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Autologous adipocyte graft in endoscopic treatment of vesico-renal reflux in children: a preliminary study

Author(s): Isabelle Lacreuse | Raphael Moog | Vanessa Kadoch | Michel Fischbach | Marile-laurence Poli Merol | François Becmeur
Study of Arachidonic Acid Pathway in Human Bladder Tumor

Author(s): Masahide Matsuyama | Rikio Yoshimura
In vitro study of the effect of diesterified alkoxyglycerols with conjugated linoleic acid on adipocyte inflammatory mediators

Author(s): Ocaña Aurelio | Gómez-Asensio Cristina | Arranz-Gutiérrez Elena | Torres Carlos | Señoráns Francisco | Reglero Guillermo
Anti-obesity effect of an isoflavone fatty acid ester on obese mice induced by high fat diet and its potential mechanism

Author(s): Yao Yao | Li Xiao-Bo | Zhao Wei | Zeng Yan-Yan | Shen Hong | Xiang Hua | Xiao Hong
Expression of microRNA during bovine adipogenesis

Author(s): Scott L. Pratt | T. Ashley Burns | Erin Curry | Susan K. Duckett
Lipid metabolism, adipocyte depot physiology and utilization of meat animals as experimental models for metabolic research

Author(s): Michael V. Dodson, Gary J. Hausman, LeLuo Guan, Min Du, Theodore P. Rasmussen, Sylvia P. Poulos, Priya Mir, Werner G. Bergen, Melinda E. Fernyhough, Douglas C. McFarland, Robert P. Rhoads, Beatrice Soret, James M. Reecy, Sandra G. Velleman, Zhihua Jiang
Regulation of vascular tone by adipocytes

Author(s): Maenhaut Nele | Van de Voorde Johan
Differentiation of human multipotent dermal fibroblasts into islet-like cell clusters

Author(s): Bi Dan | Chen Fu | Zhang Wen | Zhou Guang | Cui Lei | Liu Wei | Cao Yilin
Suppressive actions of eicosapentaenoic acid on lipid droplet formation in 3T3-L1 adipocytes

Author(s): Manickam Elizabeth | Sinclair Andrew | Cameron-Smith David
Antidiabetic Activities of Abutilon indicum (L.) Sweet Are Mediated by Enhancement of Adipocyte Differentiation and Activation of the GLUT1 Promoter

Author(s): Chutwadee Krisanapun | Seong-Ho Lee | Penchom Peungvicha | Rungravi Temsiririrkkul | Seung Joon Baek
Effects of a ferment soy product on the adipocyte area reduction and dyslipidemia control in hypercholesterolemic adult male rats

Author(s): Cheik Nadia | Rossi Elizeu | Guerra Ricardo | Tenório Neuli | Oller do Nascimento Cláudia | Viana Fabiana | Manzoni Marla | Carlos Iracilda | Leão da Silva Patrícia | Vendramini Regina | Dâmaso Ana
Lipolitic effect of Resveratrol in cells 3T3-L1

Author(s): Luis Gustavo Celis | Catalina Rozo | Jennifer Garay | Diana Vargas | Fernando Lizcano
Predictive models of insulin resistance derived from simple morphometric and biochemical indices related to obesity and the metabolic syndrome in baboons

Author(s): Chavez Alberto | Gastaldelli Amalia | Guardado-Mendoza Rodolfo | Lopez-Alvarenga Juan | Leland M Michelle | Tejero M Elizabeth | Sorice GianPio | Casiraghi Francesca | Davalli Alberto | Bastarrachea Raúl | Comuzzie Anthony | DeFronzo Ralph | Folli Franco
PPARγ Pro12Ala polymorphism and risk of acute coronary syndrome in a prospective study of Danes

Author(s): Vogel Ulla | Segel Stine | Dethlefsen Claus | Tjønneland Anne | Saber Anne | Wallin Håkan | Jensen Majken | Schmidt Erik | Andersen Paal | Overvad Kim
White Tea extract induces lipolytic activity and inhibits adipogenesis in human subcutaneous (pre)-adipocytes

Author(s): Söhle Jörn | Knott Anja | Holtzmann Ursula | Siegner Ralf | Grönniger Elke | Schepky Andreas | Gallinat Stefan | Wenck Horst | Stäb Franz | Winnefeld Marc
Perspectives on Adipose Tissue, Chagas Disease and Implications for the Metabolic Syndrome

