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Genetics of Late-Onset Alzheimer's Disease: Update from the Alzgene Database and Analysis of Shared Pathways

Author(s): Paolo Olgiati | Antonis M. Politis | George N. Papadimitriou | Diana De Ronchi | Alessandro Serretti
Early Clinical and Molecular Detection of Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Benedetta Nacmias | Christiane Reitz | Thomas Arendt
Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3

Author(s): Peter Crouch | Adam Cole | Michael Cousin | Ana Martinez | Katja Kanninen
Diagnostic Utility of CSF Tau and Aβ42 in Dementia: A Meta-Analysis

Author(s): Rachna Agarwal | Chandra Bhushan Tripathi
Glutamate-Mediated Primary Somatosensory Cortex Excitability Correlated with Circulating Copper and Ceruloplasmin

Author(s): Franca Tecchio | Giovanni Assenza | Filippo Zappasodi | Stefania Mariani | Carlo Salustri | Rosanna Squitti
Disturbed Copper Bioavailability in Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Daniela Kaden | Ashley I. Bush | Ruth Danzeisen | Thomas A. Bayer | Gerd Multhaup
Copper Status in Alzheimer's Disease and Other Neurodegenerative Disorders: Genetics, Mechanisms, Neurophysiology, and Therapies

Author(s): Rosanna Squitti | D. Larry Sparks | Tjaard U. Hoogenraad | George J. Brewer
Biomarkers for Microglial Activation in Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Ronald Lautner | Niklas Mattsson | Michael Schöll | Kristin Augutis | Kaj Blennow | Bob Olsson | Henrik Zetterberg
Evidence for Elevated Cerebrospinal Fluid ERK1/2 Levels in Alzheimer Dementia

Author(s): Philipp Spitzer | Heinke Schieb | Heike Kamrowski-Kruck | Markus Otto | Davide Chiasserini | Lucilla Parnetti | Sanna-Kaisa Herukka | Johannes Schuchhardt | Jens Wiltfang | Hans-Wolfgang Klafki
New Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors for Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Mona Mehta | Abdu Adem | Marwan Sabbagh
How Does the Canadian General Public Rate Moderate Alzheimer's Disease?

Author(s): Jean-Eric Tarride | Mark Oremus | Eleanor Pullenayegum | Natasha Clayton | Parminder Raina
White Matter Changes in Bipolar Disorder, Alzheimer Disease, and Mild Cognitive Impairment: New Insights from DTI

Author(s): Aikaterini Xekardaki | Panteleimon Giannakopoulos | Sven Haller
Demencia en el ámbito de los cuidados paliativos del Hospicio de Seychelles

Author(s): Armando Carlos Roca Socarrás | Kleydis Blanco Torres
Genetic Mouse Models of Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Yann S. Mineur | Declan McLoughlin | Wim E. Crusio | Frans Sluyter
Understanding the Pathophysiology of Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Mini Review on fMRI and ERP Studies

Author(s): Takao Yamasaki | Hiroyuki Muranaka | Yumiko Kaseda | Yasuyo Mimori | Shozo Tobimatsu
Targeting HDACs: A Promising Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Ke Xu | Xue-Ling Dai | Han-Chang Huang | Zhao-Feng Jiang
PPARs in Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Markus P. Kummer | Michael T. Heneka
Incidence of sleep disorders in patients with Alzheimer disease

Author(s): Einstein Francisco Camargos | Marcela Basso Pandolfi | Marco Polo DiasFreitas | Juliana Lima Quintas | Renato Maia Guimarães | Otávio de Toledo Nóbrega
Cognitive plasticity in normal and pathological aging

Author(s): Fernández-Ballesteros R | Botella J | Zamarrón MD | Molina MÁ | Cabras E | Schettini R | Tárraga L
Association between Alzheimer’s Disease and Apolipoprotein E Polymorphisms

Author(s): E Gozalpour | K Kamali | K Mohammd | HR Khorram Khorshid | M Ohadi | M Ohadi | M Karimloo | A Mirabzadeh | A Fotouhi
Serum Leptin Levels in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease

Author(s): Andreas A. Rizoulis | Sokratis E. Karaoulanis | Katerina A. Rizouli | Alexandros Papadimitriou
Modelling Tauopathies in Drosophila: Insights from the Fruit Fly

Author(s): Catherine M. Cowan | Megan A. Sealey | Shmma Quraishe | Marie-Therese Targett | Kristen Marcellus | Douglas Allan | Amritpal Mudher
Leptin: A Novel Therapeutic Target in Alzheimer's Disease?

