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Historia Atlántica e intelectualidad: una entrevista con Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra

Author(s): Luiz Estevam de Oliveira Fernandes | Luis Guilherme Kalil
Attribution and evolution of ozone from Asian wild fires using satellite and aircraft measurements during the ARCTAS campaign

Author(s): R. Dupont | B. Pierce | J. Worden | J. Hair | M. Fenn | P. Hamer | M. Natarajan | T. Schaack | A. Lenzen | E. Apel | J. Dibb | G. Diskin | G. Huey | A. Weinheimer | Y. Kondo | D. Knapp
Gas-particle partitioning of atmospheric Hg(II) and its effect on global mercury deposition

Author(s): H. M. Amos | D. J. Jacob | C. D. Holmes | J. A. Fisher | Q. Wang | R. M. Yantosca | E. S. Corbitt | E. Galarneau | A. P. Rutter | M. S. Gustin | A. Steffen | J. J. Schauer | J. A. Graydon | V. L. St. Louis | R. W. Talbot | E. S. Edgerton | Y. Zhang | E. M. Sunderland
Combining Bayesian methods and aircraft observations to constrain the HO. + NO2 reaction rate

Author(s): B. H. Henderson | R. W. Pinder | J. Crooks | R. C. Cohen | A. G. Carlton | H. O. T. Pye | W. Vizuete
Global distributions of acetone in the upper troposphere from MIPAS spectra

Author(s): D. P. Moore | J. J. Remedios | A. M. Waterfall
Ship-borne FTIR measurements of CO and O3 in the Western Pacific from 43° N to 35° S: an evaluation of the sources

Author(s): T. Ridder | C. Gerbig | J. Notholt | M. Rex | O. Schrems | T. Warneke | L. Zhang
Distributions and regional budgets of aerosols and their precursors simulated with the EMAC chemistry-climate model

Author(s): A. Pozzer | A. de Meij | K. J. Pringle | H. Tost | U. M. Doering | J. van Aardenne | J. Lelieveld
Aerosol classification using airborne High Spectral Resolution Lidar measurements – methodology and examples

Author(s): S. P. Burton | R. A. Ferrare | C. A. Hostetler | J. W. Hair | R. R. Rogers | M. D. Obland | C. F. Butler | A. L. Cook | D. B. Harper | K. D. Froyd
Intercontinental trans-boundary contributions to ozone-induced crop yield losses in the Northern Hemisphere

Author(s): M. J. Hollaway | S. R. Arnold | A. J. Challinor | L. D. Emberson
North American CO2 exchange: inter-comparison of modeled estimates with results from a fine-scale atmospheric inversion

Author(s): S. M. Gourdji | K. L. Mueller | V. Yadav | D. N. Huntzinger | A. E. Andrews | M. Trudeau | G. Petron | T. Nehrkorn | J. Eluszkiewicz | J. Henderson | D. Wen | J. Lin | M. Fischer | C. Sweeney | A. M. Michalak
The impacts of climate, land use, and demography on fires during the 21st century simulated by CLM-CN

Author(s): S. Kloster | N. M. Mahowald | J. T. Randerson | P. J. Lawrence
Biomass burning emissions estimated with a global fire assimilation system based on observed fire radiative power

Author(s): J. W. Kaiser | A. Heil | M. O. Andreae | A. Benedetti | N. Chubarova | L. Jones | J.-J. Morcrette | M. Razinger | M. G. Schultz | M. Suttie | G. R. van der Werf
Localising the nitrogen imprint of the Paris food supply: the potential of organic farming and changes in human diet

Author(s): G. Billen | J. Garnier | V. Thieu | M. Silvestre | S. Barles | P. Chatzimpiros
Nitrogen deposition to the United States: distribution, sources, and processes

Author(s): L. Zhang | D. J. Jacob | E. M. Knipping | N. Kumar | J. W. Munger | C. C. Carouge | A. van Donkelaar | Y. X. Wang | D. Chen
Wet and dry deposition of atmospheric nitrogen at ten sites in Northern China