Author(s): Fnu Nagajyothi | Mahalia S. Desruisseaux | Linda A. Jelicks | Fabiana S. Machado | Streamson Chua | Philipp E. Scherer | Herbert B. Tanowitz
Metabolic aspects of obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome

Author(s): M. R. Bonsignore | J. Eckel
Role of Leptin on Physiopathologic Actions

Author(s): Aşkın Hekimoğlu
Suppressed pulmonary expression of leptin in lipopolysaccharide-induced acute and chronic lung inflammation

Author(s): J. H. J. Vernooy | R. H. E. Cloots | M. A. Dentener | E. F. M. Wouters
Lipoprotein lipase expression, serum lipid and tissue lipid deposition in orally-administered glycyrrhizic acid-treated rats

Author(s): Lim Wai | Chia Yoke | Liong Shih | Ton So | Kadir Khalid | Syed Husain Sharifah
Krüppel-like family of transcription factors: an emerging new frontier in fat biology

Author(s): Christopher W. Brey, Mark P. Nelder, Tiruneh Hailemariam, Randy Gaugler, Sarwar Hashmi
Analysis of knockout mice suggests a role for VGF in the control of fat storage and energy expenditure

Author(s): Watson Elizabeth | Fargali Samira | Okamoto Haruka | Sadahiro Masato | Gordon Ronald | Chakraborty Tandra | Sleeman Mark | Salton Stephen
Effects of leptin on in vitro maturation, fertilization and embryonic cleavage after ICSI and early developmental expression of leptin (Ob) and leptin receptor (ObR) proteins in the horse

Author(s): Lange Consiglio Anna | Dell'Aquila Maria | Fiandanese Nadia | Ambruosi Barbara | Cho Yoon | Bosi Giampaolo | Arrighi Silvana | Lacalandra Giovanni | Cremonesi Fausto
Adiponectin is associated with cardiovascular disease in male renal transplant recipients: baseline results from the LANDMARK 2 study

Author(s): Kaisar Mohd | Armstrong Kirsty | Hawley Carmel | Campbell Scott | Mudge David | Johnson David | Prins John | Isbel Nicole
Involvement of an alternatively spliced mitochondrial oxodicarboxylate carrier in adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 cells

Author(s): Niimi Masashi | Tao Lian | Lin Shi-Hua | Yin Jun | Wu Xiaoyun | Fukui Hiroyuki | Kambayashi Junichi | Ye Jianping | Sun Bing
Fat-Storing Multilocular Cells Expressing CCR5 Increase in the Thymus with Advancing Age: Potential Role for CCR5 Ligands on the Differentiation and Migration of Preadipocytes

Author(s): Valeria de Mello Coelho, Allyson Bunbury, Leticia B. Rangel, Banabihari Giri, Ashani Weeraratna, Patrice J. Morin, Michel Bernier, Dennis D. Taub
The role of 25-hydroxyvitamin D deficiency in promoting insulin resistance and inflammation in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Petchey William | Hickman Ingrid | Duncan Emma | Prins Johannes | Hawley Carmel | Johnson David | Barraclough Katherine | Isbel Nicole
Depot-specific differences in perilipin and hormone-sensitive lipase expression in lean and obese

Author(s): Ray Hind | Pinteur Claudie | Frering Vincent | Beylot Michel | Large Valérie
Carbohydrate intake and cardiometabolic risk factors in high BMI African American children

Author(s): Sharma Sushma | Roberts Lindsay | Lustig Robert | Fleming Sharon
Impact of dietary protein on lipid metabolism-related gene expression in porcine adipose tissue

Author(s): Zhao Sumei | Wang Jing | Song Xinlei | Zhang Xi | Ge Changrong | Gao Shizheng
Role of Receptor-Interacting Protein 140 in human fat cells

Author(s): Mejhert Niklas | Laurencikiene Jurga | Pettersson Amanda | Kaaman Maria | Stenson Britta | Rydén Mikael | Dahlman Ingrid
Gene expression profiles in Atlantic salmon adipose-derived stromo-vascular fraction during differentiation into adipocytes

Author(s): Todorčević Marijana | Škugor Stanko | Krasnov Aleksei | Ruyter Bente
Mechanism of attenuation of leptin signaling under chronic ligand stimulation

