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Absent otoacoustic emissions predict otitis media in young Aboriginal children: A birth cohort study in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children in an arid zone of Western Australia

Author(s): Lehmann Deborah | Weeks Sharon | Jacoby Peter | Elsbury Dimity | Finucane Janine | Stokes Annette | Monck Ruth | Coates Harvey
Emerging pneumococcal carriage serotypes in a high-risk population receiving universal 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine and 23-valent polysaccharide vaccine since 2001

Author(s): Leach Amanda | Morris Peter | McCallum Gabrielle | Wilson Cate | Stubbs Liz | Beissbarth Jemima | Jacups Susan | Hare Kim | Smith-Vaughan Heidi
A case study of physical and social barriers to hygiene and child growth in remote Australian Aboriginal communities

Author(s): McDonald Elizabeth | Bailie Ross | Grace Jocelyn | Brewster David
The study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of a family-centred tobacco control program about environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) to reduce respiratory illness in Indigenous infants

Author(s): Johnston Vanessa | Walker Natalie | Thomas David | Glover Marewa | Chang Anne | Bullen Chris | Morris Peter | Brown Ngiare | Vander Hoorn Stephen | Borland Ron | Segan Catherine | Trenholme Adrian | Mason Toni | Fenton Debra | Ellis Kane
Intergenerational Ethnic Mobility among Canadian Aboriginal Populations in 2001

Author(s): Robitaille, Norbert | Guimond. Éric | Boucher, Alexandre
An Australian Aboriginal birth cohort: a unique resource for a life course study of an Indigenous population. A study protocol

Author(s): Sayers Susan | Mackerras Dorothy | Singh Gurmeet | Bucens Ingrid | Flynn Kathryn | Reid Alison
Development of the Physical Activity Interactive Recall (PAIR) for Aboriginal children

Author(s): Lévesque Lucie | Cargo Margaret | Salsberg Jon
Violence against Canadian Women

Author(s): Cohen Marsha | Maclean Heather
Physical Activity and Obesity in Canadian Women

Author(s): Bryan Shirley | Walsh Peter
The clinical course of acute otitis media in high-risk Australian Aboriginal children: a longitudinal study

Author(s): Gibney Katherine | Morris Peter | Carapetis Jonathan | Skull Susan | Smith-Vaughan Heidi | Stubbs Elizabeth | Leach Amanda
Otitis media in young Aboriginal children from remote communities in Northern and Central Australia: a cross-sectional survey

Author(s): Morris Peter | Leach Amanda | Silberberg Peter | Mellon Gabrielle | Wilson Cate | Hamilton Elizabeth | Beissbarth Jemima
Skin infection, housing and social circumstances in children living in remote Indigenous communities: testing conceptual and methodological approaches

Author(s): Bailie Ross | Stevens Matthew | McDonald Elizabeth | Halpin Stephen | Brewster David | Robinson Gary | Guthridge Steven
Measuring nasal bacterial load and its association with otitis media

Author(s): Smith-Vaughan Heidi | Byun Roy | Nadkarni Mangala | Jacques Nicholas | Hunter Neil | Halpin Stephen | Morris Peter | Leach Amanda
Inequality in provider continuity for children by Australian general practitioners

Author(s): Kljakovic Marjan | Ciszek Karen | Reynolds Graham | Colman Samuel
Impact of Acculturation on Schooling of Innu Children

Author(s): Jimmy Bourque | François Larose

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