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Phenotype of dendritic cells generated in the presence of non-small cell lung cancer antigens - preliminary report.

Author(s): Olga Jankowska | Paweł Krawczyk | Kamila Wojas-Krawczyk | Dariusz Sagan | Janusz Milanowski | Jacek Roliński
Phenolic Profile of Edible Honeysuckle Berries (Genus Lonicera) and Their Biological Effects

Author(s): Tunde Jurikova | Otakar Rop | Jiri Mlcek | Jiri Sochor | Stefan Balla | Ladislav Szekeres | Alzbeta Hegedusova | Jaromir Hubalek | Vojtech Adam | Rene Kizek
Toward Monitoring and Increasing Exercise Adherence in Older Adults by Robotic Intervention: A Proof of Concept Study

Author(s): Prathik Gadde | Hadi Kharrazi | Himalaya Patel | Karl F. MacDorman
Type of Personality and the Amount of Adherence to Recommended Regimens in Diabetic Patients

Author(s): F. Rezaie Kargar | S. Karbandi | H. Hassanabadi | H. Esmaili
Who Participates in Seasonal Influenza Vaccination? Past Behavior Moderates the Prediction of Adherence

Author(s): Anna Ernsting | Sonia Lippke | Ralf Schwarzer | Michael Schneider
The factors that influence adherence of pregnant women with HIV/AIDS to anti-retroviral therapy

Author(s): Valéria Lima de Barros | Maria Alix Leite Araújo | Maria Natália Araújo de Alcântara | Marilene Alves Oliveira Guanabara | Simone Paes de Melo | Suzyanne da Silva Sobreira Guedes
Application of Critical Classroom Discourse Analysis (CCDA) in Analyzing Classroom Interaction

Author(s): Sima Sadeghi | Saeed Ketabi | Mansoor Tavakoli | Moslem Sadeghi
Decisões de Investimento em Ativos de Longo Prazo nas Empresas Brasileiras: Qual a Aderência ao Modelo Teórico?

Author(s): Fábio Frezatti | Diógenes de Souza Bido | Ana Paula Capuano da Cruz | Marcelo Francini Girão Barroso | Maria José de Camargo Machado
Study regarding the adherence of oral microbiota on composit plating materials

Author(s): Monica Tatarciuc | Ionut Cristian Zamfirache | Monica Elena Craciun | Simona Dunca | Stefania Surdu | Craita Maria Rosu | Marius Stefan
Adherence to Artesunate-Amodiaquine Therapy for Uncomplicated Malaria in Rural Ghana: A Randomised Trial of Supervised versus Unsupervised Drug Administration

Author(s): Kwaku Poku Asante | Ruth Owusu | David Dosoo | Elizabeth Awini | George Adjei | Seeba Amenga Etego | Daniel Chandramohan | Seth Owusu-Agyei
Suppression of tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced neutrophil adherence responses by essential oils

Author(s): Shigeru Abe | Naho Maruyama | Kazumi Hayama | Hiroko Ishibashi | Shigeharu Inoue | Haruyuki Oshima | Hideyo Yamaguchi
The Impact of Comorbid Depression on Adherence to Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Author(s): M. Tarrants | M. Oleen-Burkey | J. Castelli-Haley | M. J. Lage
The roots of the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis: PIGS vs non-PIGS

Author(s): Fernandes Costa Abel L. | Mota Paulo R.
Adherence with Preventive Medication in Childhood Asthma

Author(s): Scott Burgess | Peter Sly | Sunalene Devadason
Quality indicators in intensive care medicine: why? Use or burden for the intensivist

Author(s): Braun, Jan-Peter | Mende, Hendrik | Bause, Hanswerner | Bloos, Frank | Geldner, Götz | Kastrup, Marc | Kuhlen, Ralf | Markewitz, Andreas | Martin, Jörg | Quintel, Michael | Steinmeier-Bauer, Klaus | Waydhas, Christian | Spies, Claudia | NeQuI (quality network in intensive care medicine)
Decision-analytic modeling to evaluate the long-term effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of HPV-DNA testing in primary cervical cancer screening in Germany

Author(s): Sroczynski, Gaby | Schnell-Inderst, Petra | Mühlberger, Nikolai | Lang, Katharina | Aidelsburger, Pamela | Wasem, Jürgen | Mittendorf, Thomas | Engel, Jutta | Hillemanns, Peter | Petry, Karl Ulrich | Krämer, Alexander | Siebert, Uwe
Dose administration aids: Pharmacists’ role in improving patient care

