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Music Therapy with Adolescents

Author(s): Jukko Tervo
Adolescent Students’ Reading Habits

Author(s): Remzi CAN | Mustafa TÜRKYILMAZ | Abdulkerim KARADENİZ
Efficacy and Safety of Percutaneous Epiphysiodesis Operation around the Knee to Reduce Adult Height in Extremely Tall Adolescent Girls and Boys

Author(s): Emelie Benyi | Maria Berner | Inger Bjernekull | Anders Boman | Dionisios Chrysis | Ola Nilsson | Anne Waehre | Henrik Wehtje | Lars Sävendahl
Pattern and determinants of obesity among adolescent females in private and public schools in Olorunda local government area of Osun state, Nigeria: a comparative study

Author(s): Ebenezer Olubanji Ojofeitimi | Adenike Iyanuoluwa Olugbenga-Bello | Daniel Adebode Adekanle | Adeleye A. Adeomi
Waist to hip ratio and trunk to extremity fat (DXA) are better surrogates for IMCL and for visceral fat respectively than for subcutaneous fat in adolescent girls

Author(s): Savgan-Gurol Eray | Bredella Miriam | Russell Melissa | Mendes Nara | Klibanski Anne | Misra Madhusmita
Adolescent gender differences in the determinants of tobacco smoking: a cross sectional survey among high school students in São Paulo

Author(s): Sanchez Zila | Opaleye Emerita | Martins Silvia | Ahluwalia Jasjit | Noto Ana
Anemia and Iron Deficiency in Adolescent School Girls in Kavar Urban Area, Southern Iran

Author(s): M Ramzi | S Haghpanah | L Malekmakan | N Cohan | A Baseri | A Alamdari | N Zare
Correlation between the Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc Content in Adolescent Girls’ Hair and Their Academic Records

Author(s): Chin-Thin Wang | Yingjeng James Li | Fu-Jin Wang | Yi-Min Shi | Bee-Tsu Lee
Impact of Balanced Caloric Diet and Physical Activity on Body Composition and Fat Distribution of Obese Egyptian Adolescent Girls

Author(s): Nayera El-morsi Hassan | Safaa T. Zak | Sahar El-masry | Manal A. Mohsen | Eman Elashmawy
Delayed Puberty

Author(s): Zehra
Familial correlates of adolescent girls' physical activity, television use, dietary intake, weight, and body composition

Author(s): Bauer Katherine | Neumark-Sztainer Dianne | Fulkerson Jayne | Hannan Peter | Story Mary
Validation of the Arab Youth Mental Health scale as a screening tool for depression/anxiety in Lebanese children

Author(s): Mahfoud Ziyad | Abdulrahim Sawsan | Taha Madeleine | Harpham Trudy | El Hajj Taghreed | Makhoul Jihad | Nakkash Rima | Kanj Mayada | Afifi Rema
Perceptions of Health among adolescents in Ethiopian immigrant families living in Finland

Author(s): Jembere Berhanu | Paivi Kankkunen | Merja Nikkonen
Mammary glands diseases in adolescent girls (review)

Author(s): Gumenyuk O.I. | Chernenkov Yu.V.
An Analysis of Anger in Adolescent Girls Who Practice the Martial Arts

Author(s): Sara Lotfian | Vahid Ziaee | Homayoun Amini | Mohammad-Ali Mansournia
The Relationship between Coping Styles and Emotional Intelligence in Students

Author(s): Davoud Mohammadi | Smaeil Torabi | Banafsheh Gharaei
The Relationship of Behavioral Disorders and Coping Styles and Strategies in Secondary School Students

Author(s): Banafshehe Gharraee | Seyed Davoud Mohammadi | Ali Asghar Asgharnejad Farid
Age at Menarche and Menstrual Cycle Pattern among School Adolescent Girls in Central India

Author(s): Dharampal G. Dambhare | Sanjay V. Wagh | Jayesh Y. Dudhe
Age at Menarche and Menstrual Cycle Pattern among School Adolescent Girls in Central India

Author(s): Dharampal G. Dambhare | Sanjay V. Wagh | Jayesh Y. Dudhe

Author(s): Soumyajit Maiti, Kauhik Chattterjee, Kazi Monjur Ali, Debidas Ghosh Shyamapada Paul

Author(s): Suresh K. Kumbhar, Mrudula Reddy, Sujana B., Roja Reddy K., Divya Bhargavi K., C. Balkrishna

Author(s): Soumyajit Maiti, Kauhik Chattterjee, Kazi Monjur Ali, Debidas Ghosh Shyamapada Paul

Author(s): Suresh K. Kumbhar, Mrudula Reddy, Sujana B., Roja Reddy K., Divya Bhargavi K., C. Balkrishna
Injury rates in Shotokan karate in children and adolescent age groups

