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Analyzing the Performance of Active Queue Management Algorithms

Author(s): G.F.Ali Ahammed | Reshma Banu
MNEWQUE: A New Approach to TCP/AQM with ECN

Author(s): V. Santhi | A.M. Natarajan
A Method for Testing AQM Controllers with Probability Guaranteed Properties

Author(s): Jose M. Maestre | Teresa Alvarez | Anuar Salim | Teodoro Alamo
Congestion Control of TCP-Westwood Using AQM-PI Controller

Author(s): Amirhossein Abolmasoumi | Saleh Sayyad Delshad | Mohammadtaghi Hamidi Beheshti
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Antonios Argyriou | Joerg Widmer | Bob Li
Flow Synchronization for Network Coding

Author(s): Thorsten Biermann | Martin Dräxler | Holger Karl
Pricing and Unresponsive Flows Purging for Global Rate Enhancement

Author(s): G. Abbas | A. K. Nagar | H. Tawfik | J. Y. Goulermas
Reaction of Some Wheat Varieties to Seed Borne Bipolaris sorokiniana and Fusarium moniliforme

Author(s): M.A.K.S. Siddique | A.Q.M. Bazlur Rashid | I. Hossain | K. M. Khalequzzaman | Md. Kalim Uddin
An Improved Method for Fuzzy Congestion Control in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks

Author(s): Arash Mohammadzadeh Gharehbaghi, M.A. Badamchizadeh

Author(s): Pranoto Hidaya Rusmin | Hendrawan | Agung Harsoyo | Carmadi Machbub
The Delay with New-Additive Increase Multiplicative Decrease Congestion Avoidance and Control Algorithm

Author(s): Hayder Natiq Jasem | Zuriati Ahmad Zukarnain | Mohamed Othman | Shamala Subramaniam
Managing Network Congestion with a Modified Kohonen-based RED Queue

Author(s): Maria Priscilla, | Dr. Antony Selvadoss Thanamani
Fairness and Percentage Loss Analysis for Short Lived Web Transfers using QMBCCA

Author(s): V.Sinthu Janita Prakash | D.I.George Amalarethinam | E.George Dharma Prakash Raj
An Experimental Analysis of Random Early Discard (RED) Queue for Congestion Control

Author(s): Shohidul Islam | Niaz Morshed | SK. Shariful Islam | Mejbahul Azam
TCP Congestion Control for the Networks with Markovian Jump Parameters

Author(s): ABOLMASOUMI, A. H. | MOMENI, H. R.
Survival of the Fittest: An Active Queue Management Technique for Noisy Packet Flows

Author(s): Shirish S. Karande | Kiran Misra | Hayder Radha
A Novel Parameter Tuning Algorithm for AQM-PI Controllers

Author(s): Ma XiaoYan | Li HongGuangr
A Congestion Avoidance Approach in Jumbo Frame-enabled IP Network

Author(s): Aos Anas Mulahuwaish | Kamalrulnizam Abu Bakar | Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor
Performances Evaluation of Enhanced Basic Time Space Priority combined with an AQM

Author(s): Said El Kafhali | Mohamed Hanini | Abdelali El Bouchti | Abdelkrim Haqiq
Developed Model to Control Congestion on Converge Network

Author(s): John S. N, Adewale A. A | Okonigene R. E | Kasali. I,Akinade B.A
Performance Analysis of AQM Schemes in Wired and Wireless Networks based on TCP flow

Author(s): Abdullah Al Masud | Hossain Md. Shamim | Amina Akhter
Active Queue Management within Large-Scale Wired Networks

Author(s): Ping-Min Hsu | Chun-Liang Lin | Ching-Han Yu
Flooding Distributed Denial of Service Attacks-A Review

Author(s): Khadijah W.M. Ghazali | Rosilah Hassan
An Advance Approach to Evaluate the Performance of the TCP Networks

Author(s): Ibrahiem M.M. El Emary | Farouq A. Taweel

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