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Dealing with Diversity

Author(s): Benjamin Levin | J. Anthony Riffel
Earnings implications of person years lost life expectancy among Canada's aboriginal peoples

Author(s): Beavon, Daniel | Gyimah, Stephen Obeng | White, Jerry P. | Maxim, Paul S.
The study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of a family-centred tobacco control program about environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) to reduce respiratory illness in Indigenous infants

Author(s): Johnston Vanessa | Walker Natalie | Thomas David | Glover Marewa | Chang Anne | Bullen Chris | Morris Peter | Brown Ngiare | Vander Hoorn Stephen | Borland Ron | Segan Catherine | Trenholme Adrian | Mason Toni | Fenton Debra | Ellis Kane
Ethnobotany: A new discipline

Author(s): Grubišić Ivana
Early identification and preventive care for elevated cardiovascular disease risk within a remote Australian Aboriginal primary health care service

Author(s): Burgess Christopher | Bailie Ross | Connors Christine | Chenhall Richard | McDermott Robyn | O'Dea Kerin | Gunabarra Charlie | Matthews Hellen | Esterman Adrian
Why should Aboriginal peoples learn to write?

Author(s): Carles Serra Pagès
Ribeiro's typology, genomes, and Spanish colonialism, as viewed from Gran Canaria and Colombia

Author(s): Bortolini Maria Cátira | Thomas Mark G. | Chikhi Lourdes | Aguilar Juan A. | Castro-De-Guerra Dinorah | Salzano Francisco M. | Ruiz-Linares Andres
Colonialism: When will it End?

Author(s): Rodolfo Pino Robles
HIV Prevalence among Aboriginal British Columbians

Author(s): Hogg Robert | Strathdee Steffanie | Kerr Thomas | Wood Evan | Remis Robert
Perceived community environment and physical activity involvement in a northern-rural Aboriginal community

Author(s): Kirby Allison | Lévesque Lucie | Wabano Virgina | Robertson-Wilson Jennifer
Awakening: 'Spontaneous recovery’ from substance abuse among Aboriginal peoples in Canada

Author(s): Adrien Tempier | Colleen A. Dell | Elder Campbell Papequash | Randy Duncan | Raymond Tempier
Returning to Netukulimk: Mi’kmaq cultural and spiritual connections with resource stewardship and self-governance

Author(s): Kerry Prosper | L. Jane McMillan | Anthony A. Davis | Morgan Moffitt
Challenges to the provision of diabetes care in first nations communities: results from a national survey of healthcare providers in Canada

Author(s): Bhattacharyya Onil | Rasooly Irit | Naqshbandi Mariam | Estey Elizabeth | Esler James | Toth Ellen | Macaulay Ann | Harris Stewart
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