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Anti-Viral Drugs for Human Adenoviruses

Author(s): Mary Miu Yee Waye | Chor Wing Sing
Adenoviral Producer Cells

Author(s): Imre Kovesdi | Susan J. Hedley
Electrophoretypes Characterization of Human Rotavirus in Two Pediatric Services, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Author(s): I.J.O. Bonkoungou | N. Barro | I. Sanou | L. Toe | M.S. Sanfo | R. Ouedraogo-Traore | A.S. Traore
An Update on Canine Adenovirus Type 2 and Its Vectors

Author(s): Thierry Bru | Sara Salinas | Eric J. Kremer
An outbreak of epidemic keratoconjunctivitis at an outpatient ophthalmology clinic

Author(s): Timothy J Doyle | Diane King | Judith Cobb | Darlene Miller | Barbara Johnson
Isolation, identification and molecular characterization of Inclusion body hepatitis virus

Author(s): Amit Gaba | Hitesh Parmar | J.K.Pal and K.S.Prajapati1
HNF-4α determines hepatic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow

Author(s): Mong-Liang Chen, Kuan-Der Lee, Huei-Chun Huang, Yue-Lin Tsai, Yi-Chieh Wu, Tzer-Min Kuo, Cheng-Po Hu, Chungming Chang
Inhibition of KIT RNAi mediated with adenovirus in gastrointestinal stromal tumor xenograft

Author(s): Tian-Bao Wang, Wen-Sheng Huang, Wei-Hao Lin, Han-Ping Shi, Wen-Guang Dong
Adenoviral gene therapy in gastric cancer: A review

Author(s): Nima Khalighinejad, Hesammodin Hariri, Omid Behnamfar, Arash Yousefi, Amir Momeni
Antitumor bioactivity of adenovirus-mediated p27mt in colorectal cancer cell line SW480

Author(s): Ze-Qun Sun, Chang-Sheng Deng, Shao-Yong Xu, Yong Du
Seroprevalence of bovine viral respiratory diseases

Author(s): Okur-Gumusova Semra | Yazici Z. | Albayrak H. | Cakiroglu D.
A novel adenovirus of Western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla)

Author(s): Wevers Diana | Leendertz Fabian | Scuda Nelly | Boesch Christophe | Robbins Martha | Head Josephine | Ludwig Carsten | Kühn Joachim | Ehlers Bernhard
Oncolytic adenovirus SG600-IL24 selectively kills hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines

Author(s): Xin-Bo Xue, Chao-Wen Xiao, Hui Zhang, Ai-Guo Lu, Wei Gao, Zhu-Qing Zhou, Xin-Lai Guo, Ming-An Zhong, Yao Yang, Cong-Jun Wang
Prevalence of Microorganisms in Patients Presented with Gastroenteritis to the Emergency Department

Author(s): Hakan OĞUZTÜRK | Şevki Hakan EREN | İlhan KORKMAZ | Fatma Mutlu KUKUL GÜVEN
Diagnostic Value of Histological and Microbiological Screening in Etiopathogenesis of Recurrent and Hypertrophic Tonsillitis

Author(s): Sergejs Isajevs | Aija Zilevica | Jurijs Markovs | Uldis Viesturs | Gundega Knipshe
Analysis of adenovirus trans-complementation-mediated gene expression controlled by melanoma-specific TETP promoter in vitro

Author(s): Fontecedro Alessandra | Lutschg Verena | Eichhoff Ossia | Dummer Reinhard | Greber Urs | Hemmi Silvio
Molecular identification of adenovirus causing respiratory tract infection in pediatric patients at the University of Malaya Medical Center

Author(s): Abd-Jamil Juraina | Teoh Boon-Teong | Hassan Eddy | Roslan Nuruliza | AbuBakar Sazaly
Adenovirus F protein as a delivery vehicle for botulinum B

Author(s): Clapp Beata | Golden Sarah | Maddaloni Massimo | Staats Herman | Pascual David
Increasing the Efficacy of Oncolytic Adenovirus Vectors

