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Comparative Assessment of the Effect of Synthetic and Natural Fungicides on Soil Respiration

Author(s): Angelo Stefani | Joanna D’Arc Felício | Mara M. de Andréa
IMB2026791, a Xanthone, Stimulates Cholesterol Efflux by Increasing the Binding of Apolipoprotein A-I to ATP-Binding Cassette Transporter A1

Author(s): Jikai Liu | Zhongbing Zhang | Yanni Xu | Tingting Feng | Wei Jiang | Zhuorong Li | Bin Hong | Zijian Xie | Shuyi Si
Fucoxantin: A Treasure from the Sea

Author(s): Nicolantonio D’Orazio | Eugenio Gemello | Maria Alessandra Gammone | Massimo de Girolamo | Cristiana Ficoneri | Graziano Riccioni
Partial Truth and Visual Evidence

Author(s): Otávio Bueno
Global CO2 Recycling Through Methanation Reaction Using Neodymium Doped Nickel Oxide Catalyst

The Catalytic Properties of HTAB-Alkanol-Hydrocarbon-Water Microemulsion System for Esterification

Author(s): Siti Zarina bt Ahmad Puat , Mariam Taib ,Hamdan Suhaimi
Anti-Bacterial Activity of Three Species of Sea Urchin Extracts from Pulau Bidong, Terengganu

Author(s): Shamsuddin, A. A. Lukman Hakim, M. D.Kumari, G. M., and Noraznawati, I.
Rebamipide suppresses diclofenac-induced intestinal permeability via mitochondrial protection in mice

Author(s): Lei Diao | Qiao Mei | Jian-Ming Xu | Xiao-Chang Liu | Jing Hu | Juan Jin | Qiang Yao | Mo-Li Chen
The study of antibacterial activity and stability of dyed cotton fabrics modified with different forms of silver

Author(s): Lazić Vesna | Šaponjić Zoran | Vodnik Vesna | Dimitrijević Suzana | Jovančić Petar | Nedeljković Jovan | Radetić Maja
Oxidative stress in rat liver during acute cadmium and ethanol intoxication

Author(s): Radosavljević Tatjana | Mladenović Dušan | Ninković Milica | Vučević Danijela | Boričić Ivan | Ješić-Vukićević Rada | Šljivančanin Tamara | Lopičić Srđan | Todorović Vera
On the kinetics of the hydrogen evolution reaction on Ni-MoOx composite catalysts in alkaline solutions

Author(s): Jović Borka M. | Lačnjevac Uroš Č. | Jović Vladimir D. | Gajić-Krstajić Ljiljana M. | Krstajić Nedeljko V.
Fractionation of complex mixtures of naphthenic acids, their characterization and biological activity

Author(s): Grbović Ljubica | Pavlović Ksenija | Prekodravac Bojana | Kuhajda Ksenija | Kevrešan Slavko | Popsavin Mirjana | Milić Jelena | Ćirin-Novta Vera
Phytopharmacology of Antiophidian Botanicals: A Review

Author(s): Abhijit Dey | Jitendra Nath De
Effect of Acute and Chronic Treatment of Common Spices in Swiss Albino Mice: A Safety Assessment Study

Author(s): Saleh Alqasoumi | Tajdar Husain Khan | Mohammed Al-Yahya | Ibrahim Al-Mofleh | Syed Rafatullah
Analgesic Activity and Safety Assessment of Heliotropium indicum Linn. (Boraginaceae) in Rodents

Author(s): A. Boye | G.A. Koffuor | P. Amoateng | E.O. Ameyaw | A.K. Abaitey
Immunomodulatory Effect of Withania somnifera, Asparagus racemosus and Picrorhiza kurroa Roots

Author(s): Nasir Ali Siddiqui | Shobhna Singh | M. Mairaj Siddiquei | Tajdar Husain Khan
The Effect of Lacidipine on Indomethacin Induced Ulcers in Rats