Author(s): Knobelspies Holger | Zeidler Julia | Hekerman Paul | Bamberg-Lemper Simone | Becker Walter
Analysis of Adiponectin Gene Polymorphisms in Chinese Population with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Author(s): Wen Liang Fang | Bin Zhou | Yan Yun Wang | Yu Chen | Lin Zhang
Systems genetics analyses predict a transcription role for P2P-R: Molecular confirmation that P2P-R is a transcriptional co-repressor

Author(s): Peidis Philippos | Giannakouros Thomas | Burow Matthew | Williams Robert | Scott Robert
Characterization of adipocyte differentiation from human mesenchymal stem cells in bone marrow

Author(s): Qian Shu-Wen | Li Xi | Zhang You-You | Huang Hai-Yan | Liu Yuan | Sun Xia | Tang Qi-Qun
Alterations in Lipids and Adipocyte Hormones in Female-to-Male Transsexuals

Author(s): Prakash Chandra | Sukhdeep S. Basra | Tai C. Chen | Vin Tangpricha
Lotus leaf extract and L-carnitine influence different processes during the adipocyte life cycle

Author(s): Siegner Ralf | Heuser Stefan | Holtzmann Ursula | Söhle Jörn | Schepky Andreas | Raschke Thomas | Stäb Franz | Wenck Horst | Winnefeld Marc
Type 2 Diabetes in Han Chinese in Hubei

Author(s): Mustafa Abdo Saif Dehwah | Zhang Shuang | Wang Yan | Peng Chan | Qing-Yang Huang
Serum Leptin and Adiponectin in Obese Diabetic and Non-Diabetic

Author(s): Heba Sayed Assal | Mohamed Fath-Allah | Ashraf Elsherbiny
Increased tissue leptin hormone level and mast cell count in skin tags: A possible role of adipoimmune in the growth of benign skin growths

Author(s): El Safoury Omar | Fawzi Marwa | Abdel Hay Rania | Hassan Akmal | El Maadawi Zeinab | Rashed Laila
Lobular panniculitis: A manifestation of pancreatic tumor with fatal outcome

Author(s): Jovanović Marina | Golušin Zoran | Petrović Aleksandra | Vučković Nada | Brkić Silvija | Sotirović-Seničar Slavica | Petrović Kosta
Brown adipocytes of sucrose-overfed rats treated with corticosterone: A stereological and ultrastructural study

Author(s): Čakić-Milošević Maja | Ukropina Mirela | Korać Aleksandra
Analysis of lifestyle and metabolic predictors of visceral obesity with Bayesian Networks

Author(s): Aussem Alex | Tchernof André | de Morais Sérgio | Rome Sophie
Development and differentiation of adipose tissue

Author(s): Ivković-Lazar Tatjana A.
Expression of microRNA during bovine adipogenesis

Author(s): Scott L. Pratt | T. Ashley Burns | Erin Curry | Susan K. Duckett
Subcutaneous adipose tissue classification

Author(s): A. Sbarbati | D. Accorsi | D. Benati | L. Marchetti | G. Orsini | G. Rigotti | P. Panettiere
Effect of Exercise Training on Adiponectin Receptor Expression and Insulin Resistance in Mice Fed a High Fat Diet

Author(s): Naglaa Fathy Alhusseini | Nasr Arafat Belacy | Enas Mohammed Kasem | Mona Maher Allam
Vitamin A Metabolism: An Update

Author(s): Diana N. D’Ambrosio | Robin D. Clugston | William S. Blaner
Influence of weeks of circadian misalignment on leptin levels

Author(s): June Nguyen | Kenneth P Wright Jr
Emerging role of adipokines as mediators in atherosclerosis

Author(s): Hanrui Zhang | Jian Cui | Cuihua Zhang
Gene expression profiling of subcutaneous adipose tissue in morbid obesity using a focused microarray: Distinct expression of cell-cycle- and differentiation-related genes

Author(s): Rodríguez-Acebes Sara | Palacios Nuria | Botella-Carretero José | Olea Nuria | Crespo Lorena | Peromingo Roberto | Gómez-Coronado Diego | Lasunción Miguel | Vázquez Clotilde | Martínez-Botas Javier
Osteoprotective effects of Fructus Ligustri Lucidi aqueous extract in aged ovariectomized rats

