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Sobrevida postquirúrgica del carcinoma de pulmón de células no pequeñas en estadio I

Author(s): Andy Rocha Quintana | Elianne Rodríguez Larraburu
Integrasi Produksi - Distribusi pada Supply Chain dengan Pendekatan Hybrid Analitik - Simulasi

Author(s): Annisa Kesy Garside | R. Hadi Wahyuono | Tiananda Widyarini
Focusing of acoustic waves by flat lenses made from negatively refracting two-dimensional phononic crystals

Author(s): P.A. Deymier | B. Merheb | J.O. Vasseur | A. Sukhovich | J.H. Page
Stability plate with longitudinal constructive discontinuity

Author(s): Mitić Snežana | Pavlović Ratko
Monodisperse 130 kDa and 260 kDa Recombinant Human Hemoglobin Polymers as Scaffolds for Protein Engineering of Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carriers

Author(s): David A. Marquardt | Michael P. Doyle | Jeffrey S. Davidson | Janet K. Epp | Jacqueline F. Aitken | Douglas D. Lemon | Spencer J. Anthony-Cahill

Author(s): R.R.Yadav, Dilip Kumar Jaiswal, Hareesh Kumar Yadav & Gulrana
One dimension PIC simulation of nonlinear ion-acoustic waves in plasma

Author(s): A Kargarian | MR Rouhani | H Hakimipajouh
Data Warehouse and Its Methods

Author(s): Sandeep Singh
Using multiple criteria decision making models for ranking customers of bank network based on loyalty properties in weighted RFM model

Author(s): Fayegh Zaheri | Hiwa Farughi | Hersh Soltanpanah | Seiran Alaniazar | Foruzan Naseri
Modelo para formação de composições ferroviárias

Author(s): Liége M. S. Firmino Murgel | Nicolau D. Fares Gualda
Damage analysis of the ceramic reinforced steel matrix composites sheets: experimental and numerical study

Author(s): E. Bayraktar | F. Ayari | D. Katundi | J.-P. Chevalier | F. Bonnet

Socio-Demographic Determinants of Response Strategies by Resource-Poor Farmers to Climate Change in South-Eastern Nigeria

Author(s): Asuquo I Afangideh | Phillip A. Akpan | Emmanuel P. Udofia | Donald A. Ukeh

Wavelet Optimized Adaptive Mesh for MHD Flow Problems

Author(s): Rashid Ali | Anuj Bhardwaj | Bani Singh
Wavelet Optimized Adaptive Mesh for MHD Flow Problems

Author(s): Rashid Ali | Anuj Bhardwaj | Bani Singh
Development of a sensitive long pathlength absorbance photometer to quantify peroxides in aerosol particles (Peroxide-LOPAP)

Author(s): P. Mertes | L. Pfaffenberger | J. Dommen | M. Kalberer | U. Baltensperger
An analytical solution for tidal dynamics in the Yangtze Estuary, China

Author(s): E. F. Zhang | H. H. G. Savenije | S. L. Chen | X. H. Mao
IEEE 802.15.4 Makes Ubitiquitous Networking a Reality

Author(s): Nikhil. N. Kant | V. N. Bhonge | Niraj. N. Kant
On the theoretical description of nucleation in confined space

Author(s): Jürn W. P. Schmelzer | Alexander S. Abyzov
Processo de dobramento de chapas metálicas

Author(s): Geraldo Magela Barbosa
Activity modes selection for project crashing through deterministic simulation

Author(s): Ashok Mohanty | Jibitesh Mishra | Biswajit Satpathy
Tripmultiplet-state dynamics of manganese(III) porphyrin fabricated into PVC film

Author(s): Jeong-Hyon Ha | Weon-Sik Chae | Jahan Kim
Modified Differential Transform Method (DTM) Simulation of Hydromagnetic Multi-Physical Flow Phenomena from a Rotating Disk

Author(s): Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi | Esmael Erfani | Osman Anwar Bég | Swapan Kumar Ghosh
Analytical Solution for Acoustic Waves Propagation in Fluids

Author(s): Mohamed I. A. Othman | Mohamed Galal Sayed Ali | Roushdi Mohamed Farouk
Metal Transport Parameters in Residual Soil with an Undisturbed and Remolded Structure Percolated by an Acid Solution

Author(s): Eduardo Pavan Korf | Antonio Thomé | Nilo Cesar Consoli | Rafael de Souza Tímbola | Gláucia Carine dos Santos
Rapid HPLC Method for Determination of Parachloroaniline in Chlorhexidine Antiseptic Agent in Mouthrinses, Ophthalmic and Skin Solution

Author(s): Alain Nicolay | Estelle Wolff | Marie-France Vergnes | Jacques Kaloustian | Henri Portugal
Sequential Injection Analysis of Ampicillin in Pharmaceuticals by Using Potentiometric Detectors Based on PVC and Sol-Gel Membranes

Author(s): Nestor Zárate | Alberto N. Araujo | M. Conceiçao B. S. M. Montenegro | Ricardo Pérez-Olmos
Development and Application of Time-Resolved Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectrometer

