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Author(s): V Sujitha | Bhattacharyya Sayani | Prakasam Kalyani

Author(s): Maria Bernadett SZMUTKU | Mihaela CÂMPEAN | Andrei Victor SANDU

A New Method of Camera Self-calibration Based on Relative Lengths

Author(s): Yanliang Shang | Zurun Yue | Mingzhang Chen | Qiang Song
Performance Analysis and Simulation of a Novel Brushless Double Rotor Machine for Power-Split HEV Applications

Author(s): Ping Zheng | Qian Wu | Jing Zhao | Chengde Tong | Jingang Bai | Quanbin Zhao
Yeast nuclear RNA processing

Author(s): Jade Bernstein | Eric A Toth
Analyse structurale à haute résolution des dents de Oreopithecus bambolii

Author(s): Clément ZANOLLI | Lorenzo ROOK | Roberto MACCHIARELLI
In silico modeling of ligand molecule for non structural 3 (NS3) protein target of flaviviruses

Author(s): Shefali Agnihotri | Ranjana Narula | Kaishiv Joshi | Sandeep Rana | Maneet Singh
3D Brain Tumors and Internal Brain Structures Segmentation in MR Images

Recent Advances in Multichannel Seismic Imaging for Academic Research in Deep Oceanic Environments

Author(s): Juan Pablo Canales | Hélène Carton | John C. Mutter | Alistair Harding | Suzanne M. Carbotte | Mladen R. Nedimović
Nonlinear Analysis of Concrete Structural Components Using Co-axial Rotating Smeared Crack Model

Author(s): Mohammad Amin Hariri Ardebili | S. Mahdi S. Kolbadi | Masoud Heshmati | Hasan Mirzabozorg
Four-dimensional variational data assimilation for a limited area model

Author(s): Nils Gustafsson | Xiang-Yu Huang | Xiaohua Yang | Kristian Mogensen | Magnus Lindskog | Ole Vignes | Tomas Wilhelmsson | Sigurdur Thorsteinsson
Laccases stabilization with phosphatidylcholine liposomes

Author(s): José Luís Parra | Luisa Coderch | Artur Cavaco-Paulo | Meritxell Martí | Andrea Zille
Laccases stabilization with phosphatidylcholine liposomes

Author(s): Meritxell Martí | Andrea Zille | Artur Cavaco-Paulo | José Luís Parra | Luisa Coderch
A first principles density functional investigation of ligand-protected eight atom gold nanoclusters

Author(s): Jaita Paul | Swarnakamal Mukherjee | Tanusri Saha-Dasgupta
Structural transformation and charge transfer induced ferroelectricity and magnetism in annealed YMnO3

Author(s): Sheng-Hsu Liu | Jung-Chun-Andrew Huang | Xiaoding Qi | Wei-Jui Lin | Yu-Jhan Siao | Chun-Rong Lin | Jin-Ming Chen | Mau-Tsu Tang | Yu-Hua Lee | Jung-Chuan Lee
Band gaps in phononic crystals: Generation mechanisms and interaction effects

Author(s): C. Croënne | E. J. S. Lee | Hefei Hu | J. H. Page
3D-QSPR Method of Computational Technique Applied on Red Reactive Dyes by Using CoMFA Strategy

Author(s): Uzma Mahmood | Sitara Rashid | S. Ishrat Ali | Rasheeda Parveen | Zaheer ul-Haq | Nida Ambreen | Khalid Mohammed Khan | Shahnaz Perveen | Wolfgang Voelter
Acoustic–Structural Study for the Cabin of an Automotive Vehicle

Author(s): L.A. Aguilera–Cortés | A.L. Herrera–May | M. Torres–Cisneros | M.A. González–Palacios | E.J. González–Galván
Combined Pharmacophore Modeling, Docking, and 3D-QSAR Studies of PLK1 Inhibitors

Author(s): Shuai Lu | Hai-Chun Liu | Ya-Dong Chen | Hao-Liang Yuan | Shan-Liang Sun | Yi-Ping Gao | Pei Yang | Liang Zhang | Tao Lu
Backbone NMR assignment of a hypothetical protein MJ0754 from Methanococcus jannaschii DSM 2661

Author(s): Eun Hye Lee | Kyoung-Seok Ryu | Kyungmin Kim | Young Ho Jeon | Kwang Yeon Hwang | Hye-Yeon Kim
The synthesis, structure and photoluminescence property of a novel 3D supramolecular compound based on mixed ligands of 8-hydroxy-quionline-5-sulfonate and ethylenediamine