Author(s): Ko Chun | Siu Wing | Lau Ching | Lau Clara Bik | Fung Kwok | Leung Ping
Effects of Kurozu concentrated liquid on adipocyte size in rats

Author(s): Tong Li-Tao | Katakura Yoshinori | Kawamura Sayaka | Baba Sanae | Tanaka Yasutake | Udono Miyako | Kondo Yoshie | Nakamura Kumi | Imaizumi Katsumi | Sato Masao
Pluronic L-81 ameliorates diabetic symptoms in db/db mice through transcriptional regulation of microsomal triglyceride transfer protein

Author(s): Wo-Shing Au, Li-Wei Lu, Sidney Tam, Otis King Hung Ko, Billy KC Chow, Ming-Liang He, Samuel S Ng, Chung-Man Yeung, Ching-Chiu Liu, Hsiang-Fu Kung, Marie C Lin
Lipocalin-2: Response to a short-term treadmill protocol in obese and normal-weight men

Gene-chip studies of adipogenesis-regulated microRNAs in mouse primary adipocytes and human obesity

Author(s): Keller Pernille | Gburcik Valentina | Petrovic Natasa | Gallagher Iain | Nedergaard Jan | Cannon Barbara | Timmons James
Cross species comparison of C/EBPα and PPARγ profiles in mouse and human adipocytes reveals interdependent retention of binding sites

Author(s): Schmidt Søren | Jørgensen Mette | Chen Yun | Nielsen Ronni | Sandelin Albin | Mandrup Susanne
Anthocyanidins-enriched bilberry extracts inhibit 3T3-L1 adipocyte differentiation via the insulin pathway

Author(s): Suzuki Rieko | Tanaka Masami | Takanashi Masakatsu | Hussain Aashiq | Yuan Bo | Toyoda Hiroo | Kuroda Masahiko
Novel anti-inflammatory role of SLPI in adipose tissue and its regulation by high fat diet

Author(s): Adapala Venkata | Buhman Kimberly | Ajuwon Kolapo
ACE Gene DD Genotype Association with Obesity in Pakistani Population

Author(s): Amara Javaid | Qaisar Mansoor | Nighat Bilal | Anum Bilal | Uzma Shaukat | Muhammad Ismail
Calcium-SANDOZ®-induced erythrocyte exovesiculation and internalization of hemichromic material into rat brown adipocytes

Author(s): Markelić Milica | Veličković Ksenija | Golić I. | Ukropina Mirela | Čakić-Milošević Maja | Koko Vesna | Korać Aleksandra
The trochanteric fat pad

Author(s): P. Panettiere | D. Accorsi | L. Marchetti | A.M. Minicozzi | G. Orsini | P. Bernardi | D. Benati | G. Conti | A. Sbarbati
Antiretroviral-Related Adipocyte Dysfunction and Lipodystrophy in HIV-Infected Patients: Alteration of the PPARγ-Dependent Pathways

Author(s): Martine Caron | Corinne Vigouroux | Jean-Philippe Bastard | Jacqueline Capeau
Comparison of serum leptin in major β-talasemia patients and normal subjects

Author(s): H Choobineh | SJ Dehghani | N Einollahi | S Kaviani | SR Reiskarami | S Vahedi
Adiponectin Can Affect ER Signaling in Obese Breast Cancer Patients

Author(s): Ali Jahanban Esfahlan | Maryam Daneshvar | Kazem Nejati-Koshki | Majid Mobasseri | Nosratollah Zarghami | Rana Jahanban Esfahlan | Hamed Farshbaf Kamel | Samira Valiyari
Adiponectin Can Affect ER Signaling in Obese Breast Cancer Patients

Author(s): Ali Jahanban Esfahlan | Maryam Daneshvar | Kazem Nejati-Koshki | Majid Mobasseri | Nosratollah Zarghami | Rana Jahanban Esfahlan | Hamed Farshbaf Kamel | Samira Valiyari
Effects of Development, the Estrous Cycle and 17 -Estradiol on Adipocyte Leptin, Er and Er Gene Expression in Gilts

Author(s): Y.Matsumoto | C.W. O`Gorman | E. Gonzales | D.H. Keisler | R.L. Stanko | M.R. Garcia
An Herbal Formula LI85008F Inhibits Lipogenesis in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes

