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Comparative Study of the Efficiency of Three Protein-Ligand Docking Programs

Author(s): Abdelouahab Chikhi | Abderrahmane Bensegueni
An Ethnopharmacological Study of Medicinal Plants in New South Wales

Author(s): N. Brouwer | Q. Liu | D. Harrington | J. Kohen | S. Vemulpad | J. Jamie | M. Randall | D. Randall
A Bayesian Network View on Nested Effects Models

Author(s): Cordula Zeller | Holger Fröhlich | Achim Tresch
SitesIdentify: a protein functional site prediction tool

Author(s): Bray Tracey | Chan Pedro | Bougouffa Salim | Greaves Richard | Doig Andrew | Warwicker Jim
Can administrative data identify active diagnoses for long-term care resident assessment?

Author(s): Dan R. Berlowitz, MD, MPH | Elaine C. Hickey, RN, MS | Debra Saliba, MD, MPH
Hydrodebridement of wounds: effectiveness in reducing wound bacterial contamination and potential for air bacterial contamination

Author(s): Bowling Frank | Stickings Daryl | Edwards-Jones Valerie | Armstrong David | Boulton Andrew
Comparisons of SCR and Active-set Methods for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems

Author(s): Qihui Liang | Qingsong Wen | Yue Xiao | Shaoqian Li
Measuring approaches to learning in a problem based learning context

Author(s): Diana H. Dolmans | Ineke H. Wolfhagen | Paul Ginns
Statistical Assessment of Solvent Mixture Models Used for Separation of Biological Active Compounds

Author(s): Sorana D. Bolboacă | Elena M. Pică | Claudia V. Cimpoiu | Lorentz Jäntschi
Estimation of Electron Spectra Transitions of Free-Based Porphin and Mg-Porphin Using Various Quantum Chemical Approaches

Author(s): Josef Šeda | Jaroslav V. Burda | Veronika Brázdová | Vojtěch Kapsa
The incidence of acute encephalitis syndrome in Western industrialised and tropical countries

Author(s): Jmor Fidan | Emsley Hedley | Fischer Marc | Solomon Tom | Lewthwaite Penny
The intellectual structure and substance of the knowledge utilization field: A longitudinal author co-citation analysis, 1945 to 2004

Author(s): Estabrooks Carole | Derksen Linda | Winther Connie | Lavis John | Scott Shannon | Wallin Lars | Profetto-McGrath Joanne
A new method to compute K-mer frequencies and its application to annotate large repetitive plant genomes

Author(s): Kurtz Stefan | Narechania Apurva | Stein Joshua | Ware Doreen
HuMiTar: A sequence-based method for prediction of human microRNA targets

Author(s): Ruan Jishou | Chen Hanzhe | Kurgan Lukasz | Chen Ke | Kang Chunsheng | Pu Peiyu
Molecular diagnosis of Toxoplasma gondii infection in cerebrospinal fluid from AIDS patients

Author(s): Alfonso Yenisey | Fraga Jorge | Fonseca Carlos | Jiménez Narciso | Pinillos Taimy | Dorta-Contreras Alberto | Cox Raymundo | Capó Virginia | Pomier Olga | Bandera Francisco | Ginorio Dora
Genetic relatedness and molecular characterization of multidrug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii isolated in central Ohio, USA

Author(s): Srinivasan Vijaya | Rajamohan Govindan | Pancholi Preeti | Stevenson Kurt | Tadesse Daniel | Patchanee Prapas | Marcon Mario | Gebreyes Wondwossen
Global estimation of burned area using MODIS active fire observations

Author(s): L. Giglio | G. R. van der Werf | J. T. Randerson | G. J. Collatz | P. Kasibhatla
Current Trends in Segmentation of Medical Ultrasound B-mode Images: A Review

Author(s): Shrimali Vibhakar | Anand R | Kumar Vinod
Determining a cost effective intervention response to HIV/AIDS in Peru

Author(s): Aldridge Robert | Iglesias David | Cáceres Carlos | Miranda J Jaime
New tools for detecting latent tuberculosis infection: evaluation of RD1-specific long-term response

Author(s): Butera Ornella | Chiacchio Teresa | Carrara Stefania | Casetti Rita | Vanini Valentina | Meraviglia Serena | Guggino Giuliana | Dieli Francesco | Vecchi Marco | Lauria Francesco | Marruchella Almerico | Laurenti Patrizia | Singh Mahavir | Caccamo Nadia | Girardi Enrico | Goletti Delia
The common FTO variant rs9939609 is not associated with BMI in a longitudinal study on a cohort of Swedish men born 1920-1924

