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Adaptive Control of Alumina Reduction Cells with Point Feeders

Author(s): John D. Perkins | J.M. Howell | M.P.F. Wong
Nonlinear chaotic model for predicting storm surges

Author(s): M. Siek | D. P. Solomatine
Business Cycle Dynamics

Author(s): Sebastian Wende
Adaptive Automatic Gauge Control of a Cold Strip Rolling Process

Author(s): ROMAN, N. | CEANGA, E. | BIVOL, I. | CARAMAN, S.
Adaptive Fuzzy Control Design

Author(s): Martin Kratmüller
Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Control of Chaos in the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Author(s): Jinpeng Yu | Junwei Gao | Yumei Ma | Haisheng Yu | Songfeng Pan
Intelligent Controller Design for a Chemical Process

Author(s): Mr. Glan Devadhas G | Dr.Pushpakumar S.
Scale-adaptive surface modeling of vascular structures

Author(s): Wu Jianhuang | Wei Mingqiang | Li Yonghong | Ma Xin | Jia Fucang | Hu Qingmao
Adaptive control of ROVs with actuator dynamics and saturation

Author(s): Ola-Erik Fjellstad | Thor I. Fossen | Olav Egeland
Model-Free Uncalibrated Visual Servoing Using Recursive Least Squares

Author(s): Miao Hao | Peter Deuflhard | Zengqi Sun | Masakazu Fujii
Network Governance of the Commons

Author(s): Lars Gunnar Carlsson | Annica Charlotte Sandström
Characterization of an inflammatory response

Author(s): Ireneusz Całkosiński | Maciej Dobrzyński | Monika Całkosińska | Ewa Seweryn | Agnieszka Bronowicka-Szydełko | Katarzyna Dzierzba | Ireneusz Ceremuga | Andrzej Gamian
Adaptive Channel Estimation Techniques for MIMO OFDM Systems

Author(s): Md. Masud Rana | Md. Kamal Hosain
A Cross-layer QoS Mapping Framework for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Sarma Nityananda | Nandi Sukumar
Age-dependent resistance to Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus replication in swine

Author(s): Klinge Kelly | Vaughn Eric | Roof Michael | Bautista Elida | Murtaugh Michael

Author(s): Charles L. Mader | Michael L. Gittings
Optimizing Adaptive Control Allocation With Actuator Dynamics

Author(s): Johannes Tjønnås | Tor A. Johansen
Adaptive controller design for feedrate maximization of machining process

Author(s): F. Cus | U. Zuperl | E. Kiker | M. MIlfelner
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianzhou Chen
Adaptive Hierarchical Tenzor Product Finite Elements for Fluid Dynamics

Author(s): S.-A. H. Schneider | Christoph Zenger
Use of microarray technology to assess the time course of liver stress response after confinement exposure in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata L.)

Author(s): Calduch-Giner Josep | Davey Grace | Saera-Vila Alfonso | Houeix Benoit | Talbot Anita | Prunet Patrick | Cairns Michael | Pérez-Sánchez Jaume
Exploring the evolutionary dynamics of plasmids: the Acinetobacter pan-plasmidome

Author(s): Fondi Marco | Bacci Giovanni | Brilli Matteo | Papaleo Maria | Mengoni Alessio | Vaneechoutte Mario | Dijkshoorn Lenie | Fani Renato
Video Quality Prediction Models Based on Video Content Dynamics for H.264 Video over UMTS Networks

Author(s): Asiya Khan | Lingfen Sun | Emmanuel Ifeachor | Jose-Oscar Fajardo | Fidel Liberal | Harilaos Koumaras
Mobile element scanning (ME-Scan) by targeted high-throughput sequencing

Author(s): Witherspoon David | Xing Jinchuan | Zhang Yuhua | Watkins W Scott | Batzer Mark | Jorde Lynn
An Intelligent Driver Assistance System (I-DAS) for Vehicle Safety Modelling using Ontology Approach

Author(s): Saravanan Kannan | Arunkumar Thangavelu | RameshBabu Kalivaradhan
A New Lyapunov-Based Design Scheme for Adaptive Friction Compensation

Author(s): A. Yazdizadeh | S.M. Noorbakhsh | R. Barzamini
A Modelling Framework for Assessing Adaptive Management Options of Finnish Agrifood Systems to Climate Change

Author(s): Heikki Sakari Lehtonen | Reimund Paul Rötter | Taru Irmeli Palosuo | Tapio Juhani Salo | Janne Antero Helin | Yulia Pavlova | Helena Maria Kahiluoto
A nonlinear neural fir filter with an adaptive activation function

Author(s): Lee Su Goh | Božić Milorad | Mandić Danilo P.
Innovation, Competition and Growth: Evolving Complexiting or Complex Evolution

Author(s): J. Stanley Metcalfe | Maria da Graça Derengowski Fonseca | Ronald Ramlogan
Mutational dynamics of murine angiogenin duplicates

Author(s): Codoñer Francisco | Alfonso-Loeches Silvia | Fares Mario
Inferring nonneutral evolution from contrasting patterns of polymorphisms and divergences in different protein coding regions of enterovirus 71 circulating in Taiwan during 1998-2003

Author(s): Wang Hurng-Yi | Tsao Kuo-Chien | Hsieh Chia-Hung | Huang Li-Min | Lin Tzou-Yien | Chen Guang-Wu | Shih Shin-Ru | Chang Luan-Yin

Molecular dynamics modelling of nanocarbon cluster properties under conditions close to HE detonation

Author(s): Derbenev I.V. | Chizhkova N.E. | Sapozhnikov F.A. | Dremov V.V.
From the complex system leadership perspective: DNA leadership

Author(s): Hasan Basri Gündüz | Şenol Beşoluk | İsmail Önder
Modified Euler integration based control of a five-phase induction motor drive

