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Intracellular expression of the proliferative marker Ki-67 and viral proteins (NS3, NS5A and C) in chronic, long lasting hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.

Author(s): Aldona Kasprzak | Agnieszka Adamek | Wieslawa Biczysko | Jolanta Seidel | Wieslawa Przybyszewska | Karolina Olejniczak | Jacek Juszczyk | Maciej Zabel
Estimation of gastric ghrelin-positive cells activity in hyperthyroid rats.

Author(s): Jacek Dadan | Robert L Zbucki | Bogusław Sawicki | Maria M Winnicka
Hindcast experiments of tropospheric composition during the summer 2010 fires over Western Russia

Author(s): V. Huijnen | J. Flemming | J. W. Kaiser | A. Inness | J. Leitão | A. Heil | H. J. Eskes | M. G. Schultz | A. Benedetti | G. Dufour | M. Eremenko
Saharan dust event impacts on cloud formation and radiation over Western Europe

Author(s): M. Bangert | A. Nenes | B. Vogel | H. Vogel | D. Barahona | V. A. Karydis | P. Kumar | C. Kottmeier | U. Blahak
Evaluating the influences of biomass burning during 2006 BASE-ASIA: a regional chemical transport modeling

Author(s): J. S. Fu | N. C. Hsu | Y. Gao | K. Huang | C. Li | N.-H. Lin | S.-C. Tsay
210Pb-226Ra chronology reveals rapid growth rate of Madrepora oculata and Lophelia pertusa on world's largest cold-water coral reef

Author(s): P. Sabatier | J.-L. Reyss | J. M. Hall-Spencer | C. Colin | N. Frank | N. Tisnérat-Laborde | L. Bordier | E. Douville
Promoting interdisciplinary education – the Vienna Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems

Author(s): G. Blöschl | G. Carr | C. Bucher | A. H. Farnleitner | H. Rechberger | W. Wagner | M. Zessner
Secondary new particle formation in Northern Finland Pallas site between the years 2000 and 2010

Author(s): E. Asmi | N. Kivekäs | V.-M. Kerminen | M. Komppula | A.-P. Hyvärinen | J. Hatakka | Y. Viisanen | H. Lihavainen
The Contribution of Energy Consumption to Climate Change: A Feasible Policy Direction

Author(s): Usenobong Friday Akpan | Godwin Effiong Akpan
Effects of Selegiline on Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia: A Double-Blind Clinical Trial

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Fayazi Bordbar | Ebrahim Abdollahian | Kaveh Hojjat | Ali Akbar Samaric
Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using Surface-Stabilized Nanocrystalline-TiO2 Electrodes Coated by Epoxy Polymer

Author(s): Kazuki Tsujimoto | Seigo Ito | Shinichi Yusa | Takayuki Imamura
PVC-membrane potentiometric sensors based on a recently synthesized Schiff base for Fe(III) ion

Author(s): Iran Sheikhshoaie | Tayebeh Shamspur | Ali Mostafavi | S. Yousef Ebrahimipur
Vertigo and dizziness in elderly patients with neurological disorders

Author(s): Pedro Luiz Mangabeira Albernaz | Flávia Silveira dos Santos Cabral
Carabid beetle diversity and mean individual biomass in beech forests of various ages

Author(s): Lucija Šerić Jelaska | Vlatka Dumbovich | Mladen Kucinic

Author(s): Virginia Concepción González | Humberto L. Ramos González
The epidemiology of tuberculosis in recent years: Reviewing the status in south-eastern Iran

Author(s): Maliheh Metanat | Batool Sharifi-Mood | Roya Alavi-Naini | Mohammad Aminianfar
Carbonic Anhydrase IX as a target for renal cell carcinoma therapy

Author(s): Cameron Collier | Snezana Petrovic
Fuel characteristics and trace gases produced through biomass burning

IEV (Ifosfamide, Epirubicin, VP16) Regimen as Salvage Therapy for Early Relapsed/Refractory non-Hodgkin/Hodgkin Lymphoma

