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A simple and safe technique for reconstruction of the acromioclavicular joint

Author(s): Rushton Paul | Gray James | Cresswell Tim
Base of coracoid process fracture with acromioclavicular dislocation in a child

Author(s): Jettoo Prithee | de Kiewiet Gavin | England Simon
Painful shoulder

Author(s): Benno Ejnismann | Gustavo Cará Monteiro | Luis Fernando Uyeda
Acromioclavicular joint reconstruction with coracoacromial ligament transfer using the docking technique

Author(s): Millett Peter | Braun Sepp | Gobezie Reuben | Pacheco Iván
Mid-term outcome comparing temporary K-wire fixation versus PDS augmentation of Rockwood grade III acromioclavicular joint separations

Author(s): Leidel Bernd | Braunstein Volker | Pilotto Susann | Mutschler Wolf | Kirchhoff Chlodwig
The relationship between chronic type III acromioclavicular joint dislocation and cervical spine pain

Author(s): Gumina Stefano | Carbone Stefano | Arceri Valerio | Rita Alessandro | Vestri Anna | Postacchini Franco
Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression And Excision Distal Clavicle – A Case Series Using A Novel Portal

Author(s): Templeton-Ward O, van-Hegan I, Sawalliah S, Dodd L, Proctor M.

Author(s): Amir Ali Narvani | Panagiotis Thomas | Burce Lynn
A Comparison of Fixation Methods for Acromioclavicular Joint Separation: A Biomechanical Study

Author(s): Hromadka Michael *, Dahners Laurence **, Weinhold Paul Ph
Interventional microadhesiolysis: A new nonsurgical release technique for adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder

Author(s): Ahn Kang | Lee Young-Jin | Kim Eun-Ha | Yang Seung-Min | Lim Tae-Kyun | Kim Yong-Soo | Jhun Hyung-Joon
Relevance of the distance between sutures in a coracoclavicular reconstruction: From basic science study

Author(s): Gonzalo Labarca T. | Maximilian Fingerhuth C. | Hernán Guzmán M. | Sergio Benavente C. | Alex Vaisman B.
Surgical treatment results of acute acromioclavicular injuries

Author(s): Mahmoud Jabalameli | Mohammad Rahbar | Mehdi Ramezan Shirazi
A prospective study of shoulder pain in primary care: Prevalence of imaged pathology and response to guided diagnostic blocks

Author(s): Cadogan Angela | Laslett Mark | Hing Wayne | McNair Peter | Coates Mark
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