

Author(s): L.-J. Chen | G. K. Parks
Effects of gastrointestinal tissue structure on computed dipole vectors

Author(s): Austin Travis | Li Liren | Pullan Andrew | Cheng Leo
Measurement of left ventricular dimensions with contrast-enhanced three-dimensional cine imaging facilitated by k-t SENSE

Author(s): Maredia Neil | Kozerke Sebastian | Larghat Abdul | Abidin Nik | Greenwood John | Boesiger Peter | Plein Sven
Differential and Integral Models of TOKAMAK

Author(s): Ivo Dolezel | Pavel Karban | Martin Mach | Bohus Ulrych
Performance Analysis and Simulation of a Novel Brushless Double Rotor Machine for Power-Split HEV Applications

Author(s): Ping Zheng | Qian Wu | Jing Zhao | Chengde Tong | Jingang Bai | Quanbin Zhao
Differential and Integral Models of TOKAMAK

Author(s): Ivo Dolezel | Pavel Karban | Martin Mach | Bohus Ulrych
Low-Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Canine Hydrocephalus

Author(s): Z. Adamiak* and M. Jaskólska and A. Pomianowski1
Radiation induced temporal lobe necrosis in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a review of new avenues in its management

Author(s): Chen Jing | Dassarath Meera | Yin Zhongyuan | Liu Hongli | Yang Kunyu | Wu Gang
Forces in a 3D magnetic field of conducting current contours

Author(s): Stancheva Rumena | Iatcheva Ilona
3D finite element modeling of a permanent magnet linear actuator

Author(s): Yatchev Ivan | Ilieva Nikolina | Hinov Krastyo
Advances in High-Field BOLD fMRI

Author(s): Markus Barth | Benedikt A. Poser
Field-induced transitions and magnetization reserval in ErxY1-xCo0.50Mn0.50O3 (0.0 ≤ x ≤ 1.0)

Author(s): Antunes, A. B. | Baibich, M. N. | Moure, C. | Gil, V. | Allegret-Maret, V. | Peña, O.
The numeric evaluation of the magnetic field produced by a rotor with alternating poles

Author(s): Greconici Marian | Blaj Constantin | Nicoară Barbu
Magnetic Field Effect on the Electrical Parameters of a Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell

Author(s): A. Dieng | N. Thiam | A. Thiam | A.S. Maiga | G. Sissoko
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