Author(s): Jacobsson Josefin | Risérus Ulf | Axelsson Tomas | Lannfelt Lars | Schiöth Helgi | Fredriksson Robert
Identification of group specific motifs in Beta-lactamase family of proteins

Author(s): Singh Reema | Saxena Akansha | Singh Harpreet
Smoking cessation or reduction with nicotine replacement therapy: a placebo-controlled double blind trial with nicotine gum and inhaler

Author(s): Kralikova Eva | Kozak Jiri | Rasmussen Thomas | Gustavsson Gunnar | Le Houezec Jacques

Author(s): Hafizah Husain | Abdul Wahab Mohammad | Aini Hussain | Salina Abdul Samad | Azah Mohamed | Che Husna Azhari | Norinawati Md. Tahir
Efficacy of Muscle Energy Technique on Hamstring Muscles flexibility

Author(s): Mohd. Waseem | Shibili Nuhmani | C. S. Ram
Computational analysis of binding between malarial dihydrofolate reductases and anti-folates

Author(s): Choowongkomon Kiattawee | Theppabutr Sasikrit | Songtawee Napat | Day Nicholas | White Nicholas | Woodrow Charles | Imwong Mallika
Hypofractionated radiotherapy for lung tumors with online cone beam CT guidance and active breathing control

Author(s): Shen Yali | Zhang Hong | Wang Jin | Zhong Renming | Jiang Xiaoqing | Xu Qinfeng | Wang Xin | Bai Sen | Xu Feng
Documentation of body mass index and control of associated risk factors in a large primary care network

Author(s): Rose Stephanie | Turchin Alexander | Grant Richard | Meigs James
Annotation of gene promoters by integrative data-mining of ChIP-seq Pol-II enrichment data

Author(s): Gupta Ravi | Wikramasinghe Priyankara | Bhattacharyya Anirban | Perez Francisco | Pal Sharmistha | Davuluri Ramana

Author(s): Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Ben M. Chen | Wen Chen | Yongjun Chen
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Qihai Zhou | Qiang Liu
Large impact of the apoplast on somatic embryogenesis in Cyclamen persicum offers possibilities for improved developmental control in vitro

Author(s): Hoenemann Claudia | Richardt Sandra | Krüger Katja | Zimmer Andreas | Hohe Annette | Rensing Stefan
The normal breast microenvironment of premenopausal women differentially influences the behavior of breast cancer cells in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Fleming Jodie | Miller Tyler | Quinones Mariam | Xiao Zhen | Xu Xia | Meyer Matthew | Ginsburg Erika | Veenstra Timothy | Vonderhaar Barbara
Accelerometer-based physical activity in a large observational cohort - study protocol and design of the activity and function of the elderly in Ulm (ActiFE Ulm) study

Author(s): Denkinger Michael | Franke Sebastian | Rapp Kilian | Weinmayr Gudrun | Duran-Tauleria Enric | Nikolaus Thorsten | Peter Richard
The MDS Mortality Risk Index: The evolution of a method for predicting 6-month mortality in nursing home residents

Author(s): Porock Davina | Parker-Oliver Debra | Petroski Gregory | Rantz Marilyn
Impact of methoxyacetic acid on mouse Leydig cell gene expression

Author(s): Bagchi Gargi | Zhang Yijing | Waxman David
Vasorelaxant Properties of Loranthus ferrugineus Roxb. Methanolic Extract

Author(s): O.Z. Ameer | I.M. Salman | M.F. Yam | H.H. Abd Allah | M.H. Abdulla | A.M. Shah | A. Sadikun | M.Z. Asmawi
Uso de métodos quimiométricos e mecânico-quanticos na análise de terpenóides e fenilpropanóides bioativos contra o Aedes aegypti

Author(s): Reginaldo Bezerra dos Santos | Valdemar Lacerda Júnior | Eustáquio Vinicius Ribeiro de Castro | Vinicius de Oliveira Balthar | Sandro José Greco
The impact of highly active antiretroviral therapy on prevalence and incidence of cervical human papillomavirus infections in HIV-positive adolescents

Author(s): Shrestha Sadeep | Sudenga Staci | Smith Jennifer | Bachmann Laura | Wilson Craig | Kempf Mirjam
Predicting success of oligomerized pool engineering (OPEN) for zinc finger target site sequences

Author(s): Sander Jeffry | Reyon Deepak | Maeder Morgan | Foley Jonathan | Thibodeau-Beganny Stacey | Li Xiaohong | Regan Maureen | Dahlborg Elizabeth | Goodwin Mathew | Fu Fengli | Voytas Daniel | Joung J | Dobbs Drena
The Research of Distributed Data Mining Knowledge Discovery Based on Extension Sets