Author(s): Mohammadali Mashhadi | Hossein Rahimi | Behrooz Najafi | Adnan Khosravi
Genetic parameters of yield components and pomologic properties in raspberry seedlings

Author(s): Fotirić-Akšić Milica | Radović Aleksandar | Milivojević Jasminka | Nikolić Mihailo | Nikolić Dragan
Avoidable mortality in the Russian regions

Author(s): Sabgajda T.P. | Ivanova A.E. | Semenova V.G. | Evdokuškina G.N.
Anticancer efficacy of perillyl alcohol-bearing PLGA microparticles

Author(s): Farazuddin M | Sharma B | Khan AA | Joshi B | Owais M
Ultrasonographic assessment of the cutaneous changes induced by topical flavonoid therapy

Author(s): Crisan D | Crisan M | Moldovan M | Lupsor M | Badea R
Two Types of Belief Report

Author(s): Michael Hegarty
Medicinal use of malagueta chili pepper (Capsicum frutescens L.) in a floodplain community, Amazon River, Santarém, Pará, Brazil

Author(s): André Luis Cote Roman | Lin Chau Ming | Izabel de Carvalho | Maria das Graças Pires Sablayrolles
Growth and Extracellular Carbonic Anhydrase Activity of Zooxanthellae Symbiodinium sp. in Response of Zinc Enrichment

Spring development of hydrolittoral rock shore communities on wave-exposed and sheltered sites in the northern Baltic proper

Author(s): Ann-Kristin Eriksson Wiklund | Torleif Malm | Jessica Honkakangas | Britta Eklund
Oral fluid therapy in severe diarrheal dehydration

Author(s): Sharifi SJ | Ghavami F | Nowroozi Z
"Pediatric cases of neurosurgery diagnosed in emergency room "

Author(s): "Shahgholi E | Khodaei Sh | Heydarian M "
Incidence and severity of vesicoureteral reflux in siblings of children with known reflux

Author(s): "N Ataei | F Sayari-Fard | A Madani | ST Esfahani | A Kejbafzadeh "
Cirugia de rescate en carcinoma de mama localmente avanzado

Author(s): Vilma E Rebolledo P | Luis Sucre P | Michelle Capocefalo R | Felipe Saldivia S
CO at 40–80 km above Kiruna observed by the ground-based microwave radiometer KIMRA and simulated by the whole atmosphere community climate model

Author(s): C. G. Hoffmann | D. E. Kinnison | R. R. Garcia | M. Palm | J. Notholt | U. Raffalski | G. Hochschild
Calibration of column-averaged CH4 over European TCCON FTS sites with airborne in-situ measurements

Author(s): M. C. Geibel | J. Messerschmidt | C. Gerbig | T. Blumenstock | F. Hase | O. Kolle | J. V. Lavrič | J. Notholt | M. Palm | M. Rettinger | M. Schmidt | R. Sussmann | T. Warneke | D. G. Feist
Interactions of meteoric smoke particles with sulphuric acid in the Earth's stratosphere

Author(s): R. W. Saunders | S. Dhomse | W. S. Tian | M. P. Chipperfield | J. M. C. Plane
Nested-grid simulation of mercury over North America

Author(s): Y. Zhang | L. Jaeglé | A. van Donkelaar | R. V. Martin | C. D. Holmes | H. M. Amos | Q. Wang | R. Talbot | R. Artz | S. Brooks | W. Luke | T. M. Holsen | D. Felton | E. K. Miller | K. D. Perry | D. Schmeltz | A. Steffen | R. Tordon | P. Weiss-Penzias | R. Zsolway
Interaction of anthropogenic and natural emission sources during a wild-land fire event – influence on ozone formation

Author(s): E. Bossioli | M. Tombrou | A. Karali | A. Dandou | D. Paronis | M. Sofiev
A study of anatomical, seasonal and diurnal variation in the occurrence of ischemic stroke

