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The High Impact of Low Tech in Social Work

Author(s): Torben Elgaard Jensen
Diásporas y transiciones en la Teoría del Actor-Red Diasporas and transitions in Actor-Network Theory

Author(s): Blanca Callén | Miquel Domènech | Daniel López | Israel Rodríguez Giralt | Tomás Sánchez-Criado | Francisco Javier Tirado Serrano
Critical Management Studies: Some Reflections

Author(s): Christine McLean | Rafael Alcadipani
La teoría del actor-red y la tesis de la tecnociencia

Author(s): Echeverría, Javier | González, Marta I.
Afect and being afected: body and cognition among people with visual disabilities

Author(s): Marcia Moraes | Carolina Cardoso-Manso | Ana Claudia Lima-Monteiro
Mobile Devices as ‘Boundary Objects’ on Field Trips

Author(s): Nicola Louise Beddall-Hill | Jonathan Raper
Doing Good with Technologies

Author(s): Robert Arnăutu
Translating Fashion into Danish

Author(s): Marie Riegels Melchior | Lise Skov | Fabian Faurholt Csaba
Fallible humans in resuscitation

Author(s): Stephen Timmons
Material agency in the laboratory and the clinic

Author(s): Olivia Harvey | Kathryn Ehrich

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