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Listening Levels of Teenage iPod Users: Does measurement approach matter?

Author(s): Nicole C. Haines | William E. Hodgetts | Amberley V. Ostevik | Jana M. Rieger
Long-Term Neurotoxicity of Chemotherapy in Adolescents and Young Adults Treated for Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcomas

Author(s): Helena M. Earl | Sean Connolly | Christos Latoufis | Karen Eagle | Catherine M. Ash | Clare Fowler | Robert L. Souhami
Surgical Principles for Children/Adolescents With Newly DiagnosedRhabdomyosarcoma: A Report from the Soft Tissue Sarcoma Committeeof the Children's Oncology Group

Author(s): David A. Rodeberg | Charles N. Paidas | Thom L. Lobe | Kenneth Brown | Richard J. Andrassy | William M. Crist | Eugene S. Wiener
The concept of transformation as resignified by high-school students

Author(s): Michele Marcelo Silva Bortolai | Daisy de Brito Rezende
Self-Harm and Suicide Attempts among High-Risk, Urban Youth in the U.S.: Shared and Unique Risk and Protective Factors

Author(s): Monica H. Swahn | Bina Ali | Robert M. Bossarte | Manfred Van Dulmen | Alex Crosby | Angela C. Jones | Katherine C. Schinka

Author(s): Scoppetta, Orlando | Pérez Gómez, Augusto | Lanziano Molano, Carlos
Age at Menarche and Menstrual Cycle Pattern among School Adolescent Girls in Central India

Author(s): Dharampal G. Dambhare | Sanjay V. Wagh | Jayesh Y. Dudhe
Neuronal correlates of ADHD in adults with evidence for compensation strategies – a functional MRI study with a Go/No-Go paradigm

Author(s): Dillo, Wolfgang | Göke, Andres | Prox-Vagedes, Vanessa | Szycik, Gregor R. | Roy, Mandy | Donnerstag, Frank | Emrich, Hinderk M. | Ohlmeier, Martin D.
Autoimmune thyroiditis in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes

Author(s): Ewa Piątkowska | Mieczysław Szalecki
Prevention of alcohol misuse among children, youths and young adults

Author(s): Korczak, Dieter | Steinhauser, Gerlinde | Dietl, Markus
Evaluation of a short food frequency questionnaire used among Norwegian children

Author(s): Inger Therese L. Lillegaard | Nina Øverby | Lene Andersen
Atopic dermatitis in adolescence

Author(s): Giampaolo Ricci | Federica Bellini | Arianna Dondi | Annalisa Patrizi | Andrea Pession
Defining an acceptable period of time from melanoma biopsy to excision

Author(s): Laura S. Huff | Caroline A. Chang | Jacob F. Thomas | Margaret K. Cook-Shimanek | Paul Blomquist | Nellie Konnikov | Robert P. Dellavalle
Endocannabinoids and cardiovascular prevention: real progress?

Author(s): Savina Nodari | Alessandra Manerba | Marco Metra | Livio Dei Cas
Stenting aortic coarctation in children: Immediate and midterm results

Author(s): Košutić Jovan | Prijić Sergej | Vukomanović Vladislav | Rakić Sanja | Kuburović Vladimir
Muscle fat content and abdominal adipose tissue distribution investigated by magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging in obese children and adolescents

Author(s): Cilius Esmann Fonvig | Dorthe S. Bille | Elizaveta Chabanova | Tenna R. H. Nielsen | Henrik S. Thomsen | Jens-Christian Holm
Open reduction and internal fixation of displaced clavicle fractures in adolescents

Author(s): Harish S. Hosalkar | Gaurav Parikh | James D. Bomar | Bernd Bittersohl
Serum Zinc Levels in Children and Adolescents With Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus

Author(s): M Estakhri | A Djazayery | MR Eshraghian | R Majdzadeh | M Jalali | Z Karamizadeh | M Chamari | M Peyrovi Milani
The Skin Ivory Spot. A Possible Indicator for Skinfield Photo-Carcinogenesis in Recreational Sunbed Addicts

Author(s): Pascale Quatresooz | Claudine Piérard-Franchimont | Gérald E. Piérard
Transcatheter treatment of interrupted arcus aorta in two adolescents

Author(s): Ahmet Çelebi | Türkay Sarıtaş | Halil Demir | Celal Akdeniz | Abdullah Erdem
The effect of acute physical exercise on serum IL6 and CRP levels in healthy non-athlete adolescents

Author(s): Hamid Reza Mohammadi | Farzaneh Taghian | Mohammad Sadegh Khoshnam | Mohammad Rafatifar | Mahdi Sabagh
The Buss-Perry Aggression Questionnaire: Construct validity and gender invariance among Argentinean adolescents