Author(s): Divyanshu Dubey | Anshudha Sawhney | Arvind Kavishwar | Sonjjay Pande | Devashish Dubey

Author(s): Maria Pagoni | Maria Garofalaki | Fotios Panitsas | Kalliopi Manola | Katerina Psarra | Panagiotis Economopoulos
Increased fibroblast functionality on CNN2-loaded titania nanotubes

Author(s): Wei HB | Wu SY | Feng ZH | Zhou W | Dong Y | Wu GF | Bai SZ | Zhao YM
Experiences with bimodal hearing and bilateral cochlear implantation in the elderly

Author(s): E.M. Schedlbauer | R. Götze | S. Scholz | I. Todt | A. Ernst
Neurotology findings in patients with diagnosis of vascular loop of cranial nerves VIII in magnetic resonance imaging

Author(s): Grocoske, Francisco Luiz Busato | Mendes, Rita de Cássia C. G. | Vosguerau, Ronaldo | Mocellin, Marcos | Oliveira, Maria Theresa Costa Ramos de | Koerner, Heloisa Nardi
Erythrocyte diameter of zebu Nelore cattle: influence of age factors, sex factors and Nelore breed lines Diâmetro eritrocitário de zebuínos da raça Nelore: influência de fatores etários, sexual e do tipo racial

Author(s): Maria Consuêlo Caribé Ayres | Joselito Nunes Costa | Ivan Roque de Barros Filho | Eduardo Harry Birgel Júnior | Eduardo Harry Birgel
Energetic food in rations for growing goats Alimentos energéticos em rações para caprinos em crescimento

Author(s): Tadeu Vinhas Voltolini | José Nilton Moreira | Rafael Dantas dos Santos | Luiz Gustavo Ribeiro Pereira | Gherman Garcia Leal de Araújo | Daniel Maia Nogueira | Betina Raquel Cunha dos Santos
Analysis of satellite-derived Arctic tropospheric BrO columns in conjunction with aircraft measurements during ARCTAS and ARCPAC

Author(s): S. Choi | Y. Wang | R. J. Salawitch | T. Canty | J. Joiner | T. Zeng | T. P. Kurosu | K. Chance | A. Richter | L. G. Huey | J. Liao | J. A. Neuman | J. B. Nowak | J. E. Dibb | A. J. Weinheimer | G. Diskin | T. B. Ryerson | A. da Silva | J. Curry | D. Kinnison | S. Tilmes | P. F. Levelt
Five-year record of atmospheric precipitation chemistry in urban Beijing, China

Author(s): F. Yang | J. Tan | Z. B. Shi | Y. Cai | K. He | Y. Ma | F. Duan | T. Okuda | S. Tanaka | G. Chen
Glacial CO2 cycle as a succession of key physical and biogeochemical processes

Author(s): V. Brovkin | A. Ganopolski | D. Archer | G. Munhoven
Dynamics of natural tree regeneration after strip-mining in the Amazon

Author(s): Rafael Paiva Salomão | Nélson Araújo Rosa | Kácio Andrey Câmara Morais
Cervix and breast cancers in Oujda city in Eastern Morocco: Determinants and risk factors

Author(s): Abdelhafid Chafi | Abdesslam Boutayeb | Abdellatif Maamri | Mohamed El Hfid
Persistence in health behaviors among Medicare beneficiaries

Author(s): Eberechukwu Onukwugha | Thomas Shaffer | Jennifer Lloyd | Franklin Hendrick | Amy Davidoff | Bruce Stuart | Ruth Lopert | Francoise Pradel
Cervix and breast cancers in Oujda city in Eastern Morocco: Determinants and risk factors

Author(s): Abdelhafid Chafi | Abdesslam Boutayeb | Abdellatif Maamri | Mohamed El Hfid
Persistence in health behaviors among Medicare beneficiaries