Author(s): M. Rizwan Khan | Atif Iqbal | SK. Moin Ahmed | Saifullah Payami

Author(s): PN Kumar, | Ashutosh Jha | Gautham TK, | Jitesh Mohan | Rama Subramanian AJ | VP Mohandas
Exceptional lability of a genomic complex in rice and its close relatives revealed by interspecific and intraspecific comparison and population analysis

Author(s): Tian Zhixi | Yu Yanjun | Lin Feng | Yu Yeisoo | SanMiguel Phillip | Wing Rod | McCouch Susan | Ma Jianxin | Jackson Scott
Age structure and disturbance legacy of North American forests

Author(s): Y. Pan | J. M. Chen | R. Birdsey | K. McCullough | L. He | F. Deng

Author(s): M. Bru00FCggen | M. Ruszkowski | A. Simionescu | M. Hoeft
Control of Dynamics Systems Based on Q-learning

Author(s): Anna Filasova | Juraj Klacik | Jan Kasprisin
Spatio-temporal impact of climate change on the groundwater system

Author(s): J. Dams | E. Salvadore | T. Van Daele | V. Ntegeka | P. Willems | O. Batelaan
Design of Adaptive pH Controller Using ANFIS

Author(s): S R Navghare | Dr. G L Bodhe | Shruti
Innovation, Competition and Growth: Evolving Complexiting or Complex Evolution

Author(s): J. Stanley Metcalfe | Maria da Graça Derengowski Fonseca | Ronald Ramlogan
Control of Dynamics Systems Based on Q-learning

Author(s): Anna Filasova | Juraj Klacik | Jan Kasprisin
Building Climate Resilience in the Blue Nile/Abay Highlands: A Framework for Action

Author(s): Belay Simane | Benjamin F. Zaitchik | Desalegn Mesfin
Adaptive Dynamics of Regulatory Networks: Size Matters

Author(s): Repsilber Dirk | Martinetz Thomas | Björklund Mats
Evolution of response dynamics underlying bacterial chemotaxis

Author(s): Soyer Orkun | Goldstein Richard
Dynamic Agent Classification and Tracking Using an Ad Hoc Mobile Acoustic Sensor Network

Author(s): Friedlander David | Griffin Christopher | Jacobson Noah | Phoha Shashi | Brooks Richard R
Profile-Matching Techniques for On-Demand Software Management in Sensor Networks

Author(s): Dressler Falko | Fuchs Gerhard | Truchat Sebastien | Yao Zheng | Lu Zengyu | Marquardt Holger
A Robust Orthogonal Adaptive Approach to SISO Deconvolution

Author(s): Doñate PD | Muravchik C | Cousseau JE
Analysis of Carbon Sequestration Pattern in Tropical Fruit Trees

Author(s): G. Arulselvi | V. Ramalingam | S. Palanivel
Forecasting of the tourist streams subject to seasonal fluctuations

Author(s): Inna F. Kurbyko | Alexey S. Levizov
Qualitative phase space reconstruction analysis of supply-chain inventor time series

Author(s): Chenxi Shao | Lizhong Wang | Lipeng Xiao | Jinliang Wu

Author(s): A. Mikhaylev | A. Guda | A. Derevyanko
Lesser Scaup Population Dynamics: What Can Be Learned from Available Data?

Author(s): David N. Koons | Jay J. Rotella | David W. Willey | Mark Taper | Robert G. Clark | Stuart Slattery | Rodney W. Brook | Robin M. Corcoran | James R. Lovvorn
Linking Canadian Harvested Juvenile American Black Ducks to Their Natal Areas Using Stable Isotope (δD, δ13C, and δ15N) Methods

Author(s): Paul Ashley | Keith A. Hobson | Steven L. Van Wilgenburg | Norm North | Scott A. Petrie
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Dan Zhang | Bale Reddy
Variability of nitrogen content in the needles of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii Mir/Franco) provenances

Author(s): Lavadinović Vera | Isajev Vasilije | Miletić Zoran | Krstić Milun
Strength and tempo of selection revealed in viral gene genealogies

Author(s): Bedford Trevor | Cobey Sarah | Pascual Mercedes
Monitoring of lake water quality along with trophic gradient using landsat data

Author(s): N. Karakaya | F. Evrendilek | G. Aslan | K. Gungor | D. Karakas
Bivariate EMD-Based Data Adaptive Approach to the Analysis of Climate Variability

Author(s): Md. Khademul Islam Molla | Poly Rani Ghosh | Keikichi Hirose
Mitigating amphibian disease: strategies to maintain wild populations and control chytridiomycosis

Author(s): Woodhams Douglas | Bosch Jaime | Briggs Cheryl | Cashins Scott | Davis Leyla | Lauer Antje | Muths Erin | Puschendorf Robert | Schmidt Benedikt | Sheafor Brandon | Voyles Jamie
Genome-wide dynamics of a bacterial response to antibiotics that target the cell envelope

Author(s): Hesketh Andy | Hill Chris | Mokhtar Jehan | Novotna Gabriela | Tran Ngat | Bibb Mervyn | Hong Hee-Jeon
Molecular evolution of rbcL in three gymnosperm families: identifying adaptive and coevolutionary patterns

Author(s): Sen Lin | Fares Mario | Liang Bo | Gao Lei | Wang Bo | Wang Ting | Su Ying-Juan
Some Models of Reproducing Graphs: I Pure Reproduction

Author(s): Richard Southwell | Chris Cannings
Empirical Modeling and Simulation of Temporal Based Adaptive Mobility Model for MANET

Author(s): Gurusamy Prema | Chandrabose Aravindan | Kirthivasan Kannan | Rathinam Maheswaran

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