Author(s): Haywood A | Llewelyn V | Robertson S | Mylrea M | Glass B
Adherence to Empiric Antibiotic Therapy Guideline in a Referral Teaching Hospital, Tehran, Iran

Author(s): Hossein Khalili | Sepideh Elyasi | Shima Hatamkhani | Simin Dashti-Khavidaki
Functional separation of septic and aseptic surgical procedures

Author(s): Kramer, Axel | Assadian, Ojan | Wendt, Michael | Stengel, Dirk | Seifert, Julia
Bacterial contamination of anesthesia machines’ internal breathing-circuit-systems

Author(s): Spertini, Verena | Borsoi, Livia | Berger, Jutta | Blacky, Alexander | Dieb-Elschahawi, Magda | Assadian, Ojan
Evaluating adherence to ocular hypotensives using the Travatan dosing aid

Author(s): O'Dell L | Hennessy AL | Robin AL
Role of fluoroquinolones in the treatment of tuberculosis

Author(s): Suhail Ahmad | Eiman Mokaddas
Instrumentação da pista circular experimental do IPR/DNER

Author(s): Prepredígna D. E. Almeida da Silva | Laura Maria Goretti da Motta

Author(s): Manuela Solís-Hernández | Austreberta Nazar-Beutelspacher | Benito Salvatierra-Izaba | Emma Zapata-Martelo

Author(s): Pathan Dilnawaz N | Ziyaurrahaman A.R | Bhise K.S.
Intervenção na adesão ao tratamento de doenças crônicas tendo como modelo um paciente adolescente HIV positivo Adherence to chronic disease treatment using an HIV positive adolescent as a model: a case study

Author(s): Larissa Matsumoto | Júlia Andrade de Oliveira | Camila Aparecida Moma | Telma Kenshima | Marília Martins Corrêa | Gustavo Tenório Cunha
Orally disintegrating olanzapine review: effectiveness, patient preference, adherence, and other properties

Author(s): Montgomery W | Treuer T | Karagianis J | Ascher-Svanum H | Harrison G
Family Social Status and Dietary Adherence of Patients with Phenylketonuria

Author(s): Mohammadreza Alaei | Gelareh Asadzadeh-Totonchi | Latif Gachkar | Shirin Farivar
Filovirus Entry: A Novelty in the Viral Fusion World

Author(s): Catherine L. Hunt | Nicholas J. Lennemann | Wendy Maury
Who Participates in Seasonal Influenza Vaccination? Past Behavior Moderates the Prediction of Adherence

Author(s): Anna Ernsting | Sonia Lippke | Ralf Schwarzer | Michael Schneider
Treatment Outcomes among Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Tuberculosis Co-Infected Pregnant Women in Resource Poor Settings of South-western Nigeria

Author(s): Adebimpe WO | Asekun-Olarinmoye EO | Hassan AO | Abodunrin OL | Olarewaju S | Akindele AA
S-layer proteins from lactobacilli as vaccine delivery systems

Author(s): Axel Hollmann1, Lucrecia Delfederico, Anderson Miyoshi, Edgardo Anibal Disalvo, Graciela De Antoni, Liliana Semorile, Vasco Azevedo
The effects of acupressure on severity of primary dysmenorrhea

Author(s): Gharloghi S | Torkzahrani S | Akbarzadeh AR | Heshmat R
Patient-Provider Reciprocity as Complex Adaptive System

Author(s): Ankur Joshi | Nitin Nahar | Sameer Phadnnis | Rakesh Biswas
Factors affecting adherence to the use of hip protectors in nursing homes

Author(s): Jonathan Mamo | Chantal Fenech | Nicholas Mamo
Improving patient–physician dialog: commentary on the results of the MS Choices survey

Author(s): Lugaresi A | Ziemssen T | Oreja-Guevara C | Thomas D | Verdun E
Automatic Deduction in Dynamic Geometry using Sage

Author(s): Francisco Botana | Miguel A. Abánades
The effect of reminder systems on patients' adherence to treatment

Author(s): Fenerty SD | West C | Davis SA | Kaplan SG | Feldman SR

Author(s): Santana L | Fontenelle LF
Evaluation of adherence to oral antiviral hepatitis B treatment using structured questionnaires

Author(s): Leesa Giang | Christian P Selinger | Alice Unah Lee
Lavagem peritoneal em cães: descrição e avaliação de técnica.