Author(s): "V Ziaee* MD | S Lotfian | F Halabchi MD | AA Lashgari MD "
"Physical Activity in Iranian students CASPIAN Study "

Author(s): V Ziaee | R Kelishadi | G Ardalan | R Gheiratmand | SR Majdzadeh | MM Monazzam
The Effect of Dietary Behavior Modification on Anthropometric Indices in Obese Adolescent Female Students

Author(s): Raheleh Sabet Sarvestani | Marziye Kargar | Mohamad-Hossein Kave | Hamidreza Tabatabaee
Assessment of Pubertal Development in Iranian Girls

Author(s): Ali Rabbani | Mohammad-Esmaeil Motlagh | Kazem Mohammad | Gelayol Ardalan | Farzaneh Maftoon | Safiyeh Shahryari | Shahnaz Khodaei | Aria Sotoudeh | Mohammad-Reza Mohammadi | Javad Mahmoudi Gharaei | Hassan Zia-aldini | Kobra Kamali | Moluk Motaghian | Kheironesa Mostakhdemin Hosseini | Ali Salavati | Ahmad Rabbani | Nima Parvaneh
A National Experience on Physical Activity Initiatives for Adolescent Girls and Their Mothers: CASPIAN Study

Author(s): Roya Kelishadi | Vahid Ziaee | Gelayol Ardalan | Ascieh Namazi | Pardis Noormohammadpour | Majid Ghayour-Mobarhan | Hoda Sadraei | Parisa Mirmoghtadaee | Parinaz Poursafa
Association between adolescent girls anxiety and parental style of control

Author(s): Karimi R | Taghavi Larijani T | Mehran A | Ghaljaei F
Binge Eating and Weight-Related Quality of Life in Obese Adolescents

Author(s): Lisa M. Ranzenhofer | Kelli M. Columbo | Marian Tanofsky-Kraff | Lauren B. Shomaker | Omni Cassidy | Brittany E. Matheson | Ronette L. Kolotkin | Jenna M. Checchi | Margaret Keil | Jennifer R. McDuffie | Jack A. Yanovski
Spiritual beliefs and quality of life: A qualitative research about diabetic adolescent girls' perception

Author(s): Masomeh Hemmati Maslak pak | Fazllolah Ahmadi | Monireh Anoosheh
Preliminary Study of Puberty Education in Adolescent Girls: A Qualitative Research

Author(s): M. Anoosheh | Sh. Niknami | R. Tavakoli | S. Faghihzadeh
The Relationship of Parenting Style and the Extent of Problem Behaviors in Students

Author(s): Farnaz Rahmani | Naeeme Seyed-fatemi | Mahin Baradaran-rezaee | Kamran Sedaghat | Skandar Fathiazar
Percentile values for physical condition for Cali, Colombian children and adolescents Percentiles de condición física de niños y adolescentes de Santiago de Cali, Colombia

Author(s): Ana Cecilia Aguilar | Alberto Pradilla | Mildrey Mosquera | Ana Beatriz Gracia | José Guillermo Ortega | Jaime Humberto Leiva | Robinson Ramírez-Vélez
Post-divorce Parental Conflict, Economic Hardship and Academic Achievement among Adolescents of Divorced Families

Author(s): Nooshin Sabour Esmaeili | nooshin sabour esmaeili | Rumaya Juhari | Mariani Mansor
Efficacy and Safety of Percutaneous Epiphysiodesis Operation around the Knee to Reduce Adult Height in Extremely Tall Adolescent Girls and Boys

Author(s): Benyi Emelie | Berner Maria | Bjernekull Inger | Boman Anders | Chrysis Dionisios | Nilsson Ola | Waehre Anne | Wehtje Henrik | Sävendahl Lars
HPV vaccine decision making in pediatric primary care: a semi-structured interview study

Author(s): Hughes Cayce | Jones Amanda | Feemster Kristen | Fiks Alexander
A school-based intervention to promote physical activity among adolescent girls: Rationale, design, and baseline data from the Girls in Sport group randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Okely Anthony | Cotton Wayne | Lubans David | Morgan Philip | Puglisi Lauren | Miller Judy | Wright Jan | Batterham Marijka | Peralta Louisa | Perry Janine
Association between Body Mass Index and depression: the "fat and jolly" hypothesis for adolescents girls

Author(s): Revah-Levy Anne | Speranza Mario | Barry Caroline | Hassler Christine | Gasquet Isabelle | Moro Marie-Rose | Falissard Bruno
Food insecurity and age at menarche among adolescent girls in Jimma Zone Southwest Ethiopia: a longitudinal study

Author(s): Belachew Tefera | Hadley Craig | Lindstrom David | Getachew Yehenew | Duchateau Luc | Kolsteren Patrick
Reliability and validity of the Adolescent Stress Questionnaire in a sample of European adolescents - the HELENA study

