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An Anomalous Vascular Organisation of the Masseter Muscle: A Case Report

Author(s): Cuneyt BOZER | Enis ULUCAM | Bulent Sabri CIGALI
Sciatic nerve entrapment in the popliteal fossa: a case report

Author(s): Paval J | Vollala VR | Nayak S
Case reportAnomalous musculoskeletal morphology of anterior chest wall: a case report

Author(s): Srijit Das | Shipra Paul | Ashish Kumar Mandal
Double-chambered right ventricle in an adult patient diagnosed by transthoracic echocardiography

Author(s): Romano Minna | Furtado Rogério | Dias Cinthia | Jurca Mauro | Almeida-Filho Oswaldo | Maciel Benedito
Successful management of free osteocutaneous fibula flap with anomalous vascularity of the skin paddle

Author(s): Yadav Prabha | Ahmad Quazi | Shankhdhar Vinay | Nambi G
Eye muscle surgery for infantile nystagmus syndrome in the first two years of life

Author(s): Richard W Hertle | Joost Felius | Dongsheng Yang | et al
Variant composition of extensor digitorum co-existent with the absence of extensor indicis

Author(s): Dhuria R | Kumar H | Mehta V | Yadav Y | Suri R | Rath G
Extensor digitorum brevis manus: Its clinical significance and morphology

Author(s): Bolla SR | Vollala VR | Bovindala B | Madabhshi C
An accessory branch of musculocutaneous nerve joining median nerve

Author(s): Kocabiyik N | Yalcin B | Yazar F | Ozan H
Embolization of bronchial artery of anomalous origin: Management of two cases presenting with hemoptysis

Author(s): Saikat Sengupta | Saikat Bandyopadhyay | Palas Kumar | Gaurab Maitra | Ravi Wankhede
The outcome of the vertical vein left intact during the surgery for total anomalous venous connection and its effects on ventricular functions

Author(s): Bülent Sarıtaş | Mehmet Çelik | Tolga Tatar | Murat Özkan | Kürşad Tokel | Sait Aşlamacı
Cardiovascular magnetic resonance findings in repaired anomalous left coronary artery to pulmonary artery connection (ALCAPA)

Author(s): Secinaro Aurelio | Ntsinjana Hopewell | Tann Oliver | Schuler Pia | Muthurangu Vivek | Hughes Marina | Tsang Victor | Taylor Andrew
Double chambered right ventricle with severe calcification of the tricuspid valve in an elderly woman: a case report

Author(s): Tamai Nozomu | Ito Shigenori | Morimoto Kotaro | Inomata Masahiko | Yoshida Takayuki | Suzuki Shin | Murakami Yoshimasa | Sato Koichi
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