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Application of nanoscratching in electronic devices

Author(s): Maria Ramiaczek-Krasowska | Adam Szyszka | Joanna Prazmowska | Regina Paszkiewicz | Marek Tlaczala
Supramolecular Layer-by-Layer Assembly of 3D Multicomponent Nanostructures via Multivalent Molecular Recognition

Author(s): Xing Yi Ling | In Yee Phang | David N. Reinhoudt | G. Julius Vancso | Jurriaan Huskens
Selective Binding, Self-Assembly and Nanopatterning of the Creutz-Taube Ion on Surfaces

Author(s): Yuliang Wang | Marya Lieberman | Qingling Hang | Gary Bernstein
Immobilization of different biomolecules by atomic force microscopy

Author(s): Breitenstein Michael | Hölzel Ralph | Bier Frank
Size effects on the growth mode and roughness of sub-micron structures grown by selective area epitaxy

Author(s): Gutiérrez H.R. | Cotta M.A. | Nakaema W.M. | Carvalho | Gobbi A.L.
Cellular transfer and AFM imaging of cancer cells using Bioimprint

Author(s): Muys JJ | Alkaisi MM | Melville DOS | Nagase J | Sykes P | Parguez GM | Evans JJ
Buckling of Single-Crystal Silicon Nanolines under Indentation

Author(s): Min K. Kang | Bin Li | Paul S. Ho | Rui Huang
Ultra-long metal nanowire arrays on solid substrate with strong bonding

Author(s): Xu Ju | Chen Lan | Mathewson Alan | Razeeb Kafil
Ordered Arrays of SiGe Islands from Low-Energy PECVD

Author(s): Bollani M | Bonera E | Chrastina D | Fedorov A | Montuori V | Picco A | Tagliaferri A | Vanacore G | Sordan R
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