Author(s): Bahadir Suleyman | Zekai Halici | Fehmi Odabasoglu | Fatma Gocer
Evaluation of Antioxidant, Antinociceptive Activities of Oxalis corniculata in Diabetic Neuropathy Rats

Author(s): V. Sampath Kumar | V. Venumadhav | K. Jagadeeshwar | B. Bhaskar | Mangala Lahkar
Distribution of coliform bacteria in waste water

Author(s): Dau Lal Bohra | Vikas Modasiya | Chandan Kumar Bahura
Muscle fat content and abdominal adipose tissue distribution investigated by magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging in obese children and youths

Author(s): Cilius E. Fonvig | Dorthe S. Bille | Elizaveta Chabanova | Tenna R. H. Nielsen | Henrik S. Thomsen | Jens-Christian Holm
Morphological studies on the seasonal changes in the epididymal duct of the one-humped camel (camelus dromedarius)

Author(s): Ahmed El-Zuhry Zayed | Khaled Hamdy Aly | Ismael Abdel-Aziz Ibrahim | Fatma Mohammed Abd El-maksoud
Short term effect of treating claw horn lesions in dairy cattle on their locomotion, activity and milk yield

Author(s): Jane A. Montgomery | Katie Forgan | Catherine Hayhurst | Elizabeth Rees | Jennifer S. Duncan | Jacques Gossellein | Charles Harding | Richard D. Murray
The sociocritical perspective of mathematical modeling and the critical meaningful learning: possible approaches

Author(s): Cíntia da Silva | Lilian Akemi Kato | Iramaia Jorge Cabral de Paulo
Sarcocrassocolides M–O, Bioactive Cembranoids from the Dongsha Atoll Soft Coral Sarcophyton crassocaule

Author(s): Wan-Yu Lin | Yi Lu | Bo-Wei Chen | Chiung-Yao Huang | Jui-Hsin Su | Zhi-Hong Wen | Chang-Feng Dai | Yao-Haur Kuo | Jyh-Horng Sheu
Applications of Circular Dichroism for Structural Analysis of Gelatin and Antimicrobial Peptides

Author(s): Ramamourthy Gopal | Jin Soon Park | Chang Ho Seo | Yoonkyung Park
Tannins, Peptic Ulcers and Related Mechanisms

Author(s): Neyres Zinia Taveira de Jesus | Heloina de Souza Falcão | Isis Fernandes Gomes | Thiago Jose de Almeida Leite | Gedson Rodrigues de Morais Lima | Jose Maria Barbosa-Filho | Josean Fechine Tavares | Marcelo Sobral da Silva | Petrônio Filgueiras de Athayde-Filho | Leonia Maria Batista
Update of Spectroscopic Data for 4-Hydroxydictyolactone and Dictyol E Isolated from a Halimeda stuposa — Dictyota sp. Assemblage

Author(s): Simon P. B. Ovenden | Jonathan L. Nielson | Catherine H. Liptrot | Richard H. Willis | Dianne M. Tapiolas | Anthony D. Wright | Cherie A. Motti
The Coronavirus E Protein: Assembly and Beyond

Author(s): Travis R. Ruch | Carolyn E. Machamer
Relationships between respiratory and airway resistances and activity-related dyspnea in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Mahut B | Caumont-Prim A | Plantier L | Gillet-Juvin K | Callens E | Sanchez O | Chevalier-Bidaud B | Bokov P | Delclaux C
Cell responses to two kinds of nanohydroxyapatite with different sizes and crystallinities

Author(s): Liu XC | Zhao MZ | Lu JX | Ma J | Wei J | Wei SC
Voice activity detection Algorithm for Speech Recognition Applications

Author(s): Nitin N Lokhande | Dr.Navnath S Nehe | Pratap S Vikhe
An Improved Approach for Signature and Anomaly based Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Author(s): Shivarkar Sandip A. | Muzumdar Ajit A. | Dange Bapusaheb J.

