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Author(s): Sermin Cam | F. Serap Erees | Umran Hicsonmez
Photoemission of 4f and 5f systems

Author(s): Elzbieta Guziewicz
Minor actinide fission induced by multi-nucleon transfer reaction in inverse kinematics

Author(s): Derkx X. | Rejmund F. | Caamaño M. | Schmidt K.-H. | Audouin L. | Bacri C.-O. | Barreau G. | Benlliure J. | Casarejos E. | Fernández-Domínguez B. | Gaudefroy L. | Golabek C. | Jurado B. | Lemasson A. | Navin A. | Rejmund M. | Roger T. | Shrivastava A. | Schmitt C. | Taieb J.
Nuclear Data for Reactor Physics: Cross sections and level densities in the actinide region

Author(s): Wilson J.N. | Siem S. | Rose S.J. | Georgen A. | Gunsing F. | Jurado B. | Bernstein L.
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of interaction of Np5+ with goethite α-FeOOH

Author(s): Teterin Yury A. | Kalmykov Stepan N. | Novikov Alexander P. | Sapozhnikov Yury A. | Vukchevich Labud | Teterin Anton YU. | Maslakov Konstantin I. | Utkin Igor O. | Hasanova Ikule B. | Shcherbina Natalia S.
X-Ray photoelectron study of actinide (Th, U, Pu, Am) nitrates

Author(s): Teterin Yury A. | Teterin Anton Yu. | Yakovlev Nikolay G. | Utkin Igor O. | Ivanov Kirill E. | Shustov Leonid D. | Vukčević Labud Đ. | Bek-Uzarov George N.
Neutron-induced capture cross sections via the surrogate reaction method

Author(s): Aïche M. | Boutoux G. | Jurado B. | Barreau G. | Capellan N. | Companis I. | Czajkowski S. | Dassié D. | Haas B. | Mathieu L. | Bail A. | Bauge E. | Daugas J.M. | Faul T. | Gaudefroy L. | Méot V. | Morel P. | Pillet N. | Roig O. | Taieb J. | Théroine C. | Sérot O. | Gunsing F. | Burke J.T. | Derkx X. | Tassan-Got L.
A Cholesterol and Actinide Dependent Shadow Biosphere of Archaea and Viroids

Author(s): Ravikumar Kurup A. | Parameswara Achutha Kurup
Actinide Dependent Shadow Biosphere of Archaea and Viroids and Hemispheric Dominance

Author(s): Ravikumar Kurup A. | Parameswara Achutha Kurup
Actinidic Archaea and Viroids Related Hepato-Gastrointestinal Syndrome

Author(s): Ravikumar Kurup A. | Parameswara Achutha Kurup
Level Densities in the actinide region and indirect n,y cross section measurements using the surrogate method

Author(s): Wilson J.N. | Gunsing F. | Bernstein L. | Bürger A. | Görgen A. | Thompson I.J. | Guttormssen M. | Larsen A-C. | Mansouri P. | Renstrøm T. | Rose S.J. | Siem S. | Wiedeking M. | Wiborg T.
Minimization of actinide waste by multi-recycling of thoriated fuels in the EPR reactor

Author(s): Rose S.J. | Wilson J.N. | Capellan N. | David S. | Guillemin P. | Ivanov E. | Méplan O. | Nuttin A. | Siem S.
Effects of fissioning nuclei distributions on fragment mass distributions for high energy fission

Author(s): Andrade-II E | Menezes J C M | Duarte S B | Garcia F | Rossi P C R | Tavares O A P | Deppman A
Superconductivity, spin and charge order, and quantum criticality in correlated electron materials

Author(s): Maple M. B. | Hamlin J. J. | Zocco D. A. | Janoschek M. | Baumbach R. E. | White B. D. | Fisher I. R. | Chu J.-H.
True ternary fission and quasifission of superheavy nuclear systems

Author(s): Karpov A.V. | Zagrebaev V.I. | Greiner Walter
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