Author(s): Krishanu Sengupta | Trimurtulu Golakoti | Venkateswara Rao Chirravuri | Ajit Kumar Marasetti
Effects of caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee on biological risk factors for type 2 diabetes: a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Wedick Nicole | Brennan Aoife | Sun Qi | Hu Frank | Mantzoros Christos | van Dam Rob
Comparison of particle-exposure triggered pulmonary and systemic inflammation in mice fed with three different diets

Author(s): Götz Alexander | Rozman Jan | Rödel Heiko | Fuchs Helmut | Gailus-Durner Valérie | Hrabě de Angelis Martin | Klingenspor Martin | Stoeger Tobias
MicroRNAs miR-27a and miR-143 Regulate Porcine Adipocyte Lipid Metabolism

Author(s): Tao Wang | Mingzhou Li | Jiuqiang Guan | Penghao Li | Huiyu Wang | Yanqin Guo | Surong Shuai | Xuewei Li
Endothelial cell apoptosis in brown adipose tissue of rats induced by hyperinsulinaemia: the possible role of TNF-α

Author(s): M. Markelic | K. Velickovic | I. Golic | V. Otasevic | A. Stancic | A. Jankovic | M. Vucetic | B. Buzadzic | B. Korac | A. Korac
SNPs identification in swine leptin 5’ flanking region and transcriptional activity of naturally occurring promoter haplotypes

Author(s): Alessandra Crisà | Mariasilvia D'Andrea | Daniela Willems | Fabio Pilla | Alessio Valentini
Enhanced Differentiation of Three-Gene-Reprogrammed Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells into Adipocytes via Adenoviral-Mediated PGC-1α Overexpression

Author(s): Pin-I Huang | Yueh-Ching Chou | Yuh-Lih Chang | Yueh Chien | Kuan-Hsuan Chen | Wen-Shin Song | Chi-Hsien Peng | Chin-Hong Chang | Shin-Da Lee | Kai-Hsi Lu | Yi-Jen Chen | Chia-Hua Kuo | Chuan-Chih Hsu | Hsin-Chen Lee | Ming-Chi Yung
Dairy Foods in a Moderate Energy Restricted Diet Do Not Enhance Central Fat, Weight, and Intra-Abdominal Adipose Tissue Losses nor Reduce Adipocyte Size or Inflammatory Markers in Overweight and Obese Adults: A Controlled Feeding Study

Author(s): Marta D. Van Loan | Nancy L. Keim | Sean H. Adams | Elaine Souza | Leslie R. Woodhouse | Anthony Thomas | Megan Witbracht | Erik R. Gertz | Brian Piccolo | Andrew A. Bremer | Michael Spurlock
Relationship between Serum Umbilical Cord and Maternal Leptin and Adiponectin Concentrations with Fetal Growth Parameters

Author(s): F Zare | A Moradizirkohi | Zh Maghbooli | A Hossein-nezhad | K omidfar | M Rahmani | B Larijani
Lipolytic Effects of Zingerone in Adipocytes Isolated from Normal Diet-Fed Rats and High Fat Diet-Fed Rats

Author(s): Pawitra Pulbutr | Klangnapa Thunchomnang | Karakate Lawa | Apiwat Mangkhalathon | Pattarapong Saenubol
[5-(3-Indol-1-ylpropoxy)-1H-indol-3-yl] Acetic Acid Enhances Adipocyte Differentiation and Glucose Uptake in 3T3-L1 Cells

Author(s): I. Lee | J. Yu | Y. Yoon | H.J. Gim | S.M. Lee | J.W. Park | R. Jeon | B.H. Park

Author(s): I. Ragerdi Kashani | M. Barbarestani | F. Etesam | M. A. Shokrgozar | M. A. Abdolvahabi | P. Haddad | M. H. Noori Mokohi M. Hosseini

Author(s): I. Ragerdi Kashani | M. Barbarestani | F. Etesam | M. A. Shokrgozar | M. A. Abdolvahabi | P. Haddad | M. H. Noori Mokohi M. Hosseini
Recent perspectives into biochemistry of decavanadate

Author(s): Manuel Aureliano | FCT | University of Algarve | Gambelas | 8005-139 Faro | Portugal
Evaluation of Leptin Levels in Major beta-Thalassemic Patients

Author(s): Hamid Choobineh | SJ Dehghani | Shaban Alizadeh | V Ghobadi Dana | N Saiepour | R Meshkani | N Einollahi
N-Acetylcysteine Reduces Markers of Differentiation in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes

Author(s): Pablo Calzadilla | Daiana Sapochnik | Soledad Cosentino | Virginia Diz | Lelia Dicelio | Juan Carlos Calvo | Liliana N. Guerra
Perivaskuläres Fett: ein Regulator des peripheren Widerstands?

