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Benign fibrous histiocytoma of the bladder

Author(s): De Padua Michelle | Subramanium N
Epidemiological characteristics of gastric cancer

Author(s): Šipetić Sandra B. | Tomić-Kundaković Slađana | Vlajinac Hristina D. | Maksimović Nataša | Knežević Anita | Kisić Darija
Audiometric hearing status of individuals with and without multiple sclerosis

Author(s): M. Samantha Lewis, PhD | David J. Lilly, PhD | Michele M. Hutter, MS | Dennis N. Bourdette, MD | Garnett P. McMillan, PhD | Mary A. Fitzpatrick, MPH, ANP | Stephen A. Fausti, PhD
Osteosarcoma of maxilla: a case of missed initial diagnosis

Author(s): Antony George | Varghese Mani | S.Sunil | B.S.Sreenivasan | Devi Gopakumar
Undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma of the liver mimicking acute appendicitis. Case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Sakellaridis Timothy | Panagiotou Ioannis | Georgantas Themistoclis | Micros George | Rontogianni Dimitra | Antiochos Christos
Soft tissue metastasis in basal cell carcinoma

Author(s): Shrivastava Rajeev | Singh K | Shrivastava Minakshi
The Rise and Collapse of Enron: Financial Innovation, Errors and Lessons

Author(s): Elisa S. Moncarz | Raúl Moncarz | Alejandra Cabello | Benjamin Moncarz
Primary neurofibroma of the common bile duct: a case report

Author(s): Dominique Béchade | Thierry Boulanger | Laurent Palazzo | Jean-Pierre Algayres
Complejidad Organizativa y Desarrollo Contable de los Pósitos en España, Siglos XVI-XIX

Author(s): Donato Gómez Díaz | Luis Fernández-Revuelta Pérez
Convergence on the Council Opinions of 2007 in Japan

Author(s): Yanhong Pang | Daojin Shi
Isolated hepatic actinomycosis: a case report

Author(s): Lall Thomas | Shehab Thomas | Valenstein Paul

Author(s): Márcia Josienne Monteiro Chacon | Maurício Corrêa da Silva | Marcleide Maria Macedo Pederneiras | Jorge Expedito de Gusmão Lopes
Clusters Regarding Key Factors Affecting Changes in Accounting, Finance, Administration and Management Control

Author(s): Rodica Gabriela Blidisel | Adina Simona Popa | Raimondo Lo Russo | Maria Moraru
Gastric infiltration of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: Endoscopic diagnosis and improvement of lesions after chemotherapy

Author(s): Sergio Zepeda-Gómez, Jesús Camacho, Edgar Oviedo-Cárdenas, Carmen Lome-Maldonado
Molecular phylogenetics reveal multiple tertiary vicariance origins of the African rain forest trees

Author(s): Couvreur Thomas | Chatrou Lars | Sosef Marc | Richardson James

Author(s): Stark Zornitza | Savarirayan Ravi
A comparative study on accounting heredity: the case of ex soviet countries versus other eastern european countries

Author(s): Ristea Mihai | Artemisa Calu Daniela | Olimid Lavinia | Guse Gina Raluca
Distribution and correlates of plantar hyperkeratotic lesions in older people

Author(s): Spink Martin | Menz Hylton | Lord Stephen
Isoprene emission from wetland sedges

Author(s): A. Ekberg | A. Arneth | H. Hakola | S. Hayward | T. Holst
Leaf isoprene emission in a subarctic wetland sedge community

Author(s): A. Ekberg | A. Arneth | H. Hakola | S. Hayward | T. Holst
Editorial Volume 4 Issue 1

Author(s): Ciorstan J. Smark
An updated 18S rRNA phylogeny of tunicates based on mixture and secondary structure models

Author(s): Tsagkogeorga Georgia | Turon Xavier | Hopcroft Russell | Tilak Marie-Ka | Feldstein Tamar | Shenkar Noa | Loya Yossi | Huchon Dorothée | Douzery Emmanuel | Delsuc Frédéric
Reporting Standards for Statistical Purposes: The Experience of Banco de Portugal

Author(s): Ana Costa e Silva | Margarida Brites Ramos
Comparison of multiple and novel measures of dietary glycemic carbohydrate with insulin resistant status in older women

Author(s): O'Sullivan Therese | Bremner Alexandra | O'Neill Sheila | Lyons-Wall Philippa
HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors in kidney transplant recipients receiving tacrolimus: statins not associated with improved patient or graft survival