Author(s): Mariana VLAD | Ioana COLBU | Alexandra Narcisa CIOBAN

Author(s): Dumitrita FLOREA (IONESCU | Parascheva NISIOI
A theory of energy cost and speed of climbing

Author(s): Paolo Tosi | Leonardo Ricci | Alessandro Rosponi | Federico Schena
Acute toxicity of the methanolic extracts of Terminalia brownii bark in rats

Author(s): Thoria, O. O, | Galal, M. A, | Ashour, N. A, | Hussain, A. M. | Samia H. Abdelrahman
Recovery and Concentration of Antioxidants from Winery Wastes

Author(s): María Luisa Soto | Enma Conde | Noelia González-López | María Jesús Conde | Andrés Moure | Jorge Sineiro | Elena Falqué | Herminia Domínguez | María José Núñez | Juan Carlos Parajó
Effect of Electrospun Non-Woven Mats of Dibutyryl Chitin/Poly(Lactic Acid) Blends on Wound Healing in Hairless Mice

Author(s): Seon Il Jang | Ji Ye Mok | In Hwa Jeon | Kwang-Hyun Park | Thuy Thi Thu Nguyen | Jun Seo Park | Hee Min Hwang | Mi-Sun Song | Duckhee Lee | Kyu Yun Chai
Evaluation of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Plants for Anti-MRSA Activity with Reference to the Treatment Record of Infectious Diseases

Author(s): Guo-Ying Zuo | Xin-Juan Zhang | Cui-Xian Yang | Jun Han | Gen-Chun Wang | Zhong-Qi Bian
Toxicity of Asistolochia brcteolata methanolic and chloroformic extracts in rats

Author(s): Samia H. Abdelrahman, | Khojali S.M.Elbashir, | Tarig H.A.Bilal | Thoria O.Onsa
Physical Activity in Medellín: a Challenge for Health Promotion

Author(s): Elkin Martínez L | Juan Fernando Saldarriaga | Frank Éuler Sepúlveda
Biological risk factors in informal recyclers of Medellin city, 2005

Author(s): Viviana L. Ballesteros | Yicenia Cuadros Urrego | Silvana Botero Botero | Yolanda López Arango
Recurrence Plots of Heart Rate Signals during Meditation

Author(s): Ateke Goshvarpour | Atefeh Goshvarpour
In vitro fertility assessment of Kundhi buffalo bull semen

Author(s): Hamzo Khan Kunbhar, | T.A. Raho | M.U. Samo
Logic and Intensionality

Author(s): Guido Imaguire
Anticonvulsant activity of Artemisia nilagirica leaves

Author(s): A. Vijayalakshmi*, V. Ravichandiran, KV. Durga Prasad, A. Kiran Kumar, K. Rakesh, K. Ramesh Naidu and K. Shravya vardhan
Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Roots of Eclipta prostrata Linn. (Asteraceae)

Author(s): Ambika Sharma *, Arun Mittal , Sushma Aggarwal , Anil K Gupta , Satish Sardana .
Modulatory effect of Curcumin in Pentylenetetrazol induced Kindling in rats

Author(s): Vandana Sharmaa, Bimla Nehrub, Debasish Hotac, Sanjeev Sharmad, Anjana Munshia,e*
Antioxidant Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Aerial parts of Piper trioicum Roxb.

Author(s): Aparna Lakshmi I*1, Gobinath M1, Madhusudan T 1, Praveen kumar D 1, Suresh kumar Reddy A 1, Saraswathi L 1, Geetha C 1, Chandana I 1
In vitro anti-inflammatory activity of Mangrove associated fungi

Author(s): Elsa Lycias Joel* and B.Valentin Bhimba
Synthesis and evaluation of analgesic & antibacterial activities of 1-Benzoyl 4-aryl-6-hydroxy-2-oxo-3, 4-dihydroquinazolin-2(H)-ones

Author(s): B.Vijayakumar*1, D.Priya1, D.Jothieswari 1, M.Loganathan2, N.Saravana Kumar3 & E.Mohanambal1
Antianxiety effect of stem, leaf and tissue culture extracts of Ocimum sanctum Linn.