Author(s): Verlohren St | Dubrovska G | Gollasch M | Luft FC
Resistant starch and exercise independently attenuate weight regain on a high fat diet in a rat model of obesity

Author(s): Higgins Janine | Jackman Matthew | Brown Ian | Johnson Ginger | Steig Amy | Wyatt Holly | Hill James | MacLean Paul
Ambient particulate air pollution induces oxidative stress and alterations of mitochondria and gene expression in brown and white adipose tissues

Author(s): Xu Zhaobin | Xu Xiaohua | Zhong Mianhua | Hotchkiss Ian | Lewandowski Ryan | Wagner James | Bramble Lori | Yang Yifeng | Wang Aixia | Harkema Jack | Lippmann Morton | Rajagopalan Sanjay | Chen Lung-Chi | Sun Qinghua
The inhibition of fat cell proliferation by n-3 fatty acids in dietary obese mice

Author(s): Hensler Michal | Bardova Kristina | Jilkova Zuzana | Wahli Walter | Meztger Daniel | Chambon Pierre | Kopecky Jan | Flachs Pavel
Globular domain of adiponectin: promising target molecule for detection of atherosclerotic lesions

Author(s): Almer G | Saba-Lepek M | Haj-Yahya S | Rohde E | Strunk D | Fröhlich E | Prassl R | Mangge H

Author(s): Dr. Philomena George, | O.S.Nimmi
Characterization of age-related gene expression profiling in bone marrow and epididymal adipocytes

Author(s): Liu Li-Fen | Shen Wen-Jun | Ueno Masami | Patel Shailja | Kraemer Fredric
Organ-Specific Alterations in Fatty Acid De Novo Synthesis and Desaturation in a Rat Model of Programmed Obesity

Author(s): Yee Jennifer | Lee Wai-Nang | Han Guang | Ross Michael | Desai Mina
Role of redox environment on the oligomerization of higher molecular weight adiponectin

Author(s): Briggs David | Giron Rebecca | Malinowski Pamela | Nuñez Martha | Tsao Tsu-Shuen
Transcriptional regulatory program in wild-type and retinoblastoma gene-deficient mouse embryonic fibroblasts during adipocyte differentiation

Author(s): Hakim-Weber Robab | Krogsdam Anne-M | Jørgensen Claus | Fischer Maria | Prokesch Andreas | Bogner-Strauss Juliane | Bornstein Stefan | Hansen Jacob | Madsen Lise | Kristiansen Karsten | Trajanoski Zlatko | Hackl Hubert
Association of increased plasma adipocyte fatty acid-binding protein with coronary artery disease in non-elderly men

Author(s): Doi Masayuki | Miyoshi Toru | Hirohata Satoshi | Nakamura Kazufumi | Usui Shinichi | Takeda Ko | Iwamoto Mutsumi | Kusachi Shozo | Kusano Kengo | Ito Hiroshi
Effects of two Lactobacillus strains on lipid metabolism and intestinal microflora in rats fed a high-cholesterol diet

Author(s): Xie Ning | Cui Yi | Yin Ya-Ni | Zhao Xin | Yang Jun-Wen | Wang Zheng-Gen | Fu Nian | Tang Yong | Wang Xue-Hong | Liu Xiao-Wei | Wang Chun-Lian | Lu Fang-Gen
Effect of Caralluma Fimbriata Extract on 3T3-L1 Pre-Adipocyte Cell Division

Author(s): Soundararajan Kamalakkannan | Ramaswamy Rajendran | Ramasamy V. Venkatesh | Paul Clayton | Mohammad A. Akbarsha
Histological characteristics of backfat layers in Italian local swine breeds

Author(s): P. Freschi | M. Cardacino | L. Perrotta | M. Gambacorta
Lipocalin-2: Response to a Progressive Treadmill Protocol in Obese and Normal-weight Men

Author(s): Arsalan Damirchi | Farhad Rahmani-Nia | Javad Mehrabani
Mesenchymal stem cell assays and applications

Author(s): CarloAlberto Redi
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