Author(s): Dayne Beccano-Kelly | Jenni Harvey
Targeting Beta Amyloid: A Clinical Review of Immunotherapeutic Approaches in Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Kasia Lobello | J. Michael Ryan | Enchi Liu | Gregory Rippon | Ronald Black
Simvastatin Blocks Blood-Brain Barrier Disruptions Induced by Elevated Cholesterol Both In Vivo and In Vitro

Author(s): Xijuan Jiang | Maojuan Guo | Jinling Su | Bin Lu | Dongming Ma | Ruifeng Zhang | Lin Yang | Qiang Wang | Yiwen Ma | Yingchang Fan
A Two-Study Comparison of Clinical and MRI Markers of Transition from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer’s Disease

Author(s): D. P. Devanand | Xinhua Liu | Patrick J. Brown | Edward D. Huey | Yaakov Stern | Gregory H. Pelton
Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer Disease: Role of Amyloid Precursor Protein and Presenilin 1 Intracellular Signaling

Author(s): Mario Nizzari | Stefano Thellung | Alessandro Corsaro | Valentina Villa | Aldo Pagano | Carola Porcile | Claudio Russo | Tullio Florio
Stem Cell Therapy in Treatment of Different Diseases

Author(s): Bagher Larijani | Ensieh Nasli Esfahani | Peyvand Amini | Behrouz Nikbin | Kamran Alimoghaddam | Somayeh Amiri | Reza Malekzadeh | Nika Mojahed Yazdi | Maryam Ghodsi | Yahya Dowlati | Mohammad Ali Sahraian | Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh
Chronic excitotoxin-induced axon degeneration in a compartmented neuronal culture model

Author(s): Katherine A Hosie | Anna E King | Catherine A Blizzard | James C Vickers | Tracey C Dickson

Author(s): Se-Hong Kim | Minjeong Kim | Yu-Bae Ahn | Hyun-Kook Lim | Sung-Goo Kang | Jung-hyoun Cho | Seo-Jin Park | Sang-Wook Song
Alzheimer’s disease: A Threat to mankind

Author(s): Poorti Pandey | Mritunjai Singh | I. S. Gambhir
Quantitative imaging of coronary blood flow

Author(s): Adam M. Alessio | Erik Butterworth | James H. Caldwell | James B. Bassingthwaighte
Evaluación de la producción de b-amiloide por la mutación E280A en el gen de la presenilina 1 Evaluation of amyloid-b by the E280A mutation in presenilin gene

Author(s): Andrés Villegas | Mónica M. Castañeda | Luis Fernando Arias | Beatriz Vieco | Francisco Lopera | Gabriel Bedoya

Author(s): Vinayak Gaware | Kiran Kotade | Kiran Dhamak | Sachin Somawanshi

Author(s): Maninder Singh
Diverse inflammatory responses in transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's disease and the effect of immunotherapy on these responses

Author(s): Donna M Wilcock | Qun Zhao | Dave Morgan | Marcia N Gordon | Angela Everhart | Joan G Wilson | Jennifer E Lee | Carol A Colton
The Unexpected Capability of Melanin to Split the Water Molecule and the Alzheimer’s Disease

Author(s): Maria del Carmen Arias-Esparza | Ruth Isabel Solís Arias | Paola Eugenia Solís Arias | Martha Patricia Solís Arias | A. Solís-Herrera
Cholesterol-enriched diet causes age-related macular degeneration-like pathology in rabbit retina

