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Development of Viral Vectors for Use in Cardiovascular Gene Therapy

Author(s): Paul D. Williams | Parisa Ranjzad | Salik J. Kakar | Paul A. Kingston
Gene Transfer and Functional Expression in Mammalian Cells of the Medicinal Leech Anti-coagulant Hirudin Using Adeno-Associated Virus Vectors

Author(s): Stewart A. Fabb | Mohamed Alaa A. Omran | Alistair McVean | Jeffrey J. Rade | Clayton B. Deming | George Dickson
In utero recombinant adeno-associated virus gene transfer in mice, rats, and primates

Author(s): Garrett Deiadra | Larson Janet | Dunn Daisy | Marrero Luis | Cohen J Craig
Application of a haematopoetic progenitor cell-targeted adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector established by selection of an AAV random peptide library on a leukaemia cell line

Author(s): Stiefelhagen Marius | Sellner Leopold | Kleinschmidt Jürgen | Jauch Anna | Laufs Stephanie | Wenz Frederik | Zeller W Jens | Fruehauf Stefan | Veldwijk Marlon
Anti-metastatic effects of viral and non-viral mediated Nk4 delivery to tumours

Author(s): Buhles Alexandra | Collins Sara | van Pijkeren Jan | Rajendran Simon | Miles Michelle | O'Sullivan Gerald | O'Hanlon Deirdre | Tangney Mark
Transduction of rat pancreatic islets with pseudotyped adeno-associated virus vectors

Author(s): Craig Anthony | Gavrilova Oksana | Dwyer Nancy | Jou William | Pack Stephanie | Liu Eric | Pechhold Klaus | Schmidt Michael | McAlister Victor | Chiorini John | Blanchette-Mackie E Joan | Harlan David | Owens Roland
Recombinant adeno-associated virus serotype 6 (rAAV2/6)-mediated gene transfer to nociceptive neurons through different routes of delivery

Author(s): Towne Chris | Pertin Marie | Beggah Ahmed | Aebischer Patrick | Decosterd Isabelle
Viral Hybrid Vectors for Somatic Integration - Are They the Better Solution?

Author(s): Nadine Müther | Nadja Noske | Anja Ehrhardt
Anti-viral state segregates two molecular phenotypes of pancreatic adenocarcinoma: potential relevance for adenoviral gene therapy

Author(s): Monsurrò Vladia | Beghelli Stefania | Wang Richard | Barbi Stefano | Coin Silvia | Di Pasquale Giovanni | Bersani Samantha | Castellucci Monica | Sorio Claudio | Eleuteri Stefano | Worschech Andrea | Chiorini Jay | Pederzoli Paolo | Alter Harvey | Marincola Francesco | Scarpa Aldo
Differential adeno-associated virus mediated gene transfer to sensory neurons following intrathecal delivery by direct lumbar puncture

Author(s): Vulchanova Lucy | Schuster Daniel | Belur Lalitha | Riedl Maureen | Podetz-Pedersen Kelly | Kitto Kelley | Wilcox George | McIvor R Scott | Fairbanks Carolyn
An adeno-associated viral vector transduces the rat hypothalamus and amygdala more efficient than a lentiviral vector

Author(s): de Backer Marijke | Fitzsimons Carlos | Brans Maike | Luijendijk Mieneke | Garner Keith | Vreugdenhil Erno | Adan Roger
Novel Cytotoxic Vectors Based on Adeno-Associated Virus

Author(s): Johannes Kohlschütter | Stefan Michelfelder | Martin Trepel
Viral vectors for cystic fibrosis gene therapy: What does the future hold?

Author(s): Uta Griesenbach | Makoto Inoue | Mamoru Hasegawa | et al
An update on targeted gene repair in mammalian cells: methods and mechanisms

Author(s): Jensen Nanna | Dalsgaard Trine | Jakobsen Maria | Nielsen Roni | Sørensen Charlotte | Bolund Lars | Jensen Thomas
Ex-vivo evaluation of gene therapy vectors in human pancreatic (cancer) tissue slices

Author(s): Michael A van Geer, Koert FD Kuhlmann, Conny T Bakker, Fibo JW ten Kate, Ronald PJ Oude Elferink, Piter J Bosma
In vitro evaluation of a double-stranded self-complementary adeno-associated virus type2 vector in bone marrow stromal cells for bone healing

Author(s): Alaee Farhang | Sugiyama Osamu | Virk Mandeep | Tang Ying | Wang Bing | Lieberman Jay
Somatic gene therapy for hypertension

Author(s): Phillips M.I.
Efficient delivery of Cre-recombinase to neurons in vivo and stable transduction of neurons using adeno-associated and lentiviral vectors

Author(s): Ahmed Bushra | Chakravarthy Sridhara | Eggers Ruben | Hermens Wim | Zhang Jing | Niclou Simone | Levelt Christiaan | Sablitzky Fred | Anderson Patrick | Lieberman AR | Verhaagen Joost
Intrathecal long-term gene expression by self-complementary adeno-associated virus type 1 suitable for chronic pain studies in rats

Author(s): Storek Benjamin | Harder Nina | Banck Michaela | Wang Cheng | McCarty Douglas | Janssen William | Morrison John | Walsh Christopher | Beutler Andreas
Novel rat Alzheimer's disease models based on AAV-mediated gene transfer to selectively increase hippocampal Aβ levels

Author(s): Lawlor Patricia | Bland Ross | Das Pritam | Price Robert | Holloway Vallie | Smithson Lisa | Dicker Bridget | During Matthew | Young Deborah | Golde Todd
Rapid, widespread transduction of the murine myocardium using self-complementary Adeno-associated virus

Author(s): Andino Lourdes | Conlon Thomas | Porvasnik Stacy | Boye Sanford | Hauswirth William | Lewin Alfred
Performance of AAV8 vectors expressing human factor IX from a hepatic-selective promoter following intravenous injection into rats

Author(s): Graham Tracey | McIntosh Jenny | Work Lorraine | Nathwani Amit | Baker Andrew
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