Author(s): Karoly Toth | William S. M. Wold
Adenovirus Induced Hydropericardium-hepatitis Syndrome in Broiler Parent Chickens in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Author(s): P.K. Biswas | B.K. Sil | R. Faruque | S. Ahmed | D. Biswas | S. Chowdhury
Prevalence of Rotavirus, Adenovirus and Enteric Parasites Among Pediatric Patients Attending Saint Camille Medical Centre in Ouagadougou

Author(s): Ouermi Djeneba | Karou Damintoti | Ilboudo Denise | Nadembega W. Marie Christelle | Pietra Virgilio | Belem Adrien | Simpore Jacques | Kabre Gustave | Pignatelli Salvatore | Sawadogo Laya
Aetiology of Acute Gastro-Enteritis in Children at Saint Camille Medical Centre, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Author(s): J. Simpore | D. Ouermi | D. Ilboudo | A. Kabre | B. Zeba | V. Pietra | S. Pignatelli | J.B. Nikiema | G.B. Kabre | S. Caligaris | F. Schumacher | F. Castelli
Effects of Interferon-γ Gene Therapy in the Murine Central Nervous System and Concentrations in Cerebrospinal Fluid after Intrathecal or Intracerebral Administration

Author(s): Karl V. Clemons | Perparim Kamberi | Tom M. Chiller | Raymond A. Sobel | Elmer Brummer | Jay Kolls | David A. Stevens
Incidence of Hydro Pericardium Syndrom Disease in Broilers of Hyderabad, Sindh

Author(s): Zaibun-Nisa Memon | G.S. Gachal | M. Yusuf | M. Akbar Arian
Tropism-Modification Strategies for Targeted Gene Delivery Using Adenoviral Vectors

Author(s): Lynda Coughlan | Raul Alba | Alan L. Parker | Angela C. Bradshaw | Iain A. McNeish | Stuart A. Nicklin | Andrew H. Baker
Chemokine gene expression in lung CD8 T cells correlates with protective immunity in mice immunized intra-nasally with Adenovirus-85A

Author(s): Lee Lian | Baban Dilair | Ronan Edward | Ragoussis Jiannis | Beverley Peter | Tchilian Elma
Coinfection with EBV/CMV and other respiratory agents in children with suspected infectious mononucleosis

Author(s): Wang Xia | Yang Kun | Wei Cong | Huang Yuan | Zhao Dongchi
Clinical significance of adenoviral infections

Author(s): Brkić Snežana V. | Vukobratov Zita | Preveden Tomislav A. | Jovanović Jovana R. | Vukadinov Jovan S. | Kovačević Nadica
Papular-purpuric gloves and socks syndrome: A case report

Author(s): Gajinov Zorica | Prćić Šonja | Matić Milan | Đuran Verica | Ivkov-Simić Milana
Viral form of hemophagocytic syndrome with erythrodermal clinical picture: Case report

Author(s): Gajinov Zorica | Vučković Nada | Đuran Verica | Matić Milan | Ivkov-Simić Milana | Rajić Nebojša
Serological evaluation of viral infections in bovine respiratory tract

Author(s): Yavru S. | Simsek A. | Yapkic O. | Kale M.
NF-κB targeting by way of IKK inhibition sensitizes lung cancer cells to adenovirus delivery of TRAIL

Author(s): Aydin Cigdem | Sanlioglu Ahter | Bisgin Atil | Yoldas Burcak | Dertsiz Levent | Karacay Bahri | Griffith Thomas | Sanlioglu Salih
Characterization of human adenovirus 35 and derivation of complex vectors

Author(s): McVey Duncan | Zuber Mohammed | EttyReddy Damodar | Reiter Christopher | Brough Douglas | Nabel Gary | King C Richter | Gall Jason
Heme oxygenase-1 prevents non-alcoholic steatohepatitis through suppressing hepatocyte apoptosis in mice

Author(s): Nan YueMin | Wang RongQi | Zhao SuXian | Han Fang | Wu Wen | Kong LingBo | Fu Na | Kong Li | Yu Jun
Treatment combining RU486 and Ad5IL-12 vector attenuates the growth of experimentally formed prostate tumors and induces changes in the sentinel lymph nodes of mice