Author(s): Y. P. Pan | Y. S. Wang | G. Q. Tang | D. Wu
Differences between downscaling with spectral and grid nudging using WRF

Author(s): P. Liu | A. P. Tsimpidi | Y. Hu | B. Stone | A. G. Russell | A. Nenes
Calibration of column-averaged CH4 over European TCCON FTS sites with airborne in-situ measurements

Author(s): M. C. Geibel | J. Messerschmidt | C. Gerbig | T. Blumenstock | F. Hase | O. Kolle | J. V. Lavrič | J. Notholt | M. Palm | M. Rettinger | M. Schmidt | R. Sussmann | T. Warneke | D. G. Feist
A Tropospheric ozone maximum over the equatorial southern Indian Ocean

Author(s): L. Zhang | Q. B. Li | L. T. Murray | M. Luo | H. Liu | J. H. Jiang | Y. Mao | D. Chen | M. Gao | N. Livesey
Nested-grid simulation of mercury over North America

Author(s): Y. Zhang | L. Jaeglé | A. van Donkelaar | R. V. Martin | C. D. Holmes | H. M. Amos | Q. Wang | R. Talbot | R. Artz | S. Brooks | W. Luke | T. M. Holsen | D. Felton | E. K. Miller | K. D. Perry | D. Schmeltz | A. Steffen | R. Tordon | P. Weiss-Penzias | R. Zsolway
Estimation of speciated and total mercury dry deposition at monitoring locations in Eastern and Central North America

Author(s): L. Zhang | P. Blanchard | D. A. Gay | E. M. Prestbo | M. R. Risch | D. Johnson | J. Narayan | R. Zsolway | T. M. Holsen | E. K. Miller | M. S. Castro | J. A. Graydon | V. L. St. Louis | J. Dalziel
The carbon balance of South America: status, decadal trends and main determinants

Author(s): M. Gloor | L. Gatti | R. J. W. Brienen | T. Feldpausch | O. Phillips | J. Miller | J.-P. Ometto | H. Ribeiro da Rocha | T. Baker | R. Houghton | Y. Malhi | L. Aragão | J.-L. Guyot | K. Zhao | R. Jackson | P. Peylin | S. Sitch | B. Poulter | M. Lomas | S. Zaehle | C. Huntingford | J. Lloyd
Pobreza estructural y déficit nutricional en niños preescolares, escolares y adolescentes del Sur de Valencia Estado Carabobo-Venezuela.

Author(s): Liseti Solano | Iraima Acuña | Armando Sánchez Jaeger | María Adela Barón | Alba Morón de Salim
The extinction of Equidae and Proboscidea in South America. A test using Carbon isotope data

Author(s): Prado, J. L. | Alberdi, M. T. | Sánchez, B. | Gómez, G.
US Role in Asia under a New World Order

Author(s): Robert Sutter

Author(s): Eduardo Magalhães Rego | Rafael Henriques Jácomo
School factors associated with socio-emotional development in Latin American Countries

Author(s): Murillo, F.Javier | Hernández-Castilla, Reyes
Assessing the Transferability of the Regional Climate Model REMO to Different COordinated Regional Climate Downscaling EXperiment (CORDEX) Regions

Author(s): Daniela Jacob | Alberto Elizalde | Andreas Haensler | Stefan Hagemann | Pankaj Kumar | Ralf Podzun | Diana Rechid | Armelle Reca Remedio | Fahad Saeed | Kevin Sieck | Claas Teichmann | Christof Wilhelm

Author(s): Mocanu Mihaela | Stefanescu Aurelia | Turlea Eugeniu
Antispila oinophylla new species (Lepidoptera, Heliozelidae), a new North American grapevine leafminer invading Italian vineyards: taxonomy, DNA barcodes and life cycle