Author(s): Cecilia Reyna | Maria Gabriela Lello Ivacevich | Anahi Sanchez | Silvina Brussino
Confiabilidad de la Prueba de Habilidad Intelectual DAP:IQ

Author(s): Luis Honores Mendoza | César Merino Soto
Physique and Body Composition in Soccer Players across Adolescence

Author(s): Pantelis Theodoros Nikolaidis | Nikos Vassilios Karydis
Physical self-concept of normal-weight and overweight adolescents: Gender specificities

Author(s): Lazarević Dušanka | Radisavljević-Janić Snežana | Milanović Ivana | Lazarević Ljiljana B.
Analysis of drop-in visits of children and adolescents for planning the actions of the Family Health Program Análise do acolhimento de crianças e adolescentes para o planejamento das ações do PSF

Author(s): Cláudia Regina Lindgren Alves | Jaciara Lagazeta Garcia | Carmen Cadete Gomes Silveira | Gustavo Vieira Rodrigues Maciel
Non-response and population representation in studies of adolescent time use

Author(s): Casey B. Mulligan | Casey B. Mulligan | Rustin Wolfe
Factors Contributing to Psycho-Social Ill-Health in Male Adolescents

Author(s): Gurpreet Singh Chhabra | Manmeet Kaur Sodhi

Author(s): Anurag Srivastava, Syed Esam Mahmood, Payal Mishra, V P Shrotriya, Iram Shaifali

Author(s): Anurag Srivastava, Syed Esam Mahmood, Payal Mishra, V P Shrotriya, Iram Shaifali
Diferencias en los niveles de motivación por sexo, curso y tipo de centro educativo en el aprendizaje estratégico de la lengua extranjera

Author(s): de la Morena Taboada, Marián | Sánchez Burón, Adolfo | Poveda Fernández Martín, M.
Streptococcal pharyngitis

Author(s): Safvat S
"Do the dietary habits of our community warrant health of children and adolescents now and in future? CASPIAN Study"

Author(s): "R Kelishadi | G Ardalan | R Gheiratmand | R Sheikholeslam | SR Majdzadeh | AR Delavari | MM Monazzam | on. V Ziaee | SH Barakati | R Heshmat "
Psychosocial group interventions on Bam earthquake related PTSD symptoms in adolescents

Author(s): MM Gharaei | MR Mohammadi | Y Fakour | M Momtazbakhsh
Exercise in type 1 diabetic patients

Author(s): M Hassabi | A Rabbani | A Sotoodeh
Study of Antiepileptic Drugs effects on bone metabolism

Author(s): MR Ashrafi | F Khoshhal | A Rabani | N Salajegheh | A Mohammadian Nasab | S Shams | MT Haghi Ashtiani | A Sotodeh
Behavioral group therapy effect on Bam earthquake related PTSD symptoms in children: A randomized clinical trial

Author(s): "J Mahmoudi-Gharaei | MR Mohammadi | M Bina | MT Yasami | Y Fakour | F Naderi "
Blood pressure and obesity in young adolescents in Tehran

Author(s): "A Khaji | Sh Khodaii | M karbakhsh | A Faeghi | S Azizi | A Firoozian | J Jafari "
Pre-participation examination in children

Author(s): F Halabchi | SR Reiskarami
The effect of empowerment model on quality of life of Diabetic adolescents

Author(s): M Heidari | F Alhani | A Kazemnejad | F Moezzi
Prevalence of Hypertension in Junior and Senior High School Children in Iran

Author(s): Neamatollah Ataei |  Asghar Aghamohammadi |  Vahid Ziaee | Mostafa Hosseini |  Farzin Dehsara |  Aliasghar Rezanejad
Congenital Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma with Prenatal Onset

Author(s): Fatemeh Khatami |  Ahmad Bazrafshan |  Maryam Monajemzadeh |  Masood Seyed
Comparison of Lipoprotein (a) and Apolipoproteins in Children with and without Familial History of Premature Coronary Artery Disease

Author(s): Azita Fesharakinia |  Toba Kazemi | Asghar Zarban | Gholam Reza Sharifzadeh
Colocolic Intussusception without Lead Point; A Case Report and Literature Review

Author(s): Rahim Mahmudloo | Shahsanam Gheibi | Sona Nuri Vahed
The Effect of Dietary Behavior Modification on Anthropometric Indices in Obese Adolescent Female Students

Author(s): Raheleh Sabet Sarvestani | Marziye Kargar | Mohamad-Hossein Kave | Hamidreza Tabatabaee
Etiology of Short Stature in East Azerbaijan, Iran