Author(s): Balbir Singha*, Vandna Kalsib, Anupam Sharmac and M. P. S. Ishara
In-vitro comparative study of anthelmintic activity of Brassica juncea and Brassica oleracea

Author(s): Bhaduri Lavanya *, Ramya Krishna P. S., S. Nagarjuna, Y. Padmanabha Reddy.
Stimulus Controlled Drug Delivery via Ultrasound Drug Delivery

Author(s): Dinesh Mali*, Yadunath Joshi, Vaibhav Borole and Vilasrao Kadam
Piper betle L.: A review on its ethnobotany, phytochemistry, pharmacological profile and profiling by new hyphenated technique DART-MS (Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry).

Author(s): Kushagra Nagori*, Mukesh Kumar Singh, Amit Alexander, Tekeshwar Kumar, Dhansay Dewangan, Hemant Badwaik, D.K. Tripathi
Portulaca oleracea L. A Review

Author(s): Mubashir H. Masoodi1*, Bahar Ahmad2, Showkat R. Mir3, Bilal A. Zargar1, Nahida Tabasum1.
Anticonvulsant activity of a Mimusops elengi in experimental animals.

Author(s): Gayatri Ganu *1, Aniket Garud1, Vicky Agarwal1, Sandeep Talele1, Suresh Jadhav2, Ajay Kshirsagar1.
In vitro anti oxidant activity of leaves extracts of Clerodendrum innerme (L.) GAERTN.

Author(s): Hamid Y. Sayyed 2*, Mukesh R.Patel1, Javesh. K. Patil2, Hemant. P. Suryawanshi2 and Rajesh. A. Ahirrao2
Antimicrobial Activity and Molecular Docking Studies of Some Novel Tetrazolo Diazepine Derivatives

Author(s): Helen P. Kavitha1*, Samiappan Sathish kumar1 and Ramachandran Balajee2
Screening of lovastatin producing fungi by yeast growth inhibition assay method

Author(s): R.Himakiran Babu1, A.Rupa1, S.Radha2, NBL.Prasad3. G.Narasimha4*
Acute toxicity and Diuretic studies of leaves of Cassia occidentalis Linn.

Author(s): Mittal Arun *, Aggarwal Sushma, Gupta Anil Kumar, Sardana Satish.
Phytochemical analysis and Antimicrobial activities of different plant parts of Vitex negundo L.

Author(s): Sujogya Kumar Panda1*, Laxmipriya Padhi2, Gargee Mohanty1, Gunanidhi Sahoo2, Sushil Kumar Dutta2
A study on the antioxidant activity of catalase in Curcuma aromatica of Zingiberaceae

Author(s): Yogamaya Dhal1*, Reena Parida 1, Rajani K Sahoo2 and Bandita Deo1
In vitro anthelmintic activity of aerial parts of Argemone mexicana Linn.

Author(s): Jaliwala Y.A.1*, Panda P.K.2,Chourasia Neha1, Bhatt Neeraj Kumar1, Pandit Amit3, Mohanty P.K1.,
Synthesis and Psychopharmacological activities of some Succinimide Mannich bases

Author(s): Vijaya Selvakumar1*, Selvakumar Duraipandi 2, Santani Devdas3
Anxiolytic activity of Glycosmis cochinchinensis root in mice

Author(s): V. Sravanthi1, S. Prashanth 1*, A. Anil Kumar2, V. Ramakrishna1, P. Govardhan1, J. Vidya Sagar1
Antioxidant activity and estimation of total phenolic content of Gyrocarpus asiaticus by colorimetry

Author(s): T.Vithya1, Dr.V.kavimani2, B.Rajkapoor1, K.B.Premakumari, 1 K.Alhasjajiju3
Biochemical Characterization of Microbial keratinases from Actinomycetes for Chick Feather Wastes Degradation

Author(s): T. Jayalakshmi 1, P. Krishnamoorthy 1, G. Ramesh kumar 2, P. Sivamani 3
Interaction of fluoroquinolones with commonly used NSAIDs and CNS depressants

Author(s): Suneel. I. Majagi*1, L. S. Chauhan2, P. A. Patil1.
In vitro antioxidant activity of hydroalcoholic extract of Cyamopsis tetragonolobus

Author(s): Sujeet Singh* , Bhagirath Pohriyal, Yadunath M. Joshi, V. J. Kadam.
Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of aqueous extracts of Nepeta cataria.