Author(s): J. E. Guimaraes | R. M. Souza | A. M. Quessada | R. B. Araújo | W. M. Cardoso
Spillover adherence effects of fixed-dose combination HIV therapy

Author(s): Kauf TL | Davis KL | Earnshaw SR | Davis EA
Association between the Adherence to AHA Step 1 Nutrition Criteria and the Cardiometabolic Outcome in the General Population a Two Year Follow-Up Study

Author(s): Giuseppe Danilo Norata | Alberico Luigi Catapano | Liliana Grigore | Laura Redaelli | Katia Garlaschelli
Association between the Adherence to AHA Step 1 Nutrition Criteria and the Cardiometabolic Outcome in the General Population a Two Year Follow-Up Study

Author(s): Giuseppe Danilo Norata | Alberico Luigi Catapano | Liliana Grigore | Laura Redaelli | Katia Garlaschelli
Frequency of cardiovascular risk factors in patients with hypertension in a second level hospital

Author(s): José W. Martinez | Julián A. Villa P | Ana M. Quintero B | Johana Jaramillo A | Viviana Calderón F | Ángela V. Copete M
Relations between cognitive status and medication adherence in patients treated for memory disorders

Author(s): Raymond L. Ownby | Christopher Hertzog | Sara J. Czaja
Personality traits and adherence to physical activity in patients attending a primary health centre

Author(s): Emilia Burgos-Garrido | Manuel Gurpegui | Dolores Jurado
Ocular Drug Delivery for Glaucoma Management

Author(s): Nathan Gooch | Sarah A. Molokhia | Russell Condie | Randon Michael Burr | Bonnie Archer | Balamurali K. Ambati | Barbara Wirostko
Trends of tuberculosis in cohorts of positives HIV patients before and after the HAART era in health institutions of Medellin (1996-2005)

Author(s): Alexánder Arbeláez | María P. Arbeláez | Rubén D. Gómez A | Carlos A.Rojas | Sonia L. Arias | Bibiana Castro | Ángela M. Segura C | Gloria Velásquez
Mobilidade das arquiteturas têxteis e tensoestruturas

Author(s): Sasquia Hizuru Obata | Carlos Egídio Alonso
Aderência do aço-concreto produzido com agregado reciclado

Author(s): Márcio Joaquim Estefano de Oliveira | Cássia Silveira de Assis
Gombrich, Art and Psychoanalysis

Author(s): Stefano Ferrari
Health related quality of life in adults with HIV/AIDS, Medellin, Colombia, 2009 Calidad de vida relacionada con la salud en adultos con VIH/sida de Medellín, Colombia, 2009

Author(s): Jaiberth Cardona-Arias | Luz Peláez-Vanegas | Juan López-Saldarriaga | Marcela Duque-Molina | Oscar Leal-Álvarez
Pharmacogenetics from ethno-cultural perspectives

Author(s): Chee Ng | David Castle
A gestão de ti e o valor de uso dos ERP’s em sua perspectiva de pós implementação [doi: 10.5329/RECADM.20111002001]

Author(s): Cesar Augusto Biancolino | Emerson Antonio Maccari | Claudia Terezinha Kniess | Giovane da Costa
Successful long-term weight loss maintenance in a rural population

Author(s): Milsom VA | Ross Middleton KM | Perri MG
Antiretroviral Therapy among HIV-1 Infected Female Sex Workers in Benin: A Comparative Study with Patients from the General Population

Author(s): Souleymane Diabaté | Djimon Marcel Zannou | Nassirou Geraldo | Annie Chamberland | Jocelyn Akakpo | Carin Ahouada | Marguerite Massinga Loembé | Sévérin Anagonou | Annie Claude Labbé | Michel Alary | Cecile Tremblay
The Influence of Personality and Health Beliefs on Maintaining Proper Hydration

Author(s): Stephen M. Patterson | Deborah E. Spinks
Evaluation of pharmacokinetics, user handling, and tolerability of peginterferon alfa-2a (40 kDa) delivered via a disposable autoinjector device

Author(s): Varunok P | Lawitz E | Beavers KL | Matusow G | Leong R | Lambert N | Bernaards C | Solsky J | Brennan BJ | Wat C | Bertasso A
Undercoat Roughness Impact on Venetian Plasters Adhesive Strength

Author(s): Nikolay N. Furman | Vladimir V. Vakor

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