Author(s): Siamak Shiva | Alireza Nikzad
Analysis of Substance Abuse in Male Adolescents

Author(s): Anees Ahmad | Najam Khalique | Zulfia Khan
Ski Sickness in Adolescents Skiers

Author(s): Reza Alizadeh | Vahid Ziaee | Ziba Aghsaei-Fard | Mehrab Hojat
Paratesticular Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma; Report of a Case

Author(s): Sefa Resim | Nazan Okur | Sevgi Bakarıs | Ali Osman Kilic | Bulent Altunoluk
Determination of Hepatitis C Genotypes and the Viral Titer Distribution in Children and Adolescents with Major Thalassemia

Author(s): Touran Shahraki | Mansour Shahraki | Esmaiel Sanei Moghaddam | Mehri Najafi | Ali Bahari
Prevalence of Chest Wall Deformities in a Large Sample of Iranian Children Aged 7-14 Years

Author(s): Mohammad-Taghi Rajabi-Mashhadi | Mahmoud Ebrahimi | Majid Ghayour Mobarhan | Mohsen Moohebati | Mohammad-Hossein Boskabady | Seyyed-Mohammad-Reza Kazemi-Bajestani
Transcatheter Closure of Atrial Septal Defect with Amplatzer Device in Children and Adolescents: Short and Midterm results; an Iranian Experience

Author(s): Mostafa Behjati | Sayed-Jalil Mirhosseini | Saiyed-Habibollah Hosseini | Shahrokh Rajaei
Risk Score Model for Predicting Sonographic Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Children and Adolescents

Author(s): Sayed-Mohsen Hosseini | Saeid Mousavi | Parinaz Poursafa | Roya Kelishadi
Association of Serum Alanine Aminotransferase Levels with Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Normal-Weight and Overweight Children

Author(s): Shohreh-Ghatreh Samani | Roya Kelishadi | Atoosa Adibi | Hengameh Noori | Mina Moeini
Thyroid Disorders in Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus in Isfahan, Iran

Author(s): Samaneh Khanpour Ardestani | Ammar Hassanzadeh Keshteli | Noushin Khalili | Mahin Hashemipour | Reihaneh Barekatain
Abdominal Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor: Report on Four Cases and Review of Literature

Author(s): Alireza Mirshemirani | Ahmad Khaleghnejad Tabari | Naser Sadeghian | Siamak Shariat-Torbaghan | Marina Pourafkari | Leila Mohajerzadeh
Association between adolescent girls anxiety and parental style of control

Author(s): Karimi R | Taghavi Larijani T | Mehran A | Ghaljaei F
Effect of preventive education of STD based on health belief model in the couples

Author(s): Mirmohammadali M | Moddares M | Mehran A | Ashtari Mahini M
Who are we? Parental influences on self-identities and self-esteem of second generation youths in Spain

Author(s): Portes, Alejandro | Celaya, Adrienne | Vickstrom, Erik | Aparicio, Rosa
Teachers’ socio-emotional perceptions on gifted and average adolescents

Author(s): María Carmen Fernández | Rosario Bermejo | Marta Sainz | Laura Llor | Daniel Hernández | Gloria Soto
Predisposing Factors for Deep Venous Thrombosis in Children and Adolescents with Nephrotic Syndrome

Author(s): Gabriela de Toledo Passos Candelaria | Vera Maria Santoro Belangero
The Prevalence of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviours Relative to Obesity among Adolescents from Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia: Rural versus Urban Variations

Author(s): Anwar A. Al-Nuaim | Yahya Al-Nakeeb | Mark Lyons | Hazzaa M. Al-Hazzaa | Alan Nevill | Peter Collins | Michael J. Duncan
Morbilidad y mortalidad materna en San Carlos, Cojedes-Venezuela. 2001-2008

Author(s): Nugged Aure | Vicenta Oropeza | Gilberto Bastidas
Systemic hypertension and associated factors in school adolescents

Author(s): Salma B. Galal | Soheir A. Fahmy | Somia Lashine | Nahed Abdel-Fattah | Mohammed Omar Galal
Comparison of BMI Derived from Parent-Reported Height and Weight with Measured Values: Results from the German KiGGS Study

Author(s): Anna-Kristin Brettschneider | Ute Ellert | Angelika Schaffrath Rosario
Correlates of Suicide Ideation and Attempt among Youth Living in the Slums of Kampala

Author(s): Monica H. Swahn | Jane B. Palmier | Rogers Kasirye | Huang Yao
Systemic hypertension and associated factors in school adolescents