Author(s): Younas Nizar | Wu Christine | Shapiro Ron | McCauley Jerry | Johnston James | Tan Henkie | Basu Amit | Schaefer Heidi | Smetanka Cynthia | Winkelmayer Wolfgang | Unruh Mark
Acculturation and self-reported health among Hispanics using a socio-behavioral model: the North Texas Healthy Heart Study

Author(s): Johnson Katandria | Carroll Joan | Fulda Kimberly | Cardarelli Kathryn | Cardarelli Roberto
Gene duplication and the origins of morphological complexity in pancrustacean eyes, a genomic approach

Author(s): Rivera Ajna | Pankey M Sabrina | Plachetzki David | Villacorta Carlos | Syme Anna | Serb Jeanne | Omilian Angela | Oakley Todd
Exploring the HME and HAE1 efflux systems in the genus Burkholderia

Author(s): Perrin Elena | Fondi Marco | Papaleo Maria | Maida Isabel | Buroni Silvia | Pasca Maria | Riccardi Giovanna | Fani Renato
The greenhouse gas balance of European grasslands

Author(s): P. Ciais | J. F. Soussana | N. Vuichard | S. Luyssaert | A. Don | I. A. Janssens | S. L. Piao | R. Dechow | J. Lathière | F. Maignan | M. Wattenbach | P. Smith | C. Ammann | A. Freibauer | E. D. Schulze | the CARBOEUROPE Synthesis Team
Productivity measurement and growth in Nigeria: challenges and prospects

Author(s): Richard INGWE | Chibueze C. IKEJI | Judith E. OTU
The genetics of breast cancer: risk factors for disease

Author(s): Andrew Collins | Ioannis Politopoulos
Prevalence and risk factors accounting for true silent myocardial ischemia: a pilot case-control study comparing type 2 diabetic with non-diabetic control subjects

Author(s): Hernández Cristina | Candell-Riera Jaume | Ciudin Andreea | Francisco Gemma | Aguadé-Bruix Santiago | Simó Rafael
Frequency and spectrum of mitochondrial 12S rRNA variants in 440 Han Chinese hearing impaired pediatric subjects from two otology clinics

Author(s): Shen Zhisen | Zheng Jing | Chen Bobei | Peng Guanghua | Zhang Ting | Gong Shasha | Zhu Yi | Zhang Chuqin | Li Ronghua | Yang Li | Zhou Jianjin | Cai Ting | Jin Lihua | Lu Jianxin | Guan Min-Xin
Prevalence, correlates and pattern of hepatitis B surface antigen in a low resource setting

Author(s): Eke Ahizechukwu | Eke Uzoamaka | Okafor Charles | Ezebialu Ifeanyichukwu | Ogbuagu Chukwuanugo
Difference in the in-hospital mortality of unstable angina pectoris between men and women

Author(s): Passos Luiz Carlos Santana | Lopes Antonio Alberto | Costa Úrsula | Lobo Nelson | Rabelo Jr Alvaro
Prevalence of hypertension in the urban population of Catanduva, in the State of São Paulo, Brazil

Author(s): Freitas Olavo de Carvalho | Carvalho Fabiano Resende de | Neves Juliana Marques | Veludo Paula Karine | Parreira Ricardo Silva | Gonçalves Rodrigo Marafiotti | Lima Simone Arenales de | Bestetti Reinaldo Bulgarelli
Assessing response bias from missing quality of life data: The Heckman method

Author(s): Sales Anne | Plomondon Mary | Magid David | Spertus John | Rumsfeld John
Mortality registration and surveillance in China: History, current situation and challenges

Author(s): Yang Gonghuan | Hu Jianping | Rao Ke | Ma Jeimin | Rao Chalapati | Lopez Alan
Spreadsheets in Education: The First 25 Years

Author(s): Baker, J. | Sugden, S.J.
Evolutionary biology and life histories

Author(s): Brown, C. R. | Thomson, D. L.
Clinico-morphological patterns of breast cancer including family history in a New Delhi hospital, India-A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Saxena Sunita | Rekhi Bharat | Bansal Anju | Bagga Ashok | Chintamani | Murthy Nandagudi
Nursing personnel attitudes towards suicide: the development of a measure scale