Author(s): Gabaglia Claudia | DeLaney Alexandra | Gee Jennifer | Halder Ramesh | Graham Frank | Gauldie Jack | Sercarz Eli | Braciak Todd
Frequency of adenovirus gastroenteritis during childhood

Author(s): Suat Biçer | Gülhan Tunca Şahin | Berkun Koncay | Hakan Gemici | Nuri Engerek | Önder Ulucaklı | Nagihan Özlü | Rengin Şiraneci
Acute infectious winter diarrheas of the children in Elazig Region

Author(s): Kaan Demirören | Saadet Demirören | Mehmet Cudi Ekingen
Viral vectors for cystic fibrosis gene therapy: What does the future hold?

Author(s): Uta Griesenbach | Makoto Inoue | Mamoru Hasegawa | et al
Pyk2 controls filamentous actin formation in human glomerular mesangial cells via modulation of profilin expression

Author(s): Victoriya A Rufanova | Anna Alexanian | Tetsuro Wakatsuki | Andrey Sorokin
Induction of heme oxygenase-1 protects against nutritional fibrosing steatohepatitis in mice

Author(s): Wang Rong | Nan Yue | Wu Wen | Kong Ling | Han Fang | Zhao Su | Kong Li | Yu Jun
Double suicide genes selectively kill human umbilical vein endothelial cells

Author(s): Jia Weiguo | Mei Longyong | Wang Yanping | Liu Lunxu | Che Guowei
Twelve years' detection of respiratory viruses by immunofluorescence in hospitalised children: impact of the introduction of a new respiratory picornavirus assay

Author(s): Sadeghi Christine | Aebi Christoph | Gorgievski-Hrisoho Meri | Mühlemann Kathrin | Barbani Maria
Adenovirus-mediated sphingomyelin synthase 2 increases atherosclerotic lesions in ApoE KO mice

Author(s): Wang Xiaogang | Dong Jibin | Zhao Yarui | Li Yue | Wu Manping
The role of HIF-1 in up-regulating MICA expression on human renal proximal tubular epithelial cells during hypoxia/reoxygenation

Author(s): Luo Lei | Lu Jun | Wei Liang | Long Dan | Guo Jia | Shan Juan | Li Fu | Lu Ping | Li Ping | Feng Li
The Dynactin Complex Enhances the Speed of Microtubule-Dependent Motions of Adenovirus Both Towards and Away from the Nucleus

Author(s): Martin F. Engelke | Christoph J. Burckhardt | Matthias K. Morf | Urs F. Greber
Aberrant gene methylation in the peritoneal fluid is a risk factor predicting peritoneal recurrence in gastric cancer

Author(s): Masatsugu Hiraki, Yoshihiko Kitajima, Seiji Sato, Jun Nakamura, Kazuyoshi Hashiguchi, Hirokazu Noshiro, Kohji Miyazaki
Effects of angiopoietin-1 on attachment and metastasis of human gastric cancer cell line BGC-823

Author(s): Xi-Long Ou, Hui-Juan Chen, Wei-Hao Sun, Cheng Hang, Liu Yang, Yun-Yan Guan, Fang Yan, Bao-An Chen
Ex-vivo evaluation of gene therapy vectors in human pancreatic (cancer) tissue slices

Author(s): Michael A van Geer, Koert FD Kuhlmann, Conny T Bakker, Fibo JW ten Kate, Ronald PJ Oude Elferink, Piter J Bosma
Ephrin A2 receptor targeting does not increase adenoviral pancreatic cancer transduction in vivo

Author(s): Michael A van Geer, Conny T Bakker, Naoya Koizumi, Hiroyuki Mizuguchi, John G Wesseling, Ronald PJ Oude Elferink, Piter J Bosma
Effect of p27mt gene on apoptosis of the colorectal cancer cell line Lovo

