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Prenatal diagnosis--principles of diagnostic procedures and genetic counseling.

Author(s): Agnieszka Stembalska | Ryszard Slezak | Karolina Pesz | Justyna Gil | Maria Sasiadek
Cystathionine β-synthase 844ins68 Genetic Polymorphism in Spontaneous Abortion Susceptibility

Author(s): Radu Anghel POPP | Tania Octavia CRIŞAN | Ioana ROTAR | Marius Florin FARCAŞ | Adrian Pavel TRIFA | Mariela Sanda MILITARU | Ioan Victor POP
ABO Bloods group incompatibility in recurrent abortion

Author(s): Ghasemi.N | Sheikhha.MH | Davar.R | Soleimanian.S
Determination of awareness of health professionals about violence during pregnancy

Author(s): Selma Şen | Nuray Egelioğlu | Oya Kavlak | Ümran Sevil
Late-Term Elective Abortion and Susceptibility to Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms

Author(s): Priscilla K. Coleman | Catherine T. Coyle | Vincent M. Rue
Serum levels of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in non-pregnant women, during pregnancy, labour and abortion

Author(s): S. Vassiliadis | A. Ranella | L. Papadimitriou | A. Makrygiannakis | I. Athanassakis
Elevated Circulating IL-1β and TNF-Alpha, and Unaltered IL-6 in First-Trimester Pregnancies Complicated by Threatened Abortion With an Adverse Outcome

Author(s): Nicolaos Vitoratos | Constantinos Papadias | Emmanuel Economou | Evangelos Makrakis | Constantinos Panoulis | George Creatsas
Comparison of Treatment Outcomes of Infertile Women by Clomiphene Citrate and Letrozole with Gonadotropins Underwent Intrauterine Insemination

Author(s): Shahrzad Zadehmodares | Mahnaz Niyakan | Seyede Afsar Sharafy | Maryam Hosseinnezhad Yazdi | Fatemeh Jahed
The abortion culture issue in Serbia

Author(s): Rašević Mirjana | Sedlecki Katarina
Changes of Protective Enzyme Activities in Male Sterile Line 160S During Fertility Transformation

Author(s): SHEN Liang-yu | LI Rong-chong | WANG Rui-xue | ZOU Yan | ZHANG Tao | GONG Hui-ming
Cytogenetic diseases

Author(s): Khavari Khorassani H
Sirenomelia; A Case Report and Review Article

Author(s): Fatemeh Mahjoub |  Ali-Asghar Aliehpour
The Effect of Ramadan Fasting on Outcome of Pregnancy

Author(s): Vahid Ziaee | Zarintaj Kihanidoost | Masoud Younesian | Mohammad-Bagher Akhavirad | Farzad Bateni | Zahra Kazemianfar | Sedigheh Hantoushzadeh

Author(s): Izharul Hasan | Danish Kamal Chishti | Mahboob Ali
Toxoplasmosis and pregnancy

Author(s): Taghizadeh | Z
Doppler Assessment of Uterine Blood Flow in Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Author(s): Maryam Barzin | Sepideh Peyvandi | Niaz Nabizadeh Nabizadeh

Author(s): "H.Eftekhar Ardbili | p.Kamali | Z.Pouranssari | A.Komarizadeh "

Women’s experiences of unwanted pregnancy

Author(s): Foroughossadat Mortazavi | Maryam Damghanian | Zahra Mottaghi | Mohammad Shariati
Maternal Mortality among Tribal Women at a Tertiary Level of Care in Bastar, Chhattisgarh

Author(s): Prabha Chauhan | V. K. S. Chauhan | Praveen Shrivastava
Research of antibodies anti-brucella ovis in ovine the eight city of recôncavo baiano Detecção de anticorpos anti-"Brucella ovis" em ovinos do Estado da Bahia