Author(s): De Vriendt Tineke | Clays Els | Moreno Luis | Bergman Patrick | Vicente-Rodriguez Germán | Nagy Eniko | Dietrich Sabine | Manios Yannis | De Henauw Stefaan
Self-determined motivation towards physical activity in adolescents treated for obesity: an observational study

Author(s): Verloigne Maïté | De Bourdeaudhuij Ilse | Tanghe Ann | D'Hondt Eva | Theuwis Lotte | Vansteenkiste Maarten | Deforche Benedicte
Adolescent predictors of objectively measured physical activity and sedentary behaviour at age 42: the Amsterdam Growth and Health Longitudinal Study (AGAHLS)

Author(s): Uijtdewilligen Léonie | Singh Amika | Twisk Jos | Koppes Lando | van Mechelen Willem | Chinapaw Mai
Perceived barriers to physical activity in adolescent students from a Southern Brazilian city. 10.5007/1980-0037.2011v13n6p422

Author(s): Daniela Dressler Dambros | Luis Felipe Dias Lopes | Daniela Lopes dos Santos
Sport injuries in adolescents

Author(s): Susanne Habelt | Carol Claudius Hasler | Klaus Steinbrück | Martin Majewski
The effect of meal frequency on adolescent nutrient requirements

Author(s): Mehrabani H H | Mirmiran P | Baygi F | Azizi F
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Osteoporosis among a group of Iranian Adolescent Females (2007

Author(s): Farideh Dehghan Menshadi | Afsaneh Azari | Jalil Kuhpayeh Zadeh | Mehri Ghasemi
Beyond Screen Time: Assessing Recreational Sedentary Behavior among Adolescent Girls

Author(s): Katherine W. Bauer | Sarah Friend | Daniel J. Graham | Dianne Neumark-Sztainer
Dietary Intakes of Adolescent Girls in Relation to Weight Status

Author(s): K Bidad | Sh Anari | S Tavasoli | L Nazemi | N Gholami | S Zadhush | H Moayeri
The Relation of Body Mass Index and Blood Pressure in Iranian Children and Adolescents Aged 7- 18 Years Old

Author(s): M Hosseini | N Ataei | A Aghamohammadi | M Yousefifard | Sh Taslimi | F Ataei
Evaluation of Pender’s health promotion model for predicting adolescent girls’ quality of life

Author(s): H Mohamadian | H Eftekhar Ardebili | A Rahimi Foroushani | M H Taghdisi | D Shojaiezade
Relation of Obesity and Menarche Age among

Author(s): Shila Berenjy | Parichehr Hanachi
Prevalence and Correlates of Snoring in Adolescents

Author(s): Katayoon Bidad | Shahab Anari | Asghar Aghamohamadi | Narges Gholami | Sorush Zadhush | Heshmat Moaieri
Respiratory Resistance by Impulse Oscillometry in Healthy Iranian Children Aged 5-19 Years.

Author(s): Babak Amra | Froogh Soltaninejad | Mohammad Golshan
Study of quality of snacking in adolescents (12-18 years old)

Author(s): Salmaani Barough N | Pashaeypour Sh | Rezaiepour A | Kazemnejad A
Adolescents’ Attitudes toward Ecstasy Using

Author(s): N Seyedfatemi | F Khoshnavaye Foomani | N Behbahani | F Hoseini
Effect of Simultaneous Educational Program for Mothers and Daughters on Osteoporosis Preventive Behaviors among girls

Author(s): F Rahimikian | M Moshrefi | P Yavari | A Mehran | M Mirzaei Rozbahani | M Amelvalizadeh
Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency among Female Students in Secondary Guidance School in Yazd City

Author(s): Shakiba Mehrdad | Nafei Zahra | Lotfi Mohammad Hassan | Shajari Ahmad
Post Traumatic stress Disorder and General Symptoms of Anxiety in Adolescent Survivors of Bam Earthquake

Author(s): S. Sajad Mousavi | Javad Mahmoudi-gharaei | Mahdi Bina | Elham Gholampoor | Saeideh Eisar
The Effect of Premenstrual Syndrome on Quality of Life in Adolescent Girls

Author(s): Ziba Taghizadeh | Maryam Shirmohammadi | Mohammad Arbabi | Abbas Mehran
Quality of Life and the Associated Psychological Factors in Caregivers of Children with PKU

Author(s): Javad Mahmoudi-Gharaei | Saeedeh Mostafavi | Nargess Alirezaei
Lower Level of Physical Activity Predisposes Iranian Adolescent Girls to Obesity and its Metabolic Consequences

Author(s): Naghmeh-Zahra Mirhosseini | Suzana Shahar | Noor Aini Mohd Yusoff | Majid M. Ghayour-Mobarhan | Ali Reza Derakhshan | Mohamad Taghi Shakery
A cross sectional study on demographic profile and role of education in adolescent girls

