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Rheology of suspensions with aluminum nano-particles

Author(s): Ulrich Teipel | Ulrich Förter-Barth
Evaluation of nanoparticles in the performance of energetic materials

Author(s): José Atílio Fritz Fidel Rocco | Rene Francisco Boschi Gonçalves | Koshun Iha | Gilson da Silva
Nusselt Number and Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient for a Coaxial Heat Exchanger Using Al2O3-Water pH=5 Nanofluid

Author(s): Răzvan-Silviu Luciu | Theodor Mateescu | Victoria Cotorobai | Thierry Mare
Understanding the Formation of Nano and Micro Particles During Metal Cutting

Author(s): R. Khettabi, V. Songmene, J. Masounave and I. Zaghbani
Ultraviolet Protection, Flame Retardancy and Antibacterial Properties of Treated Polyester Fabric Using Plasma-Nano Technology

Author(s): Wafaa M. Raslan | Usama S. Rashed | Hanan El-Sayad | Azza A. El-Halwagy
Synthesis of Al3Fe5O12 Cubic Structure by Extremely Low Sintering Temperature of Sol Gel Technique

Author(s): Noorhana Yahya | Ramadan A.H. Masoud | Hanita Daud | Azizuddin A. Aziz | Hasnah M. Zaid
Combustion of Bimodal Nano/Micro Aluminum Suspension with New Reaction Rate Model

Author(s): M. Bidabadi | N. Moallemi | I.. Shafieenejad | M. Jadidi
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