Author(s): Nairléia Santos Silva | Iracema Nunes Barros | Maurício Gautério Dasso | Maria das Graças Ávila Ribeiro Almeida | Sônia Silva Laborda | Antonio Vicente Magnavita Anunciação | Eduardo Luiz Trindade Moreira | Alessandra Estrela Silva Lima | Eugenia Márcia de Deus Oliveira
The C677T Variant in the Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase Gene and Idiopathic Spontaneous Abortion in a Romanian Population Group

Author(s): Radu A. POPP | Tania O. CRISAN | Adrian P. TRIFA | Mariela S. MILITARU | Ioana C. ROTAR | Marius F. FARCAS | Ioan V. POP
Serological Epidemiology of Brucellosis in Cattle of Mymensingh Districts of Bangladesh

Author(s): K.M.R. Amin | M.B. Rahman | S.M.L. Kabir | S.K. Sarkar | M.S.I. Akand
Serological Epidemiology of Brucellosis in Cattle of Mymensingh District of Bangladesh

Author(s): K. M. R. Amin | M. B. Rahman | S. K. Sarkar | S. M. L. Kabir | M. S.I. Akand
Application of a New TherApeutic Protocol Against Neospora Caninum-Induced Abortion in Cattle: A Field Study

Author(s): Cuteri, V. | L. Nisoli | S. Preziuso | A. R. Attili | C. Guerra | D. Lulla | G.Traldi
Reproduction and Production Performance of West African Sheep in Sudan

Author(s): H.H. Musa | F.M. El amin | A.H. Suleiman | G.H. Chen
The Haemogram of Dogs with Gastrointestinal Parasites in Zaria, Nigeria

Author(s): A.B.Ogunkoya | N.M. Useh | K.A.N. Esievo
Traditional Fertility Regulation Methods among Remote Ethiopian Communities: The Case of Hamer District

Author(s): Tadesse Alemu Zerfu | Mulumebet Abera | Henok Tadesse | Tizita Tilahun
Women Reproductive Rights in India: Prospective Future

Author(s): Srinivas Kosgi | Vaishali Hegde N | Satheesh Rao | Shrinivasa Bhat Undaru | Nagesh Pai

Author(s): HEMLATA | Suresh Kumar Rathi | QAMAR-UR-NISA | Habibullah | RUBINA SOLANGI
Immunocytochemical and molecular studies with primary cultures of molar tissue Estudio inmunocitoquímico y molecular de cultivo primario de tejido molar

Author(s): Yinth Andrea Bernal | Luis Eduardo Díaz | Jinneth Acosta | Cecilia Crane | Stella Carrasco-Rodríguez | Antonio José Bermúdez | Myriam Sánchez-Gómez
Study of brucellosis in serum of camels in southeast of Iran

Author(s): Ahmad Rafieipour | Nemat Ziaei
Toxicity of Peganum harmala: Review and a Case Report

Author(s): Massoud Mahmoudian | Hossein Jalipour | Pirooz Salehian Dardashti
Nitric oxide levels and endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene polymorphisms in Turkish women with idiopathic recurrent miscarriage

Author(s): Ebru Öztürk | Özcan Balat | Sacide Pehlivan | Mete Gürol Uğur | Yelda Özkan | Tuğçe Sever | Emine Namıduru | Seval Kul
Outcome of assisted reproductive technology in women aged 40 years and older

Author(s): Abbas Aflatoonian | Maryam Eftekhar | Farnaz Mohammadian | Fariba Yousefnejad
Basic biological aspects of Tritrichomonas foetus of re-levance to the treatment of bovines suffering of tricho-moniasis

Author(s): Newton Soares da Silva | Susane Moreira Machado | Fernando Costa e Silva Filho | Cristina Pacheco-Soares
Poor reproductive health among a group of socially damaged Middle Eastern women: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Mohammadi G | Amiraliakbari S | Ramezankhani A | Alavi Majd H
Book Reviews