Author(s): Vuda Sreenivasarao | Rallabandi Srinivasu | G.Ramaswamy | Nagamalleswara Rao Dasari | Dr. S Vidyavathi
Weed sustainable managment in agricultral and non-agricultural areas

Author(s): Pierluigi Meriggi | Cesare Sparacino | Giovanni Arcangeli
Discovering Communities in Social Networks Through Mutual Accessibility

Author(s): Dr. M. Mohamed Sathik | A. Abdul Rasheed
Weed sustainable managment in agricultral and non-agricultural areas

Author(s): Pierluigi Meriggi | Cesare Sparacino | Giovanni Arcangeli
Potent bace-1 inhibitor design using pharmacophore modeling, in silico screening and molecular docking studies

Author(s): John Shalini | Thangapandian Sundarapandian | Sakkiah Sugunadevi | Lee Keun
The discovery of potential acetylcholinesterase inhibitors: A combination of pharmacophore modeling, virtual screening, and molecular docking studies

Author(s): Lu Shin-Hua | Wu Josephine | Liu Hsuan-Liang | Zhao Jian-Hua | Liu Kung-Tien | Chuang Chih-Kuang | Lin Hsin-Yi | Tsai Wei-Bor | Ho Yih
Criterion distances and correlates of active transportation to school in Belgian older adolescents

Author(s): Van Dyck Delfien | De Bourdeaudhuij Ilse | Cardon Greet | Deforche Benedicte
The impact of care pathways for exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: rationale and design of a cluster randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Vanhaecht Kris | Sermeus Walter | Peers Jan | Lodewijckx Cathy | Deneckere Svin | Leigheb Fabrizio | Decramer Marc | Panella Massimiliano
Space-time variations of the Umbria-Marche region instrumental seismicity

Author(s): A. Megna | S. Barba | S. Santini | F. Vetrano
Comparative analysis of community discovery methods in social networks

Author(s): M. Mohamed Sathik | K. Senthamarai Kannan | A. Abdul Rasheed
Changes in occupational class differences in leisure-time physical activity: a follow-up study

Author(s): Seiluri Tina | Lahti Jouni | Rahkonen Ossi | Lahelma Eero | Lallukka Tea
Aglycone specificity of Thermotoga neapolitana β-glucosidase 1A modified by mutagenesis, leading to increased catalytic efficiency in quercetin-3-glucoside hydrolysis

Author(s): Khan Samiullah | Pozzo Tania | Megyeri Márton | Lindahl Sofia | Sundin Anders | Turner Charlotta | Karlsson Eva
Soluble ST2: A new and promising activity marker in ulcerative colitis

Author(s): David Díaz-Jiménez | Lucía E Núñez | Caroll J Beltrán | Enzo Candia | Cristóbal Suazo | Manuel Álvarez-Lobos | María-Julieta González | Marcela A Hermoso | Rodrigo Quera
Medical communication and technology: a video-based process study of the use of decision aids in primary care consultations

Author(s): Kaner Eileen | Heaven Ben | Rapley Tim | Murtagh Madeleine | Graham Ruth | Thomson Richard | May Carl
PocketPicker: analysis of ligand binding-sites with shape descriptors

Author(s): Weisel Martin | Proschak Ewgenij | Schneider Gisbert
Selective prediction of interaction sites in protein structures with THEMATICS

Author(s): Wei Ying | Ko Jaeju | Murga Leonel | Ondrechen Mary Jo
3D active workspace of human hand anatomical model

Author(s): Dragulescu Doina | Perdereau Véronique | Drouin Michel | Ungureanu Loredana | Menyhardt Karoly
In vitro activity of ferroquine (SSR 97193) against Plasmodium falciparum isolates from the Thai-Burmese border

Author(s): Barends Marion | Jaidee Anchalee | Khaohirun Nopparat | Singhasivanon Pratap | Nosten François
Improving search filter development: a study of palliative care literature

Author(s): Sladek Ruth | Tieman Jennifer | Currow David
Fragment-based identification of determinants of conformational and spectroscopic change at the ricin active site

Author(s): Carra John | McHugh Colleen | Mulligan Sheila | Machiesky LeeAnn | Soares Alexei | Millard Charles
The results of arthroscopic versus mini-open repair for rotator cuff tears at mid-term follow-up

Author(s): Pearsall Albert | Ibrahim Khalid | Madanagopal Sudhakar
Preservation of protein clefts in comparative models

Author(s): Piedra David | Lois Sergi | de la Cruz Xavier
Microarray data mining using landmark gene-guided clustering

Author(s): Chopra Pankaj | Kang Jaewoo | Yang Jiong | Cho HyungJun | Kim Heenam | Lee Min-Goo
Advancing theories, models and measurement for an interprofessional approach to shared decision making in primary care: a study protocol

