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Structure, Morphology and Optical Properties of Chiral N-(4-X-phenyl)-N-[1(S)-1-phenylethyl]thiourea, X= Cl, Br, and NO2

Author(s): Werner Kaminsky | Donald Responte | Dan Daranciang | Jose B. Gallegos | Bao-Chau Ngoc Tran | Tram-Anh Pham
Inflation regimes and stabilisation policies: Spain 1962-2001

Author(s): Ayuso , Juan | Kaminsky , Graciela L. | López Salido, David

Author(s): Gregorio Kaminsky
P12-14. Design of hydrophilic, helical peptides that mimic the 4E10 epitope of HIV-1 gp41

Author(s): Lorenz IC | Martin CL | Hoffenberg S | Phogat SK | Kaminsky SM
S021-06 OA. Potent and broad neutralizing antibodies from HIV-1 non-clade B infected donor reveal a new HIV-1 vaccine target

Author(s): Phogat SK | Walker L | Wagner D | Chan-Hui P | Simek M | Phung P | Wrin T | Mitcham J | Investigator P | Kaminsky S | Zamb T | Moyle M | Koff W | Burton D
Immunolocalization of TSOL18 and TSOL45-1A, the successful protective peptides against porcine cysticercosis, in Taenia solium oncospheres

Author(s): Martinez-Ocaña Joel | Romero-Valdovinos Mirza | de Kaminsky Rina | Maravilla Pablo | Flisser Ana
Efficient Real-Time Video-in-Video Insertion into a Pre-Encoded Video Stream

Author(s): Dan Grois | Evgeny Kaminsky | Ofer Hadar
Elevation of IL-6 in the allergic asthmatic airway is independent of inflammation but associates with loss of central airway function

Author(s): Neveu Wendy | Allard Jenna | Raymond Danielle | Bourassa Lorraine | Burns Stephanie | Bunn Janice | Irvin Charles | Kaminsky David | Rincon Mercedes
Association of telomerase activity with radio- and chemosensitivity of neuroblastomas

Author(s): Wesbuer Simone | Lanvers-Kaminsky Claudia | Duran-Seuberth Ines | Bölling Tobias | Schäfer Karl-Ludwig | Braun Yvonne | Willich Normann | Greve Burkhard
Structural Studies of 2,6-Diacetyl- and 2,6-Diformylpyridine Bis(thiosemicarbazones)

Author(s): Brown Christine A. | Kaminsky Werner | Claborn Kacey A. | Goldberg Karen I. | West Douglas X.
Experiments with Rotating Collimators Cutting out Pencil of Alpha-Particles at Radioactive Decay of 239-Pu Evidence Sharp Anisotropy of Space

Author(s): Shnoll S. E. | Rubinshtein I. A. | Zenchenko K. I. | Shlekhtarev V. A. | Kaminsky A. V. | Konradov A. A. | Udaltsova N. V.
Crystal and molecular structure of N-2-pyridylethyl-N¿-3-tolylthiourea

Author(s): Kaminsky , Werner | Kelman , Diantha R. | Li , Dung T. | Swearingen , John K. | Valdés Martínez, Jesús | West , Douglas X.
Responsiveness of EORTC QLQ-C30, QLQ-CR38 and FACT-C quality of life questionnaires in patients with colorectal cancer

Author(s): Uwer Lionel | Rotonda Christine | Guillemin Francis | Miny Joëlle | Kaminsky Marie-Christine | Mercier Mariette | Tournier-Rangeard Laetitia | Leonard Isabelle | Montcuquet Philippe | Rauch Philippe | Conroy Thierry
Ausgeprägte Oligozoospermie bei Aarskog-Syndrom

Author(s): Wieacker P | Nickel I | Kaminsky E | Muschke P

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