Author(s): Peter Boomgaard | John Robert Shepherd | Bernice de Jong Boers | Michael Hitchcock | Dwight Y. King | Audrey R. Kahin | Han Knapen | Harold Brookfield | Niels Mulder | E. Paul Durrenberger | Peter Pels | Margaret J. Wiener | Marie-Odette Scalliet | Annabel Teh Gallop | Cornelia M.I. van der Sluys | Marina Roseman | Cornelia M.I. van der Sluys | John D. Leary | H. Steinhauer | Darrell T. Tryon
Thromboprophylaxis implementation during pregnancy in women with recurrent foetal losses and thrombophilia

Author(s): Mitić Gorana | Novakov-Mikić Aleksandra | Považan Ljubica | Mitreski Anita | Kopitović Vesna | Vejnović Tihomir
Screening for cervical cancer and precancerous lesions in Tabriz

Author(s): M Jafari Shobeiri | Halimi | Dastranj | Shahamphar
Toxoplasma gondii infection in humans in China

Author(s): Zhou Peng | Chen Zhaoguo | Li Hai-Long | Zheng Haihong | He Shenyi | Lin Rui-Qing | Zhu Xing-Quan
High Lifetime Pregnancy and Low Contraceptive Usage Among Sex Workers Who Use Drugs- An Unmet Reproductive Health Need

Author(s): Duff Putu | Shoveller Jean | Zhang Ruth | Alexson Debbie | Montaner Julio | Shannon Kate
Cause of death among Ghanaian adolescents in Accra using autopsy data

Author(s): Ohene Sally-Ann | Tettey Yao | Kumoji Robert
Surgical and medical second trimester abortion in South Africa: A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Grossman Daniel | Constant Deborah | Lince Naomi | Alblas Marijke | Blanchard Kelly | Harries Jane
Herd prevalence of bovine brucellosis and analysis of risk factors in cattle in urban and peri-urban areas of the Kampala economic zone, Uganda

Author(s): Makita Kohei | Fèvre Eric | Waiswa Charles | Eisler Mark | Thrusfield Michael | Welburn Susan
Correlates of abortions and condom use among high risk women attending an std clinic in st Petersburg, Russia

Author(s): Abdala Nadia | Zhan Weihai | Shaboltas Alla | Skochilov Roman | Kozlov Andrei | Krasnoselskikh Tatiana
Using a bacterial soluble antigen: A tool to dissolve the problem of Listeriosis

Author(s): Rafiei Tehrani Sh | Saraf Nejad A | Mir Ghani Zadeh SA
A retrospective study of pheochromocytoma

Author(s): Larigani B | Bastanhagh M | Pajoohi M | Sarhaddi N
The assessment of pregnancy outcome after infertility

Author(s): Niroomanesh Sh | Karamat A | Mahmodi M
Study of epidemiology of septic abortion in Mirza Koochak Khan Hospital, 1990-94

Author(s): Niroomanesh Sh | Movahed F | Shakibazadeh E
The effect of abortion on outcome of subsequent pregnancy

Author(s): Abortion | Pregnancy | Spontaneous abortion | Cohort
Couples’ knowledge and attitude about sexuality in pregnancy

Author(s): M. Heydari | A. Kiani Asiabar | S. Faghih zade
A molecular survey of Chlamydia trachomatis infection in married women: a cross sectional study on 991 women

Author(s): Chamani-Tabriz L | Tehrani MJ | Zeraati H | Asgari S | Tarahomi M | Moini M | Ghasemi J
Serum homocysteine level in gestational diabetes: a prospective study

Author(s): Davari Tanha F | Khan Mohamadi F | Shariat M | Kaveh M | Niroomand N
The effect of metformin treatment on ICSI in infertile polycystic ovary syndrome

Author(s): Firoozeh Akbari Asbagh | Mahak Papan | Zahra Khazaeipour
The effect of adding hyoscine to vaginal misoprostol on abortion induction success rate

Author(s): Tehranian A | Beigishah F | Moini A | Arab M | Farzaneh F
Severe Clostridial Pyomyoma following an Abortion Does Not Always Require Surgical Intervention

Author(s): Daphna Stroumsa | Eliel Ben-David | Nurith Hiller | Drorith Hochner-Celnikier