Author(s): Salma B. Galal | Soheir A. Fahmy | Somia Lashine | Nahed Abdel-Fattah | Mohammed Omar Galal
Effect of a School-Based Intervention Based on Social Cognitive Theory on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Middle School Students in Tehran

Author(s): Farinaz Abbasian | Nasrin Omidvar | Dolly Bondarianzadeh | Bahram Rashidkhani | Elham Shakibazadeh | Baran Hashemi

Author(s): Joanna KOSSEWSKA
Computer and Internet use Among Families: A Case of Botswana

Author(s): Dr. Rama Srivastava | Mr. Ishaan Srivastava
How Can Peer Group Influence the Behavior of Adolescents: Explanatory Model

Author(s): Gina Tomé | Margarida Matos | Celeste Simões | José Alves Diniz | Inês Camacho
Differences in zinc status and the leptin axis in anorexic and recovered adolescents and young adults: a pilot study

Author(s): F.D. Zepf | I. Sungurtekin | F. Glass | L. Elstrodt | D. Peetz | G. Hintereder | J. Kratzsch | C.S. Biskup | F. Poustka | L. Wöckel
Girls, identities and agency in adolescents' digital literacy practices

Author(s): Dimitrios Koutsogiannis | Vassiliki Adampa
Complexity of serrated sutures of a human skull

Author(s): Kochenkova О.V. | Zaichenko A.A. | Anisimova Е.А. | Anisimov D.I.
Unique Screener of Reading Fluency and Comprehension for Adolescents and Adults

Author(s): Ralph Steve McCallum | Michael Hopkins | Sherry Mee Bell | Kelli Caldwell Miller
Relationship between muscle strength and anthropometric, body composition parameters in Japanese adolescents

Author(s): Noriko Sakano | Tomohiro Hirao | Takeyuki Numata | Nobuyuki Miyatake | Motohiko Miyachi | Izumi Tabata
What is the role of adolescent body mass index and physical activity on adult health risk behaviors?

Author(s): Robert J. Robertson | Elizabeth F. Nagle | Andrea M. Kriska | Jennifer A. Pintar | Kristi L. Storti | Vincent C. Arena
What is the role of adolescent body mass index and physical activity on adult health risk behaviors?

Author(s): Robert J. Robertson | Elizabeth F. Nagle | Andrea M. Kriska | Jennifer A. Pintar | Kristi L. Storti | Vincent C. Arena
Cigarette consumption among students from Cartagena, Colombia: associated family factors

Author(s): Zuleima Cogollo M | Edna Gómez B | Adalberto Campo A
Characterization of school adolescent students with suicide risk in Medellin, 2006

Author(s): Diana C. Toro G | Ramón E. Paniagua S | Carlos M. González P | Brígida Montoya G
Sex differences in slow-wave electroencephalographic activity (SWA) in adolescent depression

Author(s): Jorge Lopez | Robert Hoffmann | Graham Emslie | Roseanne Armitage
Increased Creatinine Kinase Levels due to MDMA use without Myoglobinuria and Renal Failure

Author(s): Nilüfer ELDEŞ | Hamzah AMEER | Hilal HOROZOĞLU
Binge Eating and Weight-Related Quality of Life in Obese Adolescents

Author(s): Lisa M. Ranzenhofer | Kelli M. Columbo | Marian Tanofsky-Kraff | Lauren B. Shomaker | Omni Cassidy | Brittany E. Matheson | Ronette L. Kolotkin | Jenna M. Checchi | Margaret Keil | Jennifer R. McDuffie | Jack A. Yanovski
Eventos de Vida: Investigações sobre a Violência Sexual Contra Crianças e Adolescentes

Author(s): Ana Celina Garcia Albornoz | Denise Ruschel Bandeira
Inventário de Psicopatia de Hare Versão Jovens (PCL:YV): Estudo Preliminar em Amostra Adolescente Brasileira

Author(s): Ramiro Ronchetti | Tárcia Rita Davoglio | Roberta Salvador Silva | Silvio José Lemos Vasconcellos | Gabriel José Chittó Gauer
Construct Validity of an Attention and Motor Activity Test for Brazilian Adolescents

Author(s): Caroline Tozzi Reppold | Claudio Simon Hutz
Muscle fat content and abdominal adipose tissue distribution investigated by magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging in obese children and youths

Author(s): Cilius E. Fonvig | Dorthe S. Bille | Elizaveta Chabanova | Tenna R. H. Nielsen | Henrik S. Thomsen | Jens-Christian Holm

Author(s): Biljana Kocić | Branislav Petrović
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