Author(s): Erik van Nieukerken | David Wagner | Mario Baldessari | Luca Mazzon | Gino Angeli | Vincenzo Girolami | Carlo Duso | Camiel Doorenweerd
Interactive lakes in the Canadian Regional Climate Model, version 5: the role of lakes in the regional climate of North America

Author(s): Andrey Martynov | Laxmi Sushama | René Laprise | Katja Winger | Bernard Dugas
Chronic Chagas’ heart disease – From pathogenesis to treatment regimes

Author(s): Silvia Gilkas Munoz-Saravia | Annekathrin Haberland | Gerd Wallukat | Ingolf Schimke

Author(s): Raymundo, Igor Teixeira | Pádua, Sharlene Castanheira | Pinheiro, Thaís Gonçalves | Azevedo, Ana Emília Borges de | Nakanishi, Márcio | Oliveira, Carlos Augusto Costa Pires de
Comparative morphology of the diaphragm of white tufted-ear marmoset and the white-fronted marmoset

Author(s): Thais Borges Lessa | Luana Célia Stunitz da Silva | Maria Vitória Piemonte Constantino | Paulo Ramos da Silva Santos | Antônio Chaves de Assis Neto | Pedro Primo Bombonato | Carlos Eduardo Ambrósio
Shark teeth from Pirabas Formation (Lower Miocene), northeastern Amazonia, Brazil

Author(s): Sue Anne Regina Ferreira Costa | Martha Richter | Peter Mann de Toledo | Heloísa Maria Moraes-Santos
Sibynomorphus neuwiedi (Ihering, 1911) (Serpentes; Dipsadidae) and Potamojanuarius lamellatus (Semper, 1885) (Gastropoda; Veronicellidae): a trophic relationship revealed

Author(s): Thiago Maia-Carneiro | Thiago Arnt Dorigo | Suzete Rodrigues Gomes | Sonia Barbosa dos Santos | Carlos Frederico D. Rocha
Temporal trend and sources of speciated atmospheric mercury at Waliguan GAW station, Northwestern China

Author(s): X. W. Fu | X. Feng | P. Liang | Deliger | H. Zhang | J. Ji | P. Liu
The influence of boreal biomass burning emissions on the distribution of tropospheric ozone over North America and the North Atlantic during 2010

Author(s): M. Parrington | P. I. Palmer | D. K. Henze | D. W. Tarasick | E. J. Hyer | R. C. Owen | D. Helmig | C. Clerbaux | K. W. Bowman | M. N. Deeter | E. M. Barratt | P.-F. Coheur | D. Hurtmans | Z. Jiang | M. George | J. R. Worden
Change in dust variability in the Atlantic sector of Antarctica at the end of the last deglaciation

Author(s): A. Wegner | P. Gabrielli | D. Wilhelms-Dick | U. Ruth | M. Kriews | P. De Deckker | C. Barbante | G. Cozzi | B. Delmonte | H. Fischer
Review of the Historical Evolution of Anatomical Terms

Author(s): Algieri, Rubén D. | Pró, Eduardo A. | Forlizzi, Valeria | Ferrante, María Soledad
Lycophytes and monilophytes of the Bosque Rodrigues Alves Jardim Botânico da Amazônia, municipality of Belém, Pará State, Brazil

Author(s): Sebastião Maciel | Maria Goreti Coelho de Souza | Marcio Roberto Pietrobom
Cinchona amazonica Standl. (Rubiaceae) in the state of Acre, Brazil

Author(s): Percy Amilcar Zevallos Pollito | Mário Tomazello Filho
Molecular Adaptation of Peanut Metabolic Pathways to Wide Variations of Mineral Ion Composition and Concentration

Author(s): Justin C. Duncan | Dwiesha Johnson | Shanique Hyllam | Godson O. Osuji | Tassine K. Brown | Sanique M. South
Fast-GC Quantification of Harmonine, the Major Defense Alkaloid of the Multicolored Asian Ladybird Harmonia axyridis(Pallas)

