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Modeling Barley Production in Punjab

Author(s): Muhammad Bilal | Muhammad Qaiser Shahbaz
State Space Modeling Using SAS

Author(s): Rajesh Selukar
Turkey’s Energy Demand

Author(s): M. Mucuk | D. Uysal
Analysis and Prediction of Real Network Traffic

Author(s): Mohamed Faten Zhani | Halima Elbiaze | Farouk Kamoun
Producción científica sobre Educación Multicultural contenida en las bases de datos Social Sciences Citation Index y Arts & Humanities Citation Index

Author(s): Vallejo Ruiz, Mónica | Ocaña Fernández, Almudena | Bueno Sánchez, Ángel | Torralbo Rodríguez, Manuel | Fernández Cano, Antonio
Time Series Properties of Quarterly Earnings of Brazilian Open Companies

Author(s): Thiago Rocha Fabris | Newton C. A. Costa Jr.
State Space Methods in Ox/SsfPack

Author(s): Matteo M. Pelagatti
The State Space Models Toolbox for MATLAB

Author(s): Jyh-Ying Peng | John A. D. Aston
Triple diagram model of level fluctuations in Lake Van, Turkey

Author(s): A. Altunkaynak | M. Özger | Z. Sen
Modeling and Forecasting Pakistan´s Inflaction by Using Time Series Arima Models

Author(s): Muhammad Abdus Salam | Shazia Salam | Mete Feridun
Sistema de transporte masivo en la ciudad de Cali: ¿Podrá el municipio financiar el proyecto?

Author(s): Alonso Cifuentes Julio César | Solano Villa Julieth Alejandra

Author(s): Ion DOBRE | Adriana AnaMaria ALEXANDRU
Automatic Time Series Forecasting: The forecast Package for R

Author(s): Rob J. Hyndman | Yeasmin Khandakar
SARIMA Model for Forecasting Malaysian Electricity Generated

Author(s): Zuhaimy Hj. Ismail | Khairil Asmani Mahpol
Elaboração de modelo de previsão de preço da madeira de Eucalyptus spp.

Author(s): Naisy Silva Soares | Márcio Lopes da Silva | José Luiz Pereira de Rezende | João Eustáquio de Lima | Kaio Henrique Adame de Carvalho
Application of NNARX to Agricultural Economic Variables Forecasting

Author(s): S.B. Imandoust | S.M. Fahimifard

Author(s): Muhammad Kashif | Islam-ud-Din Shehzad | S.M. Bokhari | Niyyar Munir
A Comparative Study on Box-Jenkins and Garch Models in Forecasting Crude Oil Prices

Author(s): Siti Roslindar Yaziz | Maizah Hura Ahmad | Lee Chee Nian | Noryanti Muhammad
Forecasting daily attendances at an emergency department to aid resource planning

Author(s): Sun Yan | Heng Bee | Seow Yian | Seow Eillyne
Time series analysis of the behavior of brazilian natural rubber

Author(s): Luiz Moreira Coelho Junior | José Luiz Pereira de Rezende | Luís Antônio Coimbra Borges | Antônio Donizette de Oliveira
Modelling malaria incidence with environmental dependency in a locality of Sudanese savannah area, Mali

Author(s): Gaudart Jean | Touré Ousmane | Dessay Nadine | Dicko A lassane | Ranque Stéphane | Forest Loic | Demongeot Jacques | Doumbo Ogobara

Author(s): Cesar Augusto Hernández Suarez | Octavio José Salcedo Parra | Luis Fernando Pedraza Martínez
Daily reservoir inflow forecasting combining QPF into ANNs model

Author(s): Jun Zhang | Chun-tian Cheng | Sheng-li Liao | Xin-yu Wu | Jian-jian Shen
Medium-term Client-Perceived Performance Prediction

Author(s): Niko Thio | Shanika Karunasekera
Analyzing temporal variation in the lethality of ETA

Author(s): Sánchez-Cuenca, Ignacio
A comparison between Hybrid Approaches of ANN and ARIMA for Indian Stock Trend Forecasting

Author(s): Nitin Merh | Vinod P. Saxena | Kamal Raj Pardasani
Application of ANFIS to Agricultural Economic Variables Forecasting Case Study: Poultry Retail Price

