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A rare case of formation of double ansa cervicalis

Author(s): Rao TR | Shetty P | Rao SR
A variant case of ansa cervicalis

Author(s): Machalek L | Charamza J | Kikalova K | Bezdekova M
Double innervations to the superior belly of omohyoid

Author(s): Rao TR | Shetty P | Rao S
A rare origin of upper root of ansa cervicalis from vagus nerve: a case report

Author(s): Vollala VR | Bhat SM | Nayak S | Raghunathan D | Samuel VP | Rodrigues V | Mathew JG
Ansa cervicalis – without loop

Author(s): Venugopal SP | Mallula SB
A rare anatomical variant of ansa cervicalis: case report

Author(s): Mahmood Ayyoubian | Morteza Koruji

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