Author(s): Jun Chen, Wu-Hua Ding, Shao-Yong Xu, Jia-Ning Wang, Yong-Zhang Huang, Chang-Sheng Deng
Telomerase-specific oncolytic virotherapy for human hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Yue-Min Li, San-Tai Song, Ze-Fei Jiang, Qi Zhang, Chang-Qing Su, Guo-Qing Liao, Yi-Mei Qu, Guo-Qing Xie, Ming-Ying Li, Fei-Jiao Ge, Qi-Jun Qian
Visceral leishmaniasis and infectious hepatitis in bush dog from captivity in Brazil - Report of case/ Leishmaniose visceral e hepatite infecciosa em cachorro-vinagre mantido em cativeiro no Brasil - Relato de Caso

Author(s): Arleana Bom Parto Ferreira de Almeida | Daphine Ariadne Jesus de Paula | Edson Moleta Colodel | Valéria Dutra | Luciano Nakazato | Valéria Régia Franco Sousa
Angiopoietin-1 targeted RNA interference suppresses angiogenesis and tumor growth of esophageal cancer

Author(s): Xiao-Hong Liu, Chen-Guang Bai, Yang Yuan, De-Jun Gong, Sheng-Dong Huang
Evaluation of the results of acute viral gastroenteritis data in Refik Saydam National Public Health Agency, Virology Reference and Research Laboratory in 2009

Author(s): Nurhan ALBAYRAK | Dilek YAĞCI-ÇAĞLAYIK | Ayşe Başak ALTAŞ | Gülay KORUKLUOĞLU | Mustafa ERTEK
Viral diseases of northern ungulates

Author(s): K. Frölich
Effect of mutant p27 gene on human cholangiocarcinoma cell line, QBC

Author(s): Jian Luo, Yong-Jun Chen, Wei-Yu Wang, Sheng-Quan Zou
Soluble vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-3 suppresses lymphangiogenesis and lymphatic metastasis in bladder cancer

Author(s): Yang Hanseul | Kim Chan | Kim Min-Ju | Schwendener Reto | Alitalo Kari | Heston Warren | Kim Injune | Kim Wun-Jae | Koh Gou
In vitro evaluation of antiviral and virucidal activity of a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid

Author(s): Cermelli Claudio | Cuoghi Alessandro | Scuri Monica | Bettua Clotilde | Neglia Rachele | Ardizzoni Andrea | Blasi Elisabetta | Iannitti Tommaso | Palmieri Beniamino
Isolation of a novel monkey adenovirus reveals a new phylogenetic clade in the evolutionary history of simian adenoviruses

Author(s): Maluquer de Motes Carlos | Hundesa Ayalkibet | Almeida Francisca | Bofill-Mas Silvia | Girones Rosina
Complete genome analysis of a novel E3-partial-deleted human adenovirus type 7 strain isolated in Southern China

Author(s): Su Xiaobo | Tian Xingui | Zhang Qiwei | Li Haitao | Li Xiao | Sheng Huiying | Wang Youshao | Wu Houbo | Zhou Rong
p53 gene therapy in combination with transcatheter arterial chemoembolization for HCC: One-year follow-up

Author(s): Yong-Song Guan | Yuan Liu | Qing He | Xiao Li | Lin Yang | Ying Hu | Zi La
Environmental Surveillance. An Additional/Alternative Approach for Virological Surveillance in Greece?

Author(s): Petros Kokkinos | Panos Ziros | Danai Meri | Sevasti Filippidou | Stella Kolla | Alexis Galanis | Apostolos Vantarakis
Transcription Factor Sp1 Is Involved in Expressional Regulation of Coxsackie and Adenovirus Receptor in Cancer Cells

Author(s): Sun-Ku Chung | Joo-Young Kim | Joong-Yeon Lim | Young Mi Park | Ha-Young Hwang | Jae-Hwan Nam | Sang Ick Park
Perfluorochemical Liquid-Adenovirus Suspensions Enhance Gene Delivery to the Distal Lung