Author(s): Dasari Bhanu | Prasanthi Jaya | Marwarha Gurdeep | Singh Brij | Ghribi Othman
Downregulation of CREB expression in Alzheimer's brain and in Aβ-treated rat hippocampal neurons

Author(s): Pugazhenthi Subbiah | Wang Maorong | Pham Serena | Sze Chun-I | Eckman Christopher
Insulin glycation by methylglyoxal results in native-like aggregation and inhibition of fibril formation

Author(s): Oliveira Luis | Lages Ana | Gomes Ricardo | Neves Henrique | Família Carlos | Coelho Ana | Quintas Alexandre
Region-specific tauopathy and synucleinopathy in brain of the alpha-synuclein overexpressing mouse model of Parkinson's disease

Author(s): Kaul Tiffany | Credle Joel | Haggerty Thomas | Oaks Adam | Masliah Eliezer | Sidhu Anita
Genetic variation in the tau protein phosphatase-2A pathway is not associated with Alzheimer's disease risk

Author(s): Vázquez-Higuera José | Mateo Ignacio | Sánchez-Juan Pascual | Rodríguez-Rodríguez Eloy | Pozueta Ana | Calero Miguel | Dobato José | Frank-García Ana | Valdivieso Fernando | Berciano José | Bullido Maria | Combarros Onofre
A glycine zipper motif mediates the formation of toxic β-amyloid oligomers in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Fonte Virginia | Dostal Vishantie | Roberts Christine | Gonzales Patrick | Lacor Pascale | Magrane Jordi | Dingwell Natalie | Fan Emily | Silverman Michael | Stein Gretchen | Link Christopher
Alzheimer's disease: synapses gone cold

Author(s): Koffie Robert | Hyman Bradley | Spires-Jones Tara
Prescribing patterns in dementia: a multicentre observational study in a German network of CAM physicians

Author(s): Jeschke Elke | Ostermann Thomas | Vollmar Horst | Tabali Manuela | Schad Friedemann | Matthes Harald
Osteoarthritis accelerates and exacerbates Alzheimer's disease pathology in mice

Author(s): Kyrkanides Stephanos | Tallents Ross | Miller Jen-nie | Olschowka Mallory | Johnson Renee | Yang Meixiang | Olschowka John | Brouxhon Sabine | O'Banion M Kerry
Potential prognostic marker ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase-L1 does not predict patient survival in non-small cell lung carcinoma

Author(s): Orr Katy | Shi Zhanzhong | Brown W Mark | O'Hagan Kathleen | Lappin Terence | Maxwell Perry | Percy Melanie
Can we use the pharmacy data to estimate the prevalence of chronic conditions? a comparison of multiple data sources

Author(s): Chini Francesco | Pezzotti Patrizio | Orzella Letizia | Borgia Piero | Guasticchi Gabriella
Activation of matrix metalloproteinases following anti-Aβ immunotherapy; implications for microhemorrhage occurrence

Author(s): Wilcock Donna | Morgan Dave | Gordon Marcia | Taylor Tiffany | Ridnour Lisa | Wink David | Colton Carol
Amyloid beta protein-induced zinc sequestration leads to synaptic loss via dysregulation of the ProSAP2/Shank3 scaffold

Author(s): Grabrucker Andreas | Schmeisser Michael | Udvardi Patrick | Arons Magali | Schoen Michael | Woodling Nathaniel | Andreasson Katrin | Hof Patrick | Buxbaum Joseph | Garner Craig | Boeckers Tobias
A prospective study of nutrition education and oral nutritional supplementation in patients with Alzheimer's disease

Author(s): Pivi Glaucia | da Silva Rosimeire | Juliano Yara | Novo Neil | Okamoto Ivan | Brant César | Bertolucci Paulo
Identifying Tmem59 related gene regulatory network of mouse neural stem cell from a compendium of expression profiles