Author(s): Suhaib A. Bandh 1*, Azra N. Kamili1, Bashir A. Ganai2, Bashir A. Lone3, Samira Saleem1
Anti diabetic Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Achyranthes aspera Leaves in Streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

Author(s): Sanjeeva Kumar A 1*, Gnananath K 1, Saibaba Gande 2, Rajasekhar Goud E 2, Rajesh P 3, Nagarjuna S 4
Tribes of Surguja and Korea region in Chattisgarh

Author(s): Neeles shrivastava* and A. Sinha Shrma
Pharmacological Activities of Dodonaea viscosa: A Perspective Review

Author(s): Devi Rajeswari. V*, Gajalakshmi. S, Jayanthi. P, Vijayalakshmi. S
Multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs): An overview

Author(s): Harshit R. Shah*, Pravir Kumar*,# Rashmi K. Ambasta *, $
Emerging trend in biotechmological product

Author(s): Vipul P. Patel*1, Tushar R. Desai2,, Arjun S Dedakiya 3, Hemant M. Bandhiya3, Chetan R. Matholiya3, Riddhi M. Katira 3, Bindi G. Chavda 3
Efficacy of methanolic extract of Terminalia brownii bark and leaves in treating experimentally infected rabbits

Author(s): O. O. Thoria, | M. A. Galal, | N. A. Ashour, | M. A. Hussain | H. A. Samia
Influence of Spray-Dryer Operating Variables on the Quality of Vernonanthura ferruginea (Less.) H. Rob. Extracts With Antiulcer Potential

Author(s): Ezequiane Machado Silva Oliveira1, Renê Oliveira Couto1, Mariana Viana Pinto1, José Luís Rodrigues Martins2,
Antitubercular evaluation of some newer 3-Arylidene-5-(substituted phenyl)-2(3H)-furanones

Author(s): Asif Husaina*, M. M. Alama, M. S. Yara, Aftab Ahmadb
Standardization of Neorise Granules

Author(s): Dhruv Mandali1*, Saurabh Parmar2, Tejas Patel1, Deshbandhu Joshi2, Dr. K N Patel3
Cytotoxic activity of seed extracts of Polyalthia longifolia

Author(s): Dinesh Murugan1*, Vijaya Nagini Dasari 2, Saritha Valsalam1, Hansrajh Chandrasekharam1, Raja Sidambaram3
An efficient green synthesis of some novel hetero chalcones as potent antimicrobial agents

Author(s): Gajanan G. Mandawada, Santosh S. Chobe a, Omprakash S. Yemul, Bhaskar S. Dawanea,*
In vitro antioxidant activity of Bauhinia variegata Linn. leaves

Author(s): A.Saraswathy 1,*Gayathri Gunalan1, and Vijayalakshmi Krishnamurthy2
Evaluation of the Efficiency of Economic and Medical Activities in Romanian Hospitals

Author(s): Petrică SUŞCĂ | Andrei ACHIMAȘ | Mihaela IANCU | Andrada URDA-CÎMPEAN | Tudor C. DRUGAN
Evaluation of Andrographis paniculata leaves extract for analgesic activity

Author(s): G. Shivaprakash1, H.N. Gopalakrishna*1, Deepti Sandeep Padbidri 1, Shruthi Sadanand1, Sahu Sudhanshu Sekhar1, R.Shetty Nivedita1.
Bis-Schiff Bases of Isatins: A New Class of Antioxidant

Author(s): Khalid Mohammed Khan, a Momin Khan,a Nida Ambreen,a Fazal Rahim,a Bakhtiar Muhammad,c Sajjad Ali,a Syed Moazzam Haider,a Shahnaz Perveenb and M. Iqbal Choudharya

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