Author(s): S.M. Fahimifard | M. Salarpour | M. Sabouhi | S. Shirzady
Analysis of a Variable Amplitude Fatigue Loading Based on the Quality Statistical Approach

Author(s): S. Abdullah | M. D. Ibrahim | Z. Mohd Nopiah | A. Zaharim
Comparison of ANFIS, ANN, GARCH and ARIMA Techniques to Exchange Rate Forecasting

Author(s): S.M. Fahimifard | M. Homayounifar | M. Sabouhi | A.R. Moghaddamnia
A Comparison of Univariate Time Series Methods for Forecasting Cocoa Bean Prices

Author(s): K. Assis | A. Amran | Y. Remali | H. Affendy
A plea for self-regulated learning as a process: Modelling, measuring and intervenin

Author(s): Julia Klug | Sabine Ogrin | Sylvana Keller | Alice Ihringer | Bernhard Schmitz
Statistical Software for State Space Methods

Author(s): Jacques J. F. Commandeur | Siem Jan Koopman | Marius Ooms
Time series modeling for syndromic surveillance

Author(s): Reis Ben | Mandl Kenneth
Nelson and Plosser Revisited: Evidence from Fractional ARIMA Models

Author(s): Guglielmo Maria Caporale | Luis A. Gil-Alana
Identification of anaerobic threshold using heart rate response during dynamic exercise

Author(s): Marães V.R.F.S. | Silva E. | Catai A.M. | Novais L.D. | Moura M.A.S. | Oliveira L. | Gallo Jr. L.
ENSO-tuna relations in the eastern Pacific Ocean and its prediction as a non-linear dymanic system

Author(s): J. Suárez-Sánchez | W. Ritter-Ortiz | C. Gay-García | J. Torres-Jácome
Forecasting tourist arrivals to balearic islands using genetic programming

Author(s): Álvarez-Díaz, Marcos | Mateu-Sbert, Josep | Rosselló-Nadal, Jaume
Models for short term malaria prediction in Sri Lanka

Author(s): Briët Olivier | Vounatsou Penelope | Gunawardena Dissanayake | Galappaththy Gawrie | Amerasinghe Priyanie
One-year delayed effect of fog on malaria transmission: a time-series analysis in the rain forest area of Mengla County, south-west China

Author(s): Tian Linwei | Bi Yan | Ho Suzanne | Liu Wenjie | Liang Song | Goggins William | Chan Emily | Zhou Shuisen | Sung Joseph
The Great East Japan Earthquake: a need to plan for post-disaster surveillance in developed countries

Author(s): Yuzo Arima | Tamano Matsui | Jeffrey Partridge | Takeshi Kasai
Demand Forecast of Petroleum Product Consumption in the Chinese Transportation Industry

Author(s): Jian Chai | Shubin Wang | Shouyang Wang | Ju’e Guo
Parametric Linear Stochastic Modelling of Benue River flow Process

Author(s): Otache . | Y. Martins | I. E. Ahaneku | M. A. Sadeeq
Econometric Modeling of GDP Time Series

Author(s): Elena-Adriana ANDREI | Elena BUGUDUI
Forecasting Foreign Direct Investment in Jordan for the Years (2011 -2030)

Author(s): Salah T. Al-rawashdeh | Jaafar H. Nsour | Rafat S. Salameh
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad S. Obaidat | José Luis (Sevi) Sevillano
ARIMA based Interval Type2 Fuzzy Model for Forecasting

Author(s): Saima H. | J. Jaafar | S. Belhaouari | T.A. Jillani
River flow time series using least squares support vector machines

Author(s): R. Samsudin | P. Saad | A. Shabri
SVR with Hybrid Chaotic Immune Algorithm for Seasonal Load Demand Forecasting

Author(s): Wei-Chiang Hong | Yucheng Dong | Chien-Yuan Lai | Li-Yueh Chen | Shih-Yung Wei
Comparative Forecasting Models Accuracy of Short-term Natural Rubber Prices

Author(s): A.A. Khin | Zainalabidin M | Mad. Nasir S.
Forecasting Financial Market Annual Performance Measures: Further Evidence

Author(s): Edward J. Lusk | Michael Halperin | Atanas Tetikov | Niya Stefanova

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