Author(s): Botega Neury José | Reginato Diogo Gomes | Silva Sidney Volk da | Cais Carlos Filinto da Silva | Rapeli Claudemir Benedito | Mauro Marisa Lúcia Fabrício | Cecconi Janaína Phillipe | Stefanello Sabrina

Author(s): Elena Dajbog | L.P. Lefter | V. Scripcariu | C. Dragomir
Analysis of transitions at two-fold redundant sites in mammalian genomes. Transition redundant approach-to-equilibrium (TREx) distance metrics

Author(s): Li Tang | Chamberlin Stephen | Caraco M Daniel | Liberles David | Gaucher Eric | Benner Steven
The time course of subsequent hospitalizations and associated costs in survivors of an ischemic stroke in Canada

Author(s): Caro J Jaime | Migliaccio-Walle Kristen | Ishak Khajak | Proskorovsky Irina | O'Brien Judith
A huge posteromedial mediastinal cyst complicated with vertebral dislodgment

Author(s): Kouerinis Ilias | Zografos George | Exarchos Dimitrios | silimingas Nikolaos | Argiriou Michalis | Manoussaridis Jordan | Misiakos Evangelos | Fotiadis Constantine | Bellenis Ion
Generation Scotland: the Scottish Family Health Study; a new resource for researching genes and heritability

Author(s): Smith Blair | Campbell Harry | Blackwood Douglas | Connell John | Connor Mike | Deary Ian | Dominiczak Anna | Fitzpatrick Bridie | Ford Ian | Jackson Cathy | Haddow Gillian | Kerr Shona | Lindsay Robert | McGilchrist Mark | Morton Robin | Murray Graeme | Palmer Colin | Pell Jill | Ralston Stuart | St Clair David | Sullivan Frank | Watt Graham | Wolf Roland | Wright Alan | Porteous David | Morris Andrew
Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes

Author(s): Malek Hossein Ahmadipour | Seyed-Moayed Alavian | Safie Amini | Kayhan Azadmanesh
Models and Rules of Evaluation in International Accounting

Author(s): Niculae Feleaga | Liliana Feleaga
Strong mitochondrial DNA support for a Cretaceous origin of modern avian lineages

Author(s): Brown Joseph | Rest Joshua | García-Moreno Jaime | Sorenson Michael | Mindell David
Conjunctival sac bacterial flora isolated prior to cataract surgery

Author(s): Suto C | Morinaga M | Yagi T | Tsuji C | Toshida H

Author(s): Mehrdad SadrAra | Ashraf Jafari | Ghader Masoomi Khaneghah | Amir Firooznia
Commercial books under Turkhish commercial laws concerning accounting

Author(s): Güvemli, Batuhan | Yildiz, Fehmi

Author(s): Crisan Teodora Viorica | Tiron Tudor Adriana

Author(s): Kovacs Ildiko | Karsai Zoltan-Krisztian | Suveg Orsolya | Joita Nicoleta
Incidental Finding of Cor Triatriatum Sinistrum in a Middle-Aged Man Candidated for Coronary Bypass Grafting (with three-D imaging)

Author(s): Afsoon Fazlinezhad | Farveh Vakilian | Asadollah Mirzaei | Azadeh Fallah Rastegar
Study of Methionine, Vitamin B12, and Folic Acid Status in Coronary Atherosclerotic Male Patients

Author(s): M Djalali | SR A Hoseiny | F Siassi | N Fardad | R Ghiasvand | TR Neyestani
Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Case Report

Author(s): "N. Ebrahimi Daryani | H. Ghanaati | S. Aram | M. Bashashati | A. A. Shadman Yazdi | A.R. Sayyah | B. Haghpanah "
Bilateral Adrenal Metastasis in Bronchogenic Carcinoma: Case Report

Author(s): Nargess Afzali | Abodolreza Malek | Helen Saheb Ghalam
Investigation of Mortality after Corrosive Ingestion: a Prospective Study

Author(s): Yeganeh R | Peyvandi H | Mohajeri M. | Bashtar R | Bashashati M | Ahmadi Mina
Evolutionary history of Otophysi (Teleostei), a major clade of the modern freshwater fishes: Pangaean origin and Mesozoic radiation

Author(s): Nakatani Masanori | Miya Masaki | Mabuchi Kohji | Saitoh Kenji | Nishida Mutsumi

Author(s): Adela DEACONU | Cristina Silvia NISTOR | Crina FILIP
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