Author(s): Wang Ying | Zhuang Changfu | Wu Chunhua | Zhang Jiayan | Li Wang | Xin Minghong | Zhu Guangshan | Xu Jianing
A protein short motif search tool using amino acid sequence and their secondary structure assignment

Author(s): Arun Venkataraman | Teong Han Chew | Zeti Azura Mohamed Hussein | Mohd Shahir Shamsir
Video Coding Using 3D Dual-Tree Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Wang Beibei | Wang Yao | Selesnick Ivan | Vetro Anthony
Segmentation, Reconstruction, and Analysis of Blood Thrombus Formation in 3D 2-Photon Microscopy Images

Author(s): Mu Jian | Liu Xiaomin | Kamocka MalgorzataM | Xu Zhiliang | Alber MarkS | Rosen ElliotD | Chen DannyZ
Full Waveform Analysis for Long-Range 3D Imaging Laser Radar

Author(s): Wallace AndrewM | Ye Jing | Krichel NilsJ | McCarthy Aongus | Collins RobertJ | Buller GeraldS
Modeling and Visualization of Human Activities for Multicamera Networks

Author(s): Sankaranarayanan AswinC | Patro Robert | Turaga Pavan | Varshney Amitabh | Chellappa Rama
High-Definition 3D Stereoscopic Microscope Display System for Biomedical Applications

Author(s): Kwon Ki-Chul | Lim Young-Tae | Kim Nam | Yoo Kwan-Hee | Hong Jong-Myeon | Park Gi-Chang
Computational analysis of a novel mutation in ETFDH gene highlights its long-range effects on the FAD-binding motif

Author(s): Er Tze-Kiong | Chen Chih-Chieh | Liu Yen-Yi | Chang Hui-Chiu | Chien Yin-Hsiu | Chang Jan-Gowth | Hwang Jenn-Kang | Jong Yuh-Jyh
Topological Active Volumes

Author(s): Barreira N | Penedo MG
Global Motion Model for Stereovision-Based Motion Analysis

Author(s): Wang Jia | Hu Zhencheng | Uchimura Keiichi | Lu Hanqing
Recovery and Visualization of 3D Structure of Chromosomes from Tomographic Reconstruction Images

Author(s): Babu Sabarish | Liao Pao-Chuan | Shin Min C | Tsap Leonid V
Determining Vision Graphs for Distributed Camera Networks Using Feature Digests

Author(s): Cheng Zhaolin | Devarajan Dhanya | Radke Richard J
Three-dimensional modeling of chromatin structure from interaction frequency data using Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling

Author(s): Rousseau Mathieu | Fraser James | Ferraiuolo Maria | Dostie Josée | Blanchette Mathieu
Robust and Scalable Transmission of Arbitrary 3D Models over Wireless Networks

Author(s): Cheng Irene | Ying Lihang | Daniilidis Kostas | Basu Anup
In Silico Identification of Structure Requirement for Novel Thiazole and Oxazole Derivatives as Potent Fructose 1,6-Bisphosphatase Inhibitors

Author(s): Ming Hao | Xiaole Zhang | Hong Ren | Yan Li | Shuwei Zhang | Fang Luo | Mingjuan Ji | Guohui Li | Ling Yang
Temperature and yield stress characterization of electric contacts by 3D numerical simulation

Author(s): Prijić Aneta | Pešić Biljana | Prijić Zoran | Pantić Dragan | Pavlović Zoran
Synthesis, Characterization, Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition, Molecular Modeling and Antioxidant Activities of Some Novel Schiff Bases Derived from 1-(2-Ketoiminoethyl)piperazines

Author(s): Saleh M. Salga | Hapipah M. Ali | Mahmood A. Abdullah | Siddig I. Abdelwahab | Lam Kok Wai | Michael J. C. Buckle | Sri Devi Sukumaran | A. Hamid A. Hadi
Remote sensing the vertical profile of cloud droplet effective radius, thermodynamic phase, and temperature

Author(s): J. V. Martins | A. Marshak | L. A. Remer | D. Rosenfeld | Y. J. Kaufman | R. Fernandez-Borda | I. Koren | A. L. Correia | V. Zubko | P. Artaxo
Advances in High-Field BOLD fMRI