Author(s): Eberechukwu Onukwugha | Thomas Shaffer | Jennifer Lloyd | Franklin Hendrick | Amy Davidoff | Bruce Stuart | Ruth Lopert | Francoise Pradel
Prophylaxis of chronic kidney disease after liver transplantation - experience from west China

Author(s): Zhen-Yong Shao | Lu-Nan Yan | Wen-Tao Wang | Bo Li | Tian-Fu Wen | Jia-Yin Yang | Ming-Qing Xu | Ji-Chun Zhao | Yong-Gang Wei
Promoting interdisciplinary education − the Vienna Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems

Author(s): G. Blöschl | G. Carr | C. Bucher | A. H. Farnleitner | H. Rechberger | W. Wagner | M. Zessner
Hydrologic controls on coastal suspended sediment plumes around the Greenland Ice Sheet

Author(s): V. W. Chu | L. C. Smith | A. K. Rennermalm | R. R. Forster | J. E. Box
Validation of ACE and OSIRIS ozone and NO2 measurements using ground-based instruments at 80° N

Author(s): C. Adams | K. Strong | R. L. Batchelor | P. F. Bernath | S. Brohede | C. Boone | D. Degenstein | W. H. Daffer | J. R. Drummond | P. F. Fogal | E. Farahani | C. Fayt | A. Fraser | F. Goutail | F. Hendrick | F. Kolonjari | R. Lindenmaier | G. Manney | C. T. McElroy | C. A. McLinden | J. Mendonca | J.-H. Park | B. Pavlovic | A. Pazmino | C. Roth | V. Savastiouk | K. A. Walker | D. Weaver | X. Zhao
A multi-model study of impacts of climate change on surface ozone in Europe

Author(s): J. Langner | M. Engardt | A. Baklanov | J. H. Christensen | M. Gauss | C. Geels | G. B. Hedegaard | R. Nuterman | D. Simpson | J. Soares | M. Sofiev | P. Wind | A. Zakey
Phytoplankton distribution in unusually low sea ice cover over the Pacific Arctic

Author(s): P. Coupel | H. Y. Jin | M. Joo | R. Horner | H. A. Bouvet | V. Garçon | M.-A. Sicre | J.-C. Gascard | J. F. Chen | D. Ruiz-Pino
Traffic weigh-in-motion (WIM) measurements and validation of the Texas perpetual pavement structural design concept

Author(s): Lubinda F. Walubita | Wenting Liu | Tom Scullion | Allex Eduardo Alvarez-Lugo | Yenis Margarita López-Esalas | Geoffrey Simate
Streptokinase :A novel clot buster

Author(s): Vaishnavi. B, Mohanasrinivasan.V and Subathra Devi.C*
Achieving Identity-Based Cryptography in a Personal Digital Assistant Device

Author(s): L. Martínez-Ramos | L. López-García | F. Rodríguez-Henríquez
Picaduras por escorpión Tityus asthenes en Mutatá, Colombia: aspectos epidemiológicos, clínicos y toxinológicos Tityus asthenes scorpion stings: epidemiological, clinical and toxicological aspects

Author(s): Juan P. Gómez | Juan C. Quintana | Patricia Arbeláez | Jorge Fernández | Juan F. Silva | Jacqueline Barona | Juan C. Gutiérrez | Abel Díaz | Rafael Otero
Efectividad de la profilaxis para enfermedad tuberculosa en pacientes infectados por el virus de la inmunodeficiencia humana, Medellín, 2002-2005 Effectiveness of prophylaxis against tuberculosis in patients infected with HIV

Author(s): María Patricia Arbeláez | Alexánder Arbeláez | Rubén Darío Gómez | Carlos Rojas | Lázaro Vélez | Sonia Luz Arias | Jorge Nagles | Luz Marina Peláez | Gloria Betancourt | Gloria Velásquez
A Comparative Study of Apical Healing of Open Apices Using MTA and Ca(OH)2 Apical Plugs in Cats