Author(s): Zhang Luwen | Ju Xiangchun | Cheng Yumin | Guo Xiuyun | Wen Tieqiao
The "Alzheimer's disease signature": potential perspectives for novel biomarkers

Author(s): Davinelli Sergio | Intrieri Mariano | Russo Claudio | Di Costanzo Alfonso | Zella Davide | Bosco Paolo | Scapagnini Giovanni
Alzheimer-specific variants in the 3'UTR of Amyloid precursor protein affect microRNA function

Author(s): Delay Charlotte | Calon Frédéric | Mathews Paul | Hébert Sébastien
Plasma 24S-hydroxycholesterol levels in elderly subjects with late onset Alzheimer's disease or vascular dementia: a case-control study

Author(s): Zuliani Giovanni | Donnorso Michela | Bosi Cristina | Passaro Angelina | Nora Edoardo | Zurlo Amedeo | Bonetti Francesco | Mozzi Alessia | Cortese Claudio
Transgenic mouse model for the formation of Hirano bodies

Author(s): Ha Sangdeuk | Furukawa Ruth | Stramiello Michael | Wagner John | Fechheimer Marcus
Co-morbidity and drug treatment in Alzheimer's disease. A cross sectional study of participants in the Dementia Study in Northern Norway

Author(s): Andersen Fred | Viitanen Matti | Halvorsen Dag | Straume Bjørn | Engstad Torgeir
Elevated CSF levels of TACE activity and soluble TNF receptors in subjects with mild cognitive impairment and patients with Alzheimer's disease

Author(s): Jiang Hong | Hampel Harald | Prvulovic David | Wallin Anders | Blennow Kaj | Li Rena | Shen Yong
The burden of premature mortality in Spain using standard expected years of life lost: a population-based study

Author(s): Gènova-Maleras Ricard | Catalá-López Ferrán | de Larrea-Baz Nerea | Álvarez-Martín Elena | Morant-Ginestar Consuelo
Alzheimer's disease - input of vitamin D with mEmantine assay (AD-IDEA trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Annweiler Cédric | Fantino Bruno | Parot-Schinkel Elsa | Thiery Samuel | Gautier Jennifer | Beauchet Olivier
Study Protocol: The Behaviour and Pain in Dementia Study (BePAID)

Author(s): Scott Sharon | Jones Louise | Blanchard Martin | Sampson Elizabeth
Mutation screening of patients with Alzheimer disease identifies APP locus duplication in a Swedish patient

Author(s): Thonberg Håkan | Fallström Marie | Björkström Jenny | Schoumans Jacqueline | Nennesmo Inger | Graff Caroline
BACE-1 inhibition prevents the γ-secretase inhibitor evoked Aβ rise in human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells

Author(s): Jämsä Anne | Belda Oscar | Edlund Michael | Lindström Erik
Effects of collagen-induced rheumatoid arthritis on amyloidosis and microvascular pathology in APP/PS1 mice

Author(s): Park Sun | Shin Jin | Moon Gyeong | Cho Sung | Lee Yong | Gwag Byoung
A Novel Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease with Chronic Estrogen Deficiency Leads to Glial Cell Activation and Hypertrophy

Author(s): Annik Prat | Maik Behrendt | Edwige Marcinkiewicz | Sebastien Boridy | Ram M. Sairam | Nabil G. Seidah | Dusica Maysinger
Striatal Hypodensities, Not White Matter Hypodensities on CT, Are Associated with Late-Onset Depression in Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Jessica A. Brommelhoff | Bryan M. Spann | John L. Go | Wendy J. Mack | Margaret Gatz
CLOCK Genes and Circadian Rhythmicity in Alzheimer Disease