Author(s): Eric Haubruge | François J. Verheggen | Georges C. Lognay | Delphine Durieux | Christophe Y. Fischer | Pascal Laurent | Stéphanie Heuskin
Soy Consumption and Obesity

Author(s): Maciej Henneberg | Dante Roccisano
Soy Consumption and Obesity

Author(s): Maciej Henneberg | Dante Roccisano
Antimicrobial management of intra-abdominal infections: Literature's guidelines

Author(s): Massimo Sartelli | Fausto Catena | Federico Coccolini | Antonio Daniele Pinna
Rubella antibody screening during pregnancy in an urban area of Northern Italy

Author(s): Massimo De Paschale | Maria Teresa Manco | Alessia Paganini | Carlo Agrappi | Paola Mirri | Gabriella Cucchi | Barbara Saccani | Alberto Flores D’Arcais | Pierangelo Clerici
Retrieving aerosol in a cloudy environment: aerosol availability as a function of spatial and temporal resolution

Author(s): L. A. Remer | S. Mattoo | R. C. Levy | A. Heidinger | R. B. Pierce | M. Chin
The Aptian evaporites of the South Atlantic: a climatic paradox?

Author(s): A.-C. Chaboureau | Y. Donnadieu | P. Sepulchre | C. Robin | F. Guillocheau | S. Rohais
Modelling large-scale ice-sheet–climate interactions following glacial inception

Author(s): J. M. Gregory | O. J. H. Browne | A. J. Payne | J. K. Ridley | I. C. Rutt
A review of the South American Monsoon history as recorded in stable isotopic proxies over the past two millennia

Author(s): M. Vuille | S. J. Burns | B. L. Taylor | F. W. Cruz | B. W. Bird | M. B. Abbott | L. C. Kanner | H. Cheng | V. F. Novello
Multiple Regressions in Analysing House Price Variations

Author(s): Aminah Md Yusof | Syuhaida Ismail
Intersecciones tipo diamante divergente, análisis de implementación en ciudades colombianas

Author(s): Hernán Porras Díaz | Yerly Fabián Martínez Estupiñan
Tropospheric methanol observations from space: retrieval evaluation and constraints on the seasonality of biogenic emissions

Author(s): K. C. Wells | D. B. Millet | L. Hu | K. E. Cady-Pereira | Y. Xiao | M. W. Shephard | C. L. Clerbaux | L. Clarisse | P.-F. Coheur | E. C. Apel | J. de Gouw | C. Warneke | H. B. Singh | A. H. Goldstein | B. C. Sive
Enhanced cold-season warming in semi-arid regions

Author(s): J. Huang | X. Guan | F. Ji
Léxico venezolano en eL DRAE: Letras A y B

Author(s): Giovanna D'Aquino
¿Venezolanismo vs. etnocentrismo?

Author(s): Rita J imez
Chiapas, Latin America and the Capitalist World-system

Author(s): Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas
Polifenoles y actividad antioxidante en Equisetum giganteum L. (Equisetaceae)

Author(s): Rafael A. RICCO | Ignacio AGUDELO | Mariana GARCu00C9S | Pablo EVELSON | Marcelo L. WAGNER | Alberto A. GURNI
Cost-effectiveness study of oral hypoglycemic agents in the treatment of outpatients with type 2 diabetes attending a public primary care clinic in Mexico City

Author(s): Díaz de León-Castañeda C | Altagracia-Martínez M | Kravzov-Jinich J | Cárdenas-Elizalde MR | Moreno-Bonett C | Martínez-Núñez JM
Meningococcal disease serogroup C

Author(s): Dickinson FO | Pérez AE | Cuevas IE
The Ochodaeidae of Argentina (Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea)

Author(s): M.J. Paulsen | Federico Ocampo
Streptokinase :A novel clot buster

Author(s): Vaishnavi. B, Mohanasrinivasan.V and Subathra Devi.C*
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