Author(s): Yan Mao | Yu Bao | Wei Wang | Zhenggang Li | Fenghua Li | Li Niu
Preconcentration of Lead in Sugar Samples by Solid Phase Extraction and Its Determination by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Author(s): Saied Saeed Hosseiny Davarani | Neda Sheijooni-Fumani | Amin Morteza Najarian | Mohammad-Ali Tabatabaei | Siavash Vahidi
On Efficient Method for System of Fractional Differential Equations

Author(s): Khan NajeebAlam | Jamil Muhammad | Ara Asmat | Khan Nasir-Uddin
Bandwidth Optimization in Centralized WLANs for Different Traffic Types

Author(s): Haines RJ | Fanning N | Lewis T | Coon J
CDIT-Based Constrained Resource Allocation for Mobile WiMAX Systems

Author(s): Brah Felix | Louveaux Jerome | Vandendorpe Luc
Laguerre-Volterra Filters Optimization Based on Laguerre Spectra

Author(s): Kibangou Alain Y | Favier Gérard | Hassani Moha M
Link Adaptation for Framed Multimedia Data Transmission over a DS-CDMA Communication System

Author(s): Poulliat Charly | Fijalkow Inbar | Declercq David
Direct Position Determination of Multiple Radio Signals

Author(s): Weiss Anthony J | Amar Alon
Optimization of Linear Precoded OFDM for High-Data-Rate UWB Systems

Author(s): Stephan Antoine | Guéguen Emeric | Crussière Matthieu | Baudais Jean-Yves | Hélard Jean-François
Service Differentiation in OFDM-Based IEEE 802.16 Networks

Author(s): Zhou Yi | Chen Kai | He Jianhua | Guan Haibin | Zhang Yan | Liang Alei
Modeling the Lion Attack in Cognitive Radio Networks

Author(s): Hernandez-Serrano Juan | León Olga | Soriano Miguel
An Analytical Modeling of Polarized Time-Variant On-Body Propagation Channels with Dynamic Body Scattering

Author(s): Liu Lingfeng | Keshmiri Farshad | Craeye Christophe | De Doncker Philippe | Oestges Claude
Jost Solution and the Spectrum of the Discrete Dirac Systems

Author(s): Bairamov Elgiz | Aygar Yelda | Olgun Murat
Forces in a 3D magnetic field of conducting current contours

Author(s): Stancheva Rumena | Iatcheva Ilona
Development of a Simple, Sensitive and Rapid Quantitative Analytical Method for Lomefloxacin by High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Author(s): Mohammad Shah Amran | Mohammad Rumman Hossain | Farhad Mohammad Amjad | Sania Sultana | Mohammad Abdullahil Baki | Muhammad Amjad Hossain
Magnetic equations with FreeFem++: The Grad-Shafranov equation & the current hole

Author(s): Deriaz Erwan | Despres Bruno | Faccanoni Gloria | Pichon Gostaf Kirill | Imbert-Gérard Lise-Marie | Sadaka Georges | Sart Remy
PACSPLUS Solutions

Author(s): Reza A Zoroofi
Synthesis and biodistribution study of a chlorotoxin derivative peptide labeled with Iodine-131 for tumor therapy

Author(s): Seyed Pezhman Shirmardi | Mojtaba Shamsaei | Mostafa Gandomkar | Mohammad Ghannadi Maragheh
Quantitative Study of Photocatalyst Degradation of Propanil Herbicide in Water Using different Analytical Methods

Author(s): S. A. Dhahir | B. R. J. Muhyedeen | N. S. Nassory | S. A. Numan
An order acceptance using FAHP and TOPSIS methods: A case study of Iranian vehicle belt production industry

Author(s): Saeid Parsaei | Mohammad Ali Keramati | Farbod Zorriassatine | Mohammad Reza Feylizadeh
Determination of a novel impurity by LC-MASS and chromatographic separation of bimatoprost, isomers and their impurities by UPLC

Author(s): P. Murali Krishna, B. Thirupathi Rao, M. Bujagendra Raju , C. Narasimha Rao, R. Kishore kumar , P. Venkateswarlu*.
Analytical and Numerical Investigation of Transient Gas Blow down

Author(s): Hameed Balassim Mahood | Farhan Lafta Rasheed | Abdulsattar K. Abbas
Environmental & Health Hazards of Fly Ash & SOx from FBC Power Plant at Khanote

Author(s): Shaheen Aziz | Suhail A. Soomro | A. H. Tunio | Imran Nazir | K. M. Qureshi | Razia Begum
Assay of Aliphatic Phthalates in Polymer Products by Sensitive Polarographic Method: Health and Environmental Issue

Author(s): Munawar Saeed | Sirajuddin | Abdul Niaz2, | Afzal Shah | Abdul Rauf | Jiri Barek
Photoelectrochemical Sensors for the Rapid Detection of DNA Damage Induced by Some Nanoparticles

Author(s): M. Jamaluddin Ahmed | Bin-Tian Zhang | Liang-Hong Guo
Adsorption Studies of Cyanide (CN) - on Alumina

Author(s): Sumra Naeem and | Uzma Zafar
Removal of Organophosphorus (OP) Pesticide Residues from Vegetables Using Washing Solutions and Boiling

Author(s): Gouri Satpathy | Yogesh Kumar Tyagi | Rajinder Kumar Gupta
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