Author(s): Markus Barth | Benedikt A. Poser
Structural Determinants of CX-4945 Derivatives as Protein Kinase CK2 Inhibitors: A Computational Study

Author(s): Hongbo Liu | Xia Wang | Jian Wang | Jinghui Wang | Yan Li | Ling Yang | Guohui Li
Design of a Permanent Magnet Transverse Flux Motor for Ship Propulsion System

Author(s): PADURARIU Emil | SOMESAN Liviu | VIOREL Ioan-Adrian | SZABO Lorand
An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization for Protein Folding Prediction

Author(s): Xin Chen | Mingwei Lv | Lihui Zhao | Xudong Zhang
Prediction of the interaction of HIV-I Integrase and Raltegravir through molecular modeling approach

Author(s): Marudamuthu Balakrishnan1*, Thangaraj Sindhu2, Sundarraj Rajamanikandan2
Avances en el estudio fractográfico de fibras cerámicas de circonaerbia mediante microscopía óptica confocal

Author(s): López-Cepero, J. M. | Quispe Cancapa, J. J. | de Arellano López, A. R. | Martínez Fernández, J.
Estudio y optimización de los parámetros de reacción para la obtención de material geopolimérico

Author(s): Beleña, I. | Tendero, M. J. L. | Tamayo, E. M. | Vie, D.
Colloidal nematostatics

Author(s): V.M. Pergamenshchik | V.A. Uzunova
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Tokuro Matsuo | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
Octree-based Robust Watermarking for 3D Model

Author(s): Su Cai | Xukun Shen
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Shiguo Lian | Zhu Li | Stefanos Gritzalis | Xi Chen
An Algebraic Method for Estimating the Fundamental Matrix with Rank Constraint

Author(s): Yuanbin Wang | Bin Zhang | Tianshun Yao
Investigation on Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships and Pharmacophore Modeling of a Series of mGluR2 Antagonists

Author(s): Meng-Qi Zhang | Xiao-Le Zhang | Yan Li | Wen-Jia Fan | Yong-Hua Wang | Ming Hao | Shu-Wei Zhang | Chun-Zhi Ai

Sunspot Modeling: From Simplified Models to Radiative MHD Simulations

Author(s): Matthias Rempel | Rolf Schlichenmaier
1,3-Substituted Imidazolidine-2,4,5-triones: Synthesis and Inhibition of Cholinergic Enzymes

Author(s): Vladimir Pejchal | Sarka Stepankova | Zdenka Padelkova | Ales Imramovsky | Josef Jampilek
Synthesis and SAR Study of Novel Peptide Aldehydes as Inhibitors of 20S Proteasome

Author(s): Yuheng Ma | Bo Xu | Yuan Fang | Zhenjun Yang | Jingrong Cui | Liangren Zhang | Lihe Zhang
Structural Library of Natural Compounds

Author(s): Subhash Chandra Bose Kotte | K V T S Pavan Kumar | T Ravi Kumar | Shriram Raghavan | P K Dubey | P M Murali

Author(s): Zoran D Protić | Miloš S Nedeljković | Đorđe S Čantrak | Novica Z Jankovič
Homology modeling and structure prediction of thioredoxin (TRX) protein in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Author(s): M. Prabhavathi 1 , K. Ashokkumar 2* , N. Geetha 1 , K.M. Saradha Devi 3
Control of the pore architecture in three-dimensional hydroxyapatite-reinforced hydrogel scaffolds

Author(s): Jesús Román, María Victoria Cabañas, Juan Peña and María Vallet-Regí
Protein Folding Absent Selection

Author(s): Thomas H. LaBean | Tauseef R. Butt | Stuart A. Kauffman | Erik A. Schultes
Combined 3D-QSAR and Docking Modelling Study on Indolocarbazole Series Compounds as Tie-2 Inhibitors

Author(s): Yuanxin Tian | Jian Xu | Zhonghuang Li | Zhengguang Zhu | Jiajie Zhang | Shuguang Wu
Modeling ozone plumes observed downwind of New York City over the North Atlantic Ocean during the ICARTT field campaign

Author(s): S.-H. Lee | S.-W. Kim | M. Trainer | G. J. Frost | S. A. McKeen | O. R. Cooper | F. Flocke | J. S. Holloway | J. A. Neuman | T. Ryerson | C. J. Senff | A. L. Swanson | A. M. Thompson
3D-QSAR Study of Combretastatin A-4 Analogs Based on Molecular Docking