Author(s): J. Thome | A. N. Coogan | A. G. Woods | C. C. Darie | F. Häßler
Assessing the Sociocultural Impacts of Emerging Molecular Technologies for the Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Marianne Boenink | Yvonne Cuijpers | Anna Laura van der Laan | Harro van Lente | Ellen Moors
New Thinking on the Etiology and Pathogenesis of Late-Onset Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Alan P. Hudson | Brian J. Balin | Keith Crutcher | Stephen Robinson
Potential Peripheral Biomarkers for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Seema Patel | Raj J. Shah | Paul Coleman | Marwan Sabbagh
The Cellular Prion Protein Prevents Copper-Induced Inhibition of P2X4 Receptors

Author(s): Ramón A. Lorca | Lorena Varela-Nallar | Nibaldo C. Inestrosa | J. Pablo Huidobro-Toro
Gender Effects on Plasma and Brain Copper

Author(s): Joseph F. Quinn | Christopher Harris | Jeffrey A. Kaye | Babett Lind | Raina Carter | Thimmappa Anekonda | Martina Ralle
Cerebrospinal Fluid Levels of sAPPα and sAPPβ in Lewy Body and Alzheimer's Disease: Clinical and Neurochemical Correlates

Author(s): Ezra Mulugeta | Elisabet Londos | Oskar Hansson | Clive Ballard | Ragnhild Skogseth | Lennart Minthon | Kaj Blennow | Henrik Zetterberg | Dag Aarsland
Comparison of Vascular Perturbations in an Aβ-Injected Animal Model and in AD Brain

Author(s): Nattinee Jantaratnotai | Jae K. Ryu | Claudia Schwab | Patrick L. McGeer | James G. McLarnon
Introducing Human APOE into Aβ Transgenic Mouse Models

Author(s): Leon M. Tai | Katherine L. Youmans | Lisa Jungbauer | Chunjiang Yu | Mary Jo LaDu
Effect of Transcranial Brain Stimulation for the Treatment of Alzheimer Disease: A Review

Author(s): Raffaele Nardone | Jürgen Bergmann | Monica Christova | Francesca Caleri | Frediano Tezzon | Gunther Ladurner | Eugen Trinka | Stefan Golaszewski
Comparing the Neuropsychiatric Profile of Patients with Alzheimer Disease Who Present Spared versus Impaired Executive Functioning

Author(s): Ezequiel Gleichgerrcht | Anabel Chade | Teresa Torralva | María Roca | Facundo Manes

Author(s): A. Vaisi-Raygani | Z. Rahimi | M. Zahraie | M. Noroozian A. Pourmotabbed

Author(s): A. Vaisi-Raygani | Z. Rahimi | M. Zahraie | M. Noroozian | A. Pourmotabbed

Author(s): Skibinski G | Finkbeiner S
Replication of EPHA1 and CD33 associations with late-onset Alzheimer's disease: a multi-centre case-control study

Author(s): Carrasquillo Minerva | Belbin Olivia | Hunter Talisha | Ma Li | Bisceglio Gina | Zou Fanggeng | Crook Julia | Pankratz V | Sando Sigrid | Aasly Jan | Barcikowska Maria | Wszolek Zbigniew | Dickson Dennis | Graff-Radford Neill | Petersen Ronald | Passmore Peter | Morgan Kevin | Younkin Steven
Heteroarylketones inhibit astroglial interleukin-6 expression via a STAT3/NF-κB signaling pathway

Author(s): Schulz Ingo | Engel Claudia | Niestroj André | Zeitschel Ulrike | Menge Katja | Kehlen Astrid | Meyer Antje | Roßner Steffen | Demuth Hans-Ulrich
The immunological potency and therapeutic potential of a prototype dual vaccine against influenza and Alzheimer's disease

Author(s): Davtyan Hayk | Ghochikyan Anahit | Cadagan Richard | Zamarin Dmitriy | Petrushina Irina | Movsesyan Nina | Martinez-Sobrido Luis | Albrecht Randy | García-Sastre Adolfo | Agadjanyan Michael
Early astrocytic atrophy in the entorhinal cortex of a triple transgenic animal model of Alzheimer's disease

Author(s): Chia‑Yu Yeh | Bhamini Vadhwana | Alexei Verkhratsky | José J Rodríguez

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