Author(s): Jeffrey A. Kazzaz | Marlene S. Strayer | Jichuan Wu | Daniel J. Malone | Hshi-chi Koo | Thomas H. Shaffer | Jonathan M. Davis | David S. Strayer | Marla R. Wolfson
Prevalence of Rotavirus, Adenovirus, and Astrovirus Infections among Patients with Acute Gastroenteritis in, Northern Iran

Author(s): R Hamkar | Y Yahyapour | M Noroozi | K Nourijelyani | S Jalilvand | L Adibi | S Vaziri | AA Poor-Babaei | A Pakfetrat | A Pakfetrat | R Savad-Koohi
Invaginación intestinal en pacientes pediátricos en el Estado Carabobo

Author(s): María Tomat | Belén Salinas | Mercedes R. de Materan | Rosabel González | Irene Perez-Schael

Improvement of tendon repair using muscle grafts transduced with TGF-β1 cDNA

Author(s): M Majewski | RM Porter | OB Betz | VM Betz | H Clahsen | R Flückiger | CH Evans
Activity of Ingavirin (6-[2-(1H-Imidazol-4-yl)ethylamino]-5-oxo-hexanoic Acid) Against Human Respiratory Viruses in in Vivo Experiments

Author(s): Vladimir V. Zarubaev | Angelica V. Garshinina | Nelly A. Kalinina | Anna A. Shtro | Svetlana V. Belyaevskaya | Alexander V. Slita | Vladimir E. Nebolsin | Oleg I. Kiselev
A fiber-modified adenoviral vector interacts with immunoevasion molecules of the B7 family at the surface of murine leukemia cells derived from dormant tumors

Author(s): Grellier Elodie | Lécolle Katia | Rogée Sophie | Couturier Cyril | D'Halluin Jean-Claude | Hong Saw-See | Fender Pascal | Boulanger Pierre | Quesnel Bruno | Colin Morvane
Human platelets express CAR with localization at the sites of intercellular interaction

Author(s): Gupalo Elena | Buriachkovskaia Liudmila | Othman Maha
Improved vaccine protection against retrovirus infection after co-administration of adenoviral vectors encoding viral antigens and type I interferon subtypes

Author(s): Bayer Wibke | Lietz Ruth | Ontikatze Teona | Johrden Lena | Tenbusch Matthias | Nabi Ghulam | Schimmer Simone | Groitl Peter | Wolf Hans | Berry Cassandra | Überla Klaus | Dittmer Ulf | Wildner Oliver
Bacterial glucuronidase as general marker for oncolytic virotherapy or other biological therapies

Author(s): Hess Michael | Stritzker Jochen | Härtl Barbara | Sturm Julia | Gentschev Ivaylo | Szalay Aladar
Seroprevalence of 13 common pathogens in a rapidly growing U.S. minority population: Mexican Americans from San Antonio, TX

Author(s): Rubicz Rohina | Leach Charles | Kraig Ellen | Dhurandhar Nikhil | Grubbs Barry | Blangero John | Yolken Robert | Göring Harald
Mesenchymal stem cells as carriers and amplifiers in CRAd delivery to tumors

Author(s): Xia Xi | Ji Teng | Chen Pingbo | Li Xiao | Fang Yong | Gao Qinglei | Liao Shujie | You Lanying | Xu Hongbin | Ma Quanfu | Wu Peng | Hu Wencheng | Wu Mingfu | Cao Li | Li Kezhen | Weng Yanjie | Han Zhiqiang | Wei Junchen | Liu Ronghua | Wang Shixuan | Xu Gang | Wang Daowen | Zhou Jianfeng | Ma Ding
Enhanced Differentiation of Three-Gene-Reprogrammed Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells into Adipocytes via Adenoviral-Mediated PGC-1α Overexpression

Author(s): Pin-I Huang | Yueh-Ching Chou | Yuh-Lih Chang | Yueh Chien | Kuan-Hsuan Chen | Wen-Shin Song | Chi-Hsien Peng | Chin-Hong Chang | Shin-Da Lee | Kai-Hsi Lu | Yi-Jen Chen | Chia-Hua Kuo | Chuan-Chih Hsu | Hsin-Chen Lee | Ming-Chi Yung
Viruses Infecting Reptiles