Author(s): Amruta Swati Indupalli, | Siddesh Basavaraj Sirwar
Factors associated with walking, moderate and vigorous physical activities in adolescents

Author(s): V.C. Barbosa Filho | A.P. Gordia | T.M. Bianchini de Quadros | E.A. Souza | W. Campos
Reasons for delaying or engaging in early sexual initiation among adolescents in Nigeria

Author(s): Ankomah A | Mamman-Daura F | Omoregie G | Anyanti J
Socioeconomic trajectory from birth to adolescence and lung function: prospective birth cohort study

Author(s): Menezes Ana | Dumith Samuel | Perez-Padilla Rogélio | Noal Ricardo | Wehrmeister Fernando | Martínez-Mesa Jeovany | Araújo Cora | Hallal Pedro
A comparison of breast density measures between mothers and adolescent daughters

Author(s): Maskarinec Gertraud | Morimoto Yukiko | Daida Yihe | Shepherd John | Novotny Rachel
The contribution of dance to daily physical activity among adolescent girls

Author(s): O'Neill Jennifer | Pate Russell | Hooker Steven
Bone mineral density and content in adolescent girls. DOI: 10.5007/1980-0037.2011v13n5p354

Author(s): Romulo Maia Carlos Fonseca | Rinaldo Wellerson Pereira | Nanci Maria de França
Prevalence of stunting and thinness among early adolescent school girls of paschim medinipur district, west bengal

Author(s): Soumyajit Maiti | Debasis De , Kausik Chatterjee , Kishalay Jana , Debidas Ghosh , Shyamapada Paul
Determinant factors of cardiorespiratory fitness in Portuguese adolescents of different ethnicities. DOI: 10.5007/1980-0037.2011v13n4p243

Author(s): Diana Aguiar Santos | Analiza Mónica Silva | Helena Santa-Clara | Catarina Nunes Matias | David A Fields | Luís Bettencourt Sardinha
Prevalence of overweight, obesity and hypertension in adolescents attending an art school. DOI: 10.5007/1980-0037.2011v13n4p272

Author(s): Patricia Torres | Jorgelina Linares | Natalia Bonzi | Maria Elena Giuliano | Laura Sanziani | Stella Maris Pezzotto | Marta Bravo Luna
Risperidone in the treatment of conduct disorder in preschool children without intellectual disability

Author(s): Ercan Eyup | Basay Burge | Basay Omer | Durak Sibel | Ozbaran Burcu
The influence of behavioural and health problems on alcohol and drug use in late adolescence - a follow up study of 2 399 young Norwegians

Author(s): Strandheim Arve | Bratberg Grete | Holmen Turid | Coombes Lindsey | Bentzen Niels
Ear diseases among secondary school students in Xi'an, China: The role of portable audio device use, insomnia and academic stress

Author(s): Chen Yang | Li Xu | Xu Zhan | Li Zonghua | Zhang Pengzhi | He Ya | Wang Fangyuan | Qiu Jianhua
Contraception in HIV-positive female adolescents

Author(s): Kancheva Landolt Nadia | Lakhonphon Sudrak | Ananworanich Jintanat
Human papillomavirus vaccine introduction in low-income and middle-income countries: guidance on the use of cost-effectiveness models

Author(s): Jit Mark | Demarteau Nadia | Elbasha Elamin | Ginsberg Gary | Kim Jane | Praditsitthikorn Naiyana | Sinanovic Edina | Hutubessy Raymond
Current smoking behaviour among rural South African children: Ellisras Longitudinal Study

Author(s): Mashita Ramaijane | Themane Mahlapahlapana | Monyeki Kotsedi | Kemper Han
Higher body mass index may induce asthma among adolescents with pre-asthmatic symptoms: a prospective cohort study

Author(s): Ho Wen-Chao | Lin Yu-Sheng | Caffrey James | Lin Meng-Hung | Hsu Hui-Tsung | Myers Leann | Chen Pau-Chung | Lin Ruey-Shiung
Diagnoses of patients referring to a child and adolescent psychiatry outpatient clinic

Author(s): İbrahim Durukan | Dursun Karaman | Koray Kara | Türker Türker | Ali Evren Tufan | Özhan Yalçın | Koray Karabekiroğlu
Nutritional Status of Adolescent Girls in Rural Area of Kolar District -A Cross-Sectional Study

Author(s): H.R. Shivaramakrishna | A.V. Deepa | M. Sarithareddy

Author(s): Dirk Aerenhouts | Evert Zinzen | Peter Clarys
Rape Victimization and High Risk Sexual Behaviors: A Longitudinal Study of African-American Adolescent Females

Author(s): Lang, Delia | Sales, Jessica | Salazar, Laura | Hardin, James | DiClemente, Ralph | Wingood, Gina
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