Author(s): Yinghua Jin | Ping Qi | Zhiwei Wang | Qirong Shen | Jian Wang | Weige Zhang | Hongrui Song
LV reverse remodeling imparted by aortic valve replacement for severe aortic stenosis; is it durable? A cardiovascular MRI study sponsored by the American Heart Association

Author(s): Biederman Robert | Magovern James | Grant Saundra | Williams Ronald | Yamrozik June | Vido Diane | Rathi Vikas | Rayarao Geetha | Caruppannan Ketheswaram | Doyle Mark
Initial Growth of Single-Crystalline Nanowires: From 3D Nucleation to 2D Growth

Author(s): Huang XH | Li GH | Sun GZ | Dou XC | Li L | Zheng LX
Learning sparse models for a dynamic Bayesian network classifier of protein secondary structure

Author(s): Aydin Zafer | Singh Ajit | Bilmes Jeff | Noble William
A 3-dimensional in vitro model of epithelioid granulomas induced by high aspect ratio nanomaterials

Author(s): Sanchez Vanesa | Weston Paula | Yan Aihui | Hurt Robert | Kane Agnes
StralSV: assessment of sequence variability within similar 3D structures and application to polio RNA-dependent RNA polymerase

Author(s): Zemla Adam | Lang Dorothy | Kostova Tanya | Andino Raul | Ecale Zhou Carol
MimoPro: a more efficient Web-based tool for epitope prediction using phage display libraries

Author(s): Chen Wen | Sun Ping | Lu Yang | Guo William | Huang Yan | Ma Zhi
Quantitative metric profiles capture three-dimensional temporospatial architecture to discriminate cellular functional states

Author(s): McKeen-Polizzotti Lindsey | Henderson Kira | Oztan Basak | Bilgin C Cagatay | Yener Bülent | Plopper George
Self-Assembled 3D Flower-Like Hierarchical β-Ni(OH)2Hollow Architectures and their In Situ Thermal Conversion to NiO

Author(s): Zhu Lu-Ping | Liao Gui-Hong | Yang Yang | Xiao Hong-Mei | Wang Ji-Fen | Fu Shao-Yun
An Effective Amperometric Biosensor Based on Gold Nanoelectrode Arrays

Author(s): Liu Yanyan | Zhu Yingchun | Zeng Yi | Xu Fangfang

Author(s): Daniela Baran | Marcel STERE | Simion TATARU | Dorin LOZICI | Nicolae APOSTOLESCU | Radu BISCA | Bogdan CALOIAN
A rapid protein structure alignment algorithm based on a text modeling technique

Author(s): Jafar Razmara1*, | Safaai Deris1, | Sepideh Parvizpour2
Structure prediction and functional characterization of secondary metabolite proteins of Ocimum

Author(s): Sudeep Roy | Nidhi Maheshwari | Rashi Chauhan | Naresh Kumar Sen | Ashok Sharma
Identification of membrane associated drug targets in Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7- subtractive genomics approach

Author(s): Shivkumar Madagi | Vijayakumari Mali Patil | Saremy Sadegh | Abhishek Kumar Singh | Bhavana Garwal | Atreyi Banerjee | Usha Talambedu | Biplab Bhattacharjee
Structure modeling and inhibitor prediction of NADP oxidoreductase enzyme from Methanobrevibacter smithii

Author(s): Ashwani Sharma | Prem Prashant Chaudhary | Sunil Kumar Sirohi | Jyoti Saxena
Homology modeling of an antifungal metabolite plipastatin synthase from the bacillus subtilis 168

Author(s): Maria Batool | Fauzia Yusuf Hafeez* | Muhammad Nadeem Hassan | Mohammad Hassan Khalid
Experimental and Numerical Characterization of CaPaMan 2bis Operation

Author(s): E. E. Hernandez‐Martinez | L. Conghui | G. Carbone | M. Ceccarelli | C. S. Lopez‐Cajun
Detection of Cranial- Facial Malformations: Towards an Automatic Method

Author(s): Hiba Chelbi, Manel Laajimi, Wala Touhami & Nawrès Khlifa
A New Approach for 3D Range Image Segmentation using Gradient Method

Author(s): Dina A. Hafiz | Walaa M. Sheta | Sahar Bayoumi | Bayumy A.B. Youssef

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