Author(s): Légaré France | Stacey Dawn | Graham Ian | Elwyn Glyn | Pluye Pierre | Gagnon Marie-Pierre | Frosch Dominick | Harrison Margaret | Kryworuchko Jennifer | Pouliot Sophie | Desroches Sophie
Perceived characteristics of the environment associated with active travel: development and testing of a new scale

Author(s): Ogilvie David | Mitchell Richard | Mutrie Nanette | Petticrew Mark | Platt Stephen
Embedded Real-Time Architecture for Level-Set-Based Active Contours

Author(s): Eva Dejnožková | Petr Dokládal
Tracking of pedometer-determined physical activity in adults who relocate: results from RESIDE

Author(s): Tudor-Locke Catrine | Giles-Corti Billie | Knuiman Matthew | McCormack Gavin
Alcohol use as a risk factor for tuberculosis – a systematic review

Author(s): Lönnroth Knut | Williams Brian | Stadlin Stephanie | Jaramillo Ernesto | Dye Christopher

Author(s): Rathod Shobhen | Patel N.M | Patel P.M
Learning and Teaching as Communicative Actions: A Mixed-Methods Twitter Study

Author(s): Jenny S. Wakefield | Scott J. Warren | Metta Alsobrook
A Bayesian Network View on Nested Effects Models

Author(s): Zeller Cordula | Fröhlich Holger | Tresch Achim
An automated and simple method for brain MR image extraction

Author(s): Zhang Haiyan | Liu Jiafeng | Zhu Zixin | Li Haiyun
Reproducible LTE uplink performance analysis using precomputed interference signals

Author(s): Pauli Volker | Nisar Muhammad | Seidel Eiko
Embedded Real-Time Architecture for Level-Set-Based Active Contours

Author(s): Dejnožková Eva | Dokládal Petr
Projection to latent pathways (PLP): a constrained projection to latent variables (PLS) method for elementary flux modes discrimination

Author(s): Ferreira Ana | Dias João | Teixeira Ana | Carinhas Nuno | Portela Rui | Isidro Inês | von Stosch Moritz | Oliveira Rui
Two Methods for Recognition of Hand Written Farsi Characters

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Jenabzade, Reza Azmi, Boshra Pishgoo & Samanesadat Shirazi
A Global Survey of Sexual Behaviours

Author(s): Kevan Wylie
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Bin Wang | Deyun Yang | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
Task shifting and integration of HIV care into primary care in South Africa: The development and content of the streamlining tasks and roles to expand treatment and care for HIV (STRETCH) intervention

Author(s): Uebel Kerry | Fairall Lara | van Rensburg Dingie | Mollentze Willie | Bachmann Max | Lewin Simon | Zwarenstein Merrick | Colvin Christopher | Georgeu Daniella | Mayers Pat | Faris Gill | Lombard Carl | Bateman Eric
In vitro and in vivo assessment of the anti-malarial activity of Caesalpinia pluviosa

Author(s): Kayano Ana Carolina | Lopes Stefanie | Bueno Fernanda | Cabral Elaine | Souza-Neiras Wanessa | Yamauchi Lucy | Foglio Mary | Eberlin Marcos | Mello João | Costa Fabio
Method for Assigning Priority Levels in Acute Care (MAPLe-AC) predicts outcomes of acute hospital care of older persons - a cross-national validation

Author(s): Noro Anja | Poss Jeffrey | Hirdes John | Finne-Soveri Harriet | Ljunggren Gunnar | Björnsson Jan | Schroll Marianne | Jonsson Palmi
The initial pharmaceutical development of an artesunate/amodiaquine oral formulation for the treatment of malaria: a public-private partnership

Author(s): Lacaze Catherine | Kauss Tina | Kiechel Jean-René | Caminiti Antonella | Fawaz Fawaz | Terrassin Laurent | Cuart Sylvie | Grislain Luc | Navaratnam Visweswaran | Ghezzoul Bellabes | Gaudin Karen | White Nick | Olliaro Piero | Millet Pascal
Untapped ethical resources for neurodegeneration research

Author(s): Robillard Julie | Federico Carole | Tairyan Kate | Ivinson Adrian | Illes Judy
The risk factor profile of women with secondary infertility: an unmatched case-control study in Kigali, Rwanda

Author(s): Dhont Nathalie | Luchters Stanley | Muvunyi Claude | Vyankandondera Joseph | De Naeyer Ludwig | Temmerman Marleen | van de Wijgert Janneke
Contour-Based Image Segmentation Using Selective Visual Attention

Author(s): Engin Mendi | Mariofanna Milanova

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