Author(s): Rachel E. Marschang
First Report of Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Human Metapneumovirus Co-Infection in a 2-Year-Old Kawasaki Patient in Iran

Author(s): S Shatizadeh Malekshahi | T Mokhtari Azad | Sh Shahmahmoodi | J Yavarian | F Rezaei | M Naseri


Author(s): Aghamohammadi | A.. Novelli | V. | Strobel | S. | Holzel | H. Morgan | G.
Emerging Cancer Vaccines: The Promise of Genetic Vectors

Author(s): Luigi Aurisicchio | Gennaro Ciliberto
Development of an optimized method for the detection of airborne viruses with real-time PCR analysis

Author(s): Ziros Panos | Kokkinos Petros | Legaki Euaggelia | Vantarakis Apostolos
Viral diseases of northern ungulates

Author(s): K. Frölich
Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis

Author(s): Janićijević-Petrović Mirjana A. | Srećković Sunčica | Petrović Nenad | Šarenac Tatjana
Truncating the i-leader open reading frame enhances release of human adenovirus type 5 in glioma cells

Author(s): van den Hengel Sanne | de Vrij Jeroen | Uil Taco | Lamfers Martine | Sillevis Smitt Peter | Hoeben Rob
Gene therapy with tumor-specific promoter mediated suicide gene plus IL-12 gene enhanced tumor inhibition and prolonged host survival in a murine model of Lewis lung carcinoma

Author(s): Xu Yu | Hou Jinxuan | Liu Zhengchun | Yu Haijun | Sun Wenjie | Xiong Jie | Liao Zhengkai | Zhou Fuxiang | Xie Conghua | Zhou Yunfeng
Molecular detection of multiple viral targets in untreated urban sewage from Greece

Author(s): Kokkinos Petros | Ziros Panos | Mpalasopoulou Αggeliki | Galanis Alexis | Vantarakis Apostolos
Novel viral vectors utilizing intron splice-switching to activate genome rescue, expression and replication in targeted cells

Author(s): Viru Liane | Heller Gregory | Lehto Taavi | Pärn Kalle | El Andaloussi Samir | Langel Ülo | Merits Andres
Viral-bacterial co-infection in Australian Indigenous children with acute otitis media

Author(s): Binks Michael | Cheng Allen | Smith-Vaughan Heidi | Sloots Theo | Nissen Michael | Whiley David | McDonnell Joseph | Leach Amanda
NDRG2 inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma adhesion, migration and invasion by regulating CD24 expression

Author(s): Zheng Jin | Li Yan | Yang Jiandong | Liu Qiang | Shi Ming | Zhang Rui | Shi Hengjun | Ren Qinyou | Ma Ji | Guo Hang | Tao Yurong | Xue Yan | Jiang Ning | Yao Libo | Liu Wenchao
Pleiotrophin over-expression provides trophic support to dopaminergic neurons in parkinsonian rats

Author(s): Taravini Irene | Chertoff Mariela | Cafferata Eduardo | Courty José | Murer Mario | Pitossi Fernando | Gershanik Oscar
Accelerated chondrogenesis in nanofiber polymeric scaffolds embedded with BMP-2 genetically engineered chondrocytes

Author(s): Robert T. Gorsline | Prasam Tangkawattana | John J. Lannutti | Mamoru Yamaguchi | Christopher C. Kaeding | Alicia L. Bertone
Adenovirus Vector-Derived VA-RNA-Mediated Innate Immune Responses

Author(s): Mitsuhiro Machitani | Tomoko Yamaguchi | Kahori Shimizu | Fuminori Sakurai | Kazufumi Katayama | Kenji Kawabata | Hiroyuki Mizuguchi
The Molecular and Antigenic Tissue Impact of Viral Infections on Liver Transplant Patients with Neonatal Hepatitis

Author(s): R Yaghobi | B Geramizadeh | S Zamani | M Rahsaz | N Azarpira | MH Karimi | M Ayatollahi | M Hossein Agdaei | S Nikeghbalian | A Bahador | H Salahi | SA Malek-Hosseini
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