Author(s): GH.Jalali | H.Peyman | A.Majd

Author(s): A.Majd | S.Kohansedgh | H.Malek-Afzali
Prenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Toxoplasmosis: Validity of PCR Using Amniotic Fluid against Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Assay in Mothers

Author(s): M Assmar | F Yassaei | A Terhovanesian | AR Esmaeili | N Hassan | Z Farzanehnezhaad | SR Naddaf

Author(s): Soltan Mohammad Zadeh M. | Keshavarz H. | Mohebali M. | Holakouie Naieni K. |  Arshi SH.
An Experience of Peer Education Model among Medical Science University Students in Iran

Author(s): N Peykari | F Ramezani Tehrani | H Malekafzali | Z Hashemi | Sh Djalalinia
Risk factors for breast cancer in Mazandaran Province, 2004

Author(s): Holakouie Naeini K. | Ardalan A. | Mahmoudi M. | Motevallian A. | Yahyapour Y.
Low birth weight and its relation to unwanted pregnancies; A cohort study

Author(s): M. Hosseini | B Ghavami | H Salimzadeh | H Eftekhar
Prevalence and Risk Factors for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Tehran

Author(s): Ahia Garshasbi | Soghrat Faghihzadeh | Mohammad Mehdi Naghizadeh | Mandana Ghavam
Comparison of Intramuscular and Intravaginal Progesterone for Luteal Phase Support in IVF Cycles: a randomized clinical trial

Author(s): Katayon Berjis | Abotaleb Sarem | Mansoureh Moaya | Nahid Mohamad Alaiha
Comparative genomic hybridization analysis of fetal samples arising from recurrent spontaneous abortion

Author(s): Jila Dastan | Saeed Reza Ghaffari | Tayebeh Sabokbar | Fatemeh Ramezanzadeh
Effects of ketoconazole on ovarian response in patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome: A double blind randomized clinical trial

Author(s): Niloofar Memarpour | Batool Rashidi | Ensiyeh Shahrokh Tehraninejad | Mandana Sadeghi
Comparison of Sonohysterography and Hysterosalpingography with Hysteroscopy in the Diagnosis of Intrauterine Lesions

Author(s): Sh. Qazizadeh | A. Qasemi Nezhad | B. Hassan Rashidi | M. Mansoor Aqsa | F. Sohrabvand | E. Shahrokh Tehraninejad | M. Jafar Abadi | A. Sheyoie | T. Eftekhar | M. Bagheri | M. Masoumi | F. Ramazanzadeh
Sonographic Diagnosis in Patients with Vaginal Bleeding and Pelvic Pain at the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Author(s): Morteza Tahmasebi | Mohammad Moosavi | Mohammad Bastani | Esmaeel Shokrollahi
Chorionic Villus Sampling and Marked Membrane Separation

Author(s): Sh. Akhlaghpoor | A. Aziz Ahari
A study on Stress, Depression and NK Cytotoxic Potential in Women with Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion

Author(s): Alireza alib | Abass Rezaie | Farzad Oreizy | Katayoun Shafiei | Sima Baluchi
Graphic analysis of labor progression

Author(s): Rahimikian F | Moddares M
Correlates of Unwanted Pregnancy among Pregnant Women attending Medical and Health Centers in Semnan, Iran

Author(s): * H (Ph.D) Sanaie Nasab | ** H (MSc.) Rashidi Jahan | *** R (Ph.D) Tavakoli | **** HR (Ph.D) - Tavakoli | ***** F (Ph.D). Amin Shokravi
A Shiite perspective toward abortion

Author(s): Kiarash Aramesh

Author(s): I. Salehi. | M. | Akbarian. | F. Shahram. | F. Gharibdoost. | A. Nadji. | A. Jamshidi andF. Davatchi

Author(s): A. Nadji | F. Shahram | A.R. Jamshidi F. Davatchi
Wstrząs septyczny po poronieniu 21-tygodniowej ciąży – opis przypadku

Author(s): Anna Semczuk-Sikora | Arkadiusz Krzyżanowski | Anna Kwaśniewska

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