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An intercalated BSc degree is associated with higher marks in subsequent medical school examinations

Author(s): Cleland Jennifer | Milne Andrew | Sinclair Hazel | Lee Amanda
eBusiness Maturity and Regional Development

Author(s): Beynon-Davies, P.
Acknowledging Stress in Undergraduate Medical Education and Methods of Overcoming it

Author(s): Ujjwala Jayant kulkarni | M.S. Kate; Y.C. Shetty; Y.A. Deshmukh and V.V. Moghe
Feminization of migrations?

Author(s): Morokvašić Mirjana
Satisfaction Determinants in Business Internships

Author(s): Dr, Kenneth R. Lord, Delia Sumrall, Dr, Rajan Sambandam
Student-Centered Teaching Meets New Media: Concept and Case Study

Author(s): Renate Motschnig-Pitrik | Andreas Holzinger

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