Author(s): M. H. Zarrabi | N. Mohtasham | M. Sheikh-Nezamy | M. Bidar
Serum manganese superoxide dismutase and thioredoxin are potential prognostic markers for hepatitis C virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Tsutomu Tamai | Hirofumi Uto | Yoichiro Takami | Kouhei Oda | Akiko Saishoji | Masashi Hashiguchi | Kotaro Kumagai | Takeshi Kure | Seiichi Mawatari | Akihiro Moriuchi | Makoto Oketani | Akio Ido | Hirohito Tsubouchi
Ocena przydatności β-N-acetylo-D-glukozaminidazy i endogliny jako markerów molekularnych w diagnostyce nowotworów pęcherza moczowego u kobiet w wieku pomenopauzalnym

Author(s): Waldemar Różański | Marek Lipiński | Paweł Woźniak | Ewa Forma | Anna Krześlak | Magdalena Bernaciak | Mariusz Blewniewski | Magdalena Bryś
Sustainability of the Rubberwood Sector in Malaysia

Author(s): Jegatheswaran RATNASINGAM | Florin IORAŞ | Lu WENMING
The direct effect of aerosols on solar radiation over the broader Mediterranean basin

Author(s): C. D. Papadimas | N. Hatzianastassiou | C. Matsoukas | M. Kanakidou | N. Mihalopoulos | I. Vardavas
Future impact of non-land based traffic emissions on atmospheric ozone and OH – an optimistic scenario and a possible mitigation strategy

Author(s): Ø. Hodnebrog | T. K. Berntsen | O. Dessens | M. Gauss | V. Grewe | I. S. A. Isaksen | B. Koffi | G. Myhre | D. Olivié | M. J. Prather | J. A. Pyle | F. Stordal | S. Szopa | Q. Tang | P. van Velthoven | J. E. Williams | K. Ødemark
Use of Earth’s Magnetic Field for Mitigating Gyroscope Errors Regardless of Magnetic Perturbation

Author(s): Muhammad Haris Afzal | Valérie Renaudin | Gérard Lachapelle
Laparoscopic Extraperitoneal Simple Prostatectomyfor Benign Prostate Hyperplasia:A Two-Year Experience

Author(s): Bulent Oktay | Gokhan Koc | Hakan Vuruskan | Mahmut Esad Danisoglu | Yakup Kordan
Gingival Status of Kidney Transplanted Patients Referred to Shariati General Hospital, Tehran

Author(s): G. Ali Gholami | G. Ansari | K. Seyedan | H. Gholami
Libby Amphibole Contamination in Tree Bark Surrounding Historical Vermiculite Processing Facilities

Author(s): Mohamed I. Elashheb | Terry M. Spear | Julie F. Hart | James S. Webber | Tony J. Ward
Model Estimates of Nutrient Uptake by Red Spruce Respond to Soil Temperature

Author(s): J. Michael Kelly | Frank C. Thornton | J. Devereux Joslin
Book Reviews

Author(s): W.A.L. Stokhof | N.F. Alieva | J. Ensink | C. Hooykaas | R. Roolvink | Ernst Ulrich Kratz | A. Teeuw | Abdullah Hassan | C.H. van Nieuwenhuijsen-Riedeman | J. Boelaars | Anton Ploeg | S. Hylkema | Hetty Nooy-Palm | Garrett Solyom | A. Veldhuisen-Djajasoebrata | Amin Sweeney | Michael van Langenberg | Oey Hong Lee | W.F. Wertheim | J.A.A. van Doorn | Ch. F. van Fraassen | Wilfred T. Neill | R.A. Römer | E.E. Abraham-Van der Marck
Effect of the Diurnal Variation of the Convective Boundary Layer Height over Metro Manila on Pollutant Concentration

Author(s): Genelita Tubal | Mariano Estoque | John Holdsworth | Jose Villarin, S.J.
Dynamics of Root Growth and Distribution in Maize from the Black Soil Region of NE China

Author(s): Shengqun Liu | Fengbin